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Tony Siragusa is confirmed dead at the age of 55.

So now Tony Siragusa is dead. 2021 is such a bummer.
'The world will miss Tony💔
What did Tony Siragusa do?
Tony was best known as a American football player (Indianapolis Colts).
How did Tony Siragusa die?
Tony Siragusa's death was likely due to unknown.
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Tony Siragusa
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Tony Siragusa
Tony Siragusa (cropped).jpg
No. 98
Position:Defensive tackle
Personal information
Born:(1967-05-14)May 14, 1967
Kenilworth, New Jersey, U.S.
Died:June 22, 2022(2022-06-22) (aged 55)
Height:6 ft 3 in (1.91 m)
Weight:340 lb (154 kg)
Career information
High school:Kenilworth (NJ) Brearley
Career history
Career highlights and awards
Career NFL statistics
Fumble recoveries:9
Player stats at
Anthony Siragusa (May 14, 1967 – June 22, 2022), nicknamed "Goose", was a former National Football League defensive tackle who spent 12 seasons with the Indianapolis Colts and the Baltimore Ravens.
After his football career, he worked as a sideline analyst for NFL games broadcast on the Fox Network from 2003 to 2015. He hosted the home renovation program Man Caves on the DIY Network.
1 Early life
2 College career
3 Professional career
3.1 Indianapolis Colts
3.2 Baltimore Ravens
4 Post-playing career
5 Personal life
6 Death
7 References
8 External links
Early life
Siragusa attended David Brearley High School in Kenilworth, New Jersey. In high school, he played football and was also a member of the wrestling team. He was the New Jersey state wrestling champion with a 97-1 career record. In football, he played defensive line, punted and place kicked. He had a 39-yard punting average and was 15-of-18 on extra point attempts.
College career
Siragusa played college football at the University of Pittsburgh. He was a starting defensive tackle in his sophomore and junior seasons (1986 and 1987) under head coach Mike Gottfried.
During a practice in April 1988, Siragusa tore his left ACL, and underwent surgery that forced him to sit out the entire 1988 season. Before his injury, Siragusa was considered a potential first-round draft pick, but afterwards, he was seen as such a risk that he went undrafted in the 1990 NFL draft.
Professional career
Indianapolis Colts
Siragusa was an undrafted free agent in 1990 and was signed by the Indianapolis Colts as a defensive tackle. He used to play nose tackle to draw the double teams when the Indianapolis Colts were in a 3-4 defense or 4-3 defense. As a rookie, he appeared in 13 games, started six games, and recorded one sack, 36 total tackles, and one fumble recovery. In the 1991 season, he appeared in 13 games, started six, and recorded two sacks, one fumble recovery, and 46 combined tackles. In the 1992 season, he appeared in all 16 games, started 12, and recorded three sacks and 65 combined tackles. In the 1993 season, he appeared in and started 14 games and recorded 1.5 sacks and 76 combined tackles. In the 1994 season, he appeared in and started all 16 games and recorded five sacks, 88 combined tackles, two forced fumbles, and one fumble recovery. In the 1995 season, he appeared in and started 14 games and recorded two sacks, 49 total tackles, and one forced fumble.
Siragusa was a key part of the Colts team that narrowly lost the 1995 AFC Championship Game; after the season, he was unhappy that Colts coach Ted Marchibroda was given a no-raise, no-extension contract offer that he rejected before leaving the team. Siragusa was open about his dislike for new coach Lindy Infante and the team's Vice President of Football Operations Bill Tobin. In the 1996 season, he appeared in and started ten games and recorded two sacks, 45 combined tackles, and one fumble recovery.
Baltimore Ravens
In 1997, Siragusa signed with the Baltimore Ravens. In the 1997 season, he appeared in 14 games, started 13, and recorded one fumble recovery and 27 total tackles. In the 1998 season, he appeared in and started 15 games, and recorded one forced fumble, one fumble recovery, and 41 total tackles. In the 1999 season, he appeared in and started 14 games, and recorded two forced fumbles, one fumble recovery, 3.5 sacks, and 36 total tackles. He was a part of the 2000 Baltimore Ravens defense that allowed the fewest total points in NFL history for a 16-game season. In the 2000 season, he appeared in and started 15 games, and recorded one fumble recovery and 27 total tackles. Siragusa was fined $10,000 for an illegal hit on Oakland Raiders quarterback Rich Gannon in the 2000 AFC title game, injuring Gannon’s shoulder. He helped lead the Ravens to their first Super Bowl in franchise history in Super Bowl XXXV where they beat the New York Giants, 34-7. Siragusa retired following the 2001 season, where he had two sacks and 28 total tackles. He finished his career with 562 tackles (416 solo), 22 sacks, five forced fumbles, nine fumble recoveries for 12 yards, and 28 pass deflections in 170 career games.
Post-playing career
Siragusa was a sideline reporter and analyst during NFL games on the Fox Network until his firing following the 2015 NFL season. Siragusa usually appeared with Kenny Albert (before Albert, Dick Stockton and Curt Menefee) and Daryl Johnston. In 2015, he was paired with Thom Brennaman and Charles Davis. He appeared as the character Frankie Cortese in the HBO hit series The Sopranos. He partnered up with Michael Romanelli and opened a restaurant chain called Tiff's. The original name of the franchise was Tiffany's, but after a lawsuit by Tiffany & Co., the luxury jeweler, the name was shortened. He hosts Man Caves on the DIY network. He also presents a documentary program called Megamachines on the Discovery Channel.
Siragusa also played a Russian mobster in the 2002 movie 25th Hour.
Out of a concern for men with prostate cancer, in 2013 Siragusa began appearing in an ad campaign for Depend for Men, saying, "I decided to go and shoot the commercial and bring a little bit of lightness to where guys can talk about it and after I did the commercial you wouldn't believe the response."
Siragusa has made a few appearances at his alma mater, the University of Pittsburgh. He was one of several honorary captains during the renewal of the Penn State–Pittsburgh football rivalry in 2016, shortly after ending his stint with Fox.
Personal life
Siragusa married his wife, Kathy, on April 22, 1995. He had three children: Samantha, Ava, and Anthony Jr. He lived with his wife in Ortley Beach, New Jersey.
On June 22, 2022, Siragusa died at the age of 55. His cause of death has not been announced yet.
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