Shocking Research Discovers That Gamers Are Overall Pretty Healthy

Gone are the days of the gamer as a slovenly neckbeard, because a new study suggests that, actually, your average video game enjoyer is a pretty healthy person. The study, published last fall in the journal Computers in Human Behavior, investigated the physical and mental health of 270 Portuguese gamers who reported playing video games.

What does the research suggest about gamers' health?

The research suggests that gamers are overall pretty healthy.

How many gamers were included in the study?

The study included 270 Portuguese gamers.

What type of games did the participants play?

The study did not specify the type of games played by the participants.

When was the study published?

The study was published last fall.

What journal published the study?

The study was published in the journal Computers in Human Behavior.

What aspects of health did the study investigate?

The study investigated both physical and mental health.

Where were the participants from?

The participants were from Portugal.

What was the main finding of the study?

The main finding was that gamers are generally healthy.

What stereotype about gamers does the study challenge?

The study challenges the stereotype of gamers as slovenly neckbeards.

Did the study provide any specific details about the participants' health?

The provided information does not mention specific details about the participants' health.