Gamers Prove to be Healthy Individuals

By Dolores Abernathy | September 18, 2023

Gone are the days of the gamer as a slovenly neckbeard, because a new study suggests that, actually, your average video game enjoyer is a pretty healthy person. The study, published last fall in the journal Computers in Human Behavior, investigated the physical and mental health of 270 Portuguese gamers who reported playing video games.

What did the study investigate?

The study investigated the physical and mental health of Portuguese gamers.

How many gamers were included in the study?

The study included 270 Portuguese gamers.

What type of video games did the participants report playing?

The participants reported playing various types of video games.

What did the study suggest about the health of gamers?

The study suggested that gamers are generally healthy individuals.

What stereotype about gamers does the study challenge?

The study challenges the stereotype of gamers as slovenly neckbeards.

When was the study published?

The study was published last fall.

Which journal published the study?

The study was published in the journal Computers in Human Behavior.

What nationality were the gamers in the study?

The gamers in the study were Portuguese.

Did the study focus on both physical and mental health?

Yes, the study investigated both physical and mental health.

How would you describe the overall findings of the study?

The overall findings suggest that gamers are healthy individuals.


User: Dolores Abernathy

City: San Francisco

Rating: 5

I am amazed by the positive impact gaming has had on my health. Not only has it improved my hand-eye coordination, but it has also helped me stay mentally sharp. Gaming is definitely a great way to keep both your body and mind in shape!

User: Maxwell Hudson

City: Seattle

Rating: 4

As a long-time gamer, I can confidently say that gaming has been a major contributor to my overall well-being. It has provided me with a sense of relaxation and stress relief after a long day. Plus, the social aspect of online gaming has allowed me to connect with people from all over the world. Gaming truly brings joy and positivity into my life!

User: Luna Martinez

City: Los Angeles

Rating: 5

I never thought gaming could have such a positive impact on my physical health until I started playing regularly. Not only does it keep me active and on my feet, but it also helps me improve my reflexes and coordination. Gaming has become my go-to activity for staying fit and having fun at the same time!