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Yuri Shatunov is confirmed dead at the age of 48.

If you treat everyone like Yuri Shatunov did, you will also be remembered fondly.
'The world will miss Yuri💔
What did Yuri Shatunov do?
Yuri was best known as a Russian singer (Laskovyi Mai).
How did Yuri Shatunov die?
Yuri Shatunov's death was likely due to heart attack.
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Yuri Shatunov
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Yuriy Shatunov
Шатунов Юрий.jpg
Born(1973-09-06)6 September 1973
DiedJune 23, 2022(2022-06-23) (aged 48)
Moscow, Russia
Years active1986–2005
Spouse(s)Svetlana Shatunova[1]
Children2 (son Dennis (2006), daughter Estella (2013)[2]
AwardsPesnya goda (2002, 2009, 2012, 2013)
Автограф Юрия Шатунова.png
Yuriy Vasilevich Shatunov, commonly anglicized as Yuri (Russian:Юрий Васильевич Шатунов; 6 September 1973 — 23 June 2022) was a Russian singer, best known as being the former frontman of the Russian 1980s band Laskoviy Mai (Ласковый май). He was born on in the city of Kumertau, Bashkir ASSR, in the former Soviet Union.
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Commonly spelled "Yuri Shatunov" in English, his official website,, lists his name as "Yuriy" (which is the most precise transliteration of Russian), "Yury," and "Yuri." The English pronunciation of all three is identical. Yuri took his mother's, Vera Shatunova, surname at a young age due to the lack of a relationship with his father, Vasiliy Klimenko.
Personal life
Shatunov was born on 6 September 1973 in the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic of the former (USSR), in the autonomous Republic of Bashkortostan. At the age of three he was abandoned by his father and was raised by his mother. When he was eleven his mother died of heart disease, and he lived with his aunt and maternal grandparents, who soon found themselves unable to cope with his behavior.
Shatunov was sent to Orenburg Children's Home Number 2 in Orenburg, where he had a reputation for poor behavior, such as running away from the orphanage, playing guitar and singing on the streets to get money and cigarettes, getting into fights, and avoiding work.
Regardless of his troubled childhood, Shatunov sang very well. He met with Sergei Kuznetsov, a music teacher in the orphanage, and they created a band, "Laskoviy Mai" ("Tender May"). In this group they frequently sang about unfortunate love, which was not typical at that time, and was especially unusual for the young band members in their early teens in 1986. This group, in which Shatunov was the frontman, existed from 1986 to 1992, and was very popular in Russia. In 1996, Shatunov moved to Germany, where he went to complete his education, which was unfinished due to his turbulent youth and early career in music, and to learn how to become a music producer.
Shatunov has a wife named Svetlana and two children, a son named Dennis (born 5 September 2006) and a daughter named Estella (born 13 March 2013). Shatunov and Svetlana got married in 2007 in Germany after seven years of dating.
Before Shatunov died, he was busy working on his solo career, and performed frequently in Russia, Germany and in Eastern European countries, as well as some of the former Soviet block countries in Central Asia such as Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.
Belye rozy – The White Roses : 1986 demo, 1988, 1996 remix, 2003 remix, 2004, 2005, 2019
Zabud – Forget : 2001, 2002 remix, 2004, 2019
Tet-a-tet – One-in-one : 2011, 2019
A leto cveta – The summer colors : 2012, 2018
Detstvo – Childhood : 1992, 2002, 2005, 2019
Sedaya noch – Grizzled night : 1986 demo, 1988, 1996 remix, 2001, 2019
Ne boisya – Do not be afraid : 2003, 2005, 2018
Rozovyi vecher – Pink evening : 1988, 1996 remix, 2003 remix, 2005, 2019
Gryozy – Dreams : 2014, 2018
Leto – Summer : 1986 demo, 1988, 1996 remix, 2001 remix, 2004
Vecher holodnoyi zimy – Cold winter evening : 1986 demo, 2002, 2019
Ryadom s nei – Next to her : 2014, 2018
Chto zh ty, leto – What are you, summer : 2002, 2019
Nu chto zhe ty – Well, what are you : 1986 demo, 1988, 1996 remix, 2004
Zvyozdnaya noch – Starry night : 1992, 2018
Poezda – Trains : 2014
Pust budet noch – Let it be the night : 1986 demo, 1988, 2004
Glupye snezhinki – Silly snowflakes : 1988, 2011
Zhizn moya – My life : 2014, 2018
Zapishi moi golos na kassettu – Record my voice on tape : 2005, 2018
Medlenno uhodit osen – Slowly autumn leaves : 1986 demo, 1988, 2002, 2005, 2019
Odnoklassniki – Classmates : 2015, 2018
Maiskii vecher – May evening : 2008, 2012
Zvezda – Stars : 2015, 2018
Padayut listya – Fall leaves : 2001, 2002 remix, 2005
Ot belyh roz – From the white roses : 2011
Tayuschii sneg – Melting snow : 1986 demo, 1988, 1996 remix, 2005
I ya pod kitaru – And I play guitar : 2015, 2017
Ty prosto byl : You've just been : 1988
Ya otkrovenen – I'm frankly : 1986 demo, 1988, 1996 remix, 2004
Posle vypusknogo – After the graduation : 2005
Ne molchi – Do not be silent : 2018
Privet – Hi : 2012
Esli hochesh – If you want to : 2004
Ya teryayu – I'm losing : 2001, 2002 remix
S dnjom rozhdenija : Happy birthday – 2017
I upav na koleni – And having fallen on his knees : 1993
Ya veryu – I believe : 2012
Ty prosti menya, prosti – Forgive me, forgive : 2005
V pozhdestvo – (On) The Christmas : 2018
Bez tebya – Without you : 2012
Skolko mozhno – How much: 2005
A pomnish – The remember : 1999, 2005, 2019
A ty vosmi i pozvoni – And you take it and call : 2018
Ya peressorilsya v dozhdyom – I quarreled in the rain : 2001
Ne hochu – I do not want : 2012, 2019
Mama – Mum : 1993
Ty mne ne verish – You do not believe me : 2018
Romashki – Daisies : 2012, 2019
Pismo – Letter : 1993, 2019 remix
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