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Tim Sale (artist) is confirmed dead at the age of 66.

Like a hummingbird, Tim Sale (artist) danced in the wind and ultimately flew to the afterlife.
'The world will miss Tim💔
What did Tim Sale (artist) do?
Tim was best known as a American comic book artist (Batman: The Long Halloween).
How did Tim Sale (artist) die?
Tim Sale (artist)'s death was likely due to unknown.
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Tim Sale (artist)
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Tim Sale
Tim Sale by Gage Skidmore.jpg
Sale speaking at the 2018 Phoenix Comic Fest
Born (1956-05-01) May 1, 1956 (age 66)
Ithaca, New York, U.S.
DiedJune 16, 2022
Area(s)Penciller, Inker
Notable works
Batman: The Long Halloween
Batman: Dark Victory
Superman For All Seasons
AwardsEisner Award "Best Artist/Penciller/Inker or Penciller/Inker Team", 1999
Tim Sale (May 1, 1956 - June 16, 2022) was an American Eisner Award-winning comics artist. He is primarily known for his collaborations with writer Jeph Loeb.
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Early life
Tim Sale was born on May 1, 1956 in Ithaca, New York to parents Roger Sale and Dorothy Young Sale. He spent most of his early life in Seattle, Washington, having moved there with his family at age six. He attended the University of Washington for two years before moving to New York City to attend the School of Visual Arts, as well as the comics workshop run by artist John Buscema. He returned to Seattle before graduating from SVA.
Sale sketching
Sale began doing art for the series MythAdventures in 1983, and was soon working on Thieves' World.
The body of Sale's comics work has been with collaborator Jeph Loeb. The duo, credited in their comics as 'storytellers', produced popular work such as the "Year 1"-centered Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight Halloween Specials, Batman: The Long Halloween, Batman: Dark Victory, as well as Superman for All Seasons and Catwoman: When in Rome. At Marvel Comics, the team has produced the so-called "color" books such as Daredevil: Yellow, Spider-Man: Blue, and Hulk: Gray. A Captain America: White limited series was announced in 2008 but only a #0 issue was published. The long-delayed project finally saw print in September 2015.
With Darwyn Cooke, Sale launched the Superman Confidential series in 2007.
Sale worked on artwork for the television program Heroes, where his frequent collaborator Jeph Loeb served as a writer and producer. Sale's artwork appeared in the show as the work of the precognitive artist Isaac Mendez as well as other artists on the show. Eric Powell was hired as the colorist for Sale's work. Sale also created the font used in the show's captions and credits, which he based on his handwriting.
Sale won an Eisner Award in 1999 in the "Best Artist/Penciller/Inker or Penciller/Inker Team" category.
Personal life
Sale lived in the Seattle metropolitan area. On June 13 2022, Jim Lee announced Sale had been admitted to hospital with severe health issues. Representatives of Sale later confirmed he was in hospital while asking for privacy. Sale died 3 days later on June 16.
Selected works
Sale at Golden Age Collectables, Seattle, Washington
Billi 99 (with Sarah Byam)
Grendel (with Matt Wagner)
Deathblow (with Jim Lee and Brandon Choi)
Superman Confidential (with Darwyn Cooke)
Tim Sale: Black And White hardcover (Active Images, 2004); Revised and Expanded Edition (Image Comics, 2008). An art and career retrospective of Tim Sale. By Richard Starkings and John "JG" Roshell with Tim Sale.
With Jeph Loeb
Batman: Haunted Knight collects Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight Halloween Special #1 (Dec. 1993), Batman: Madness A Legends of the Dark Knight Halloween Special #1 (1994), and Batman: Ghosts Legends of the Dark Knight Halloween Special #1 (1995), DC Comics, trade paperback 192 pages, September 1996, ISBN 978-1563892738
Wolverine & Gambit: Victims collects Wolverine/Gambit: Victims #1–4 (Sept.–Dec. 1995), Marvel Comics, hardcover 112 pages, November 2009, ISBN 978-0785138020; trade paperback March 2013, ISBN 978-0785167174
Batman: The Long Halloween collects Batman: The Long Halloween #1–13 (Dec. 1996–Dec. 1997), DC Comics, hardcover 369 pages, February 1999, ISBN 978-1563894275; trade paperback October 2011, ISBN 978-1401232597
Superman For All Seasons collects Superman For All Seasons #1–4 (Sept.–Dec. 1998), DC Comics, hardcover 208 pages, October 1999, ISBN 978-1563895289; trade paperback October 2002, ISBN 978-1563895296
Batman: Dark Victory collects Batman: Dark Victory #1–13 (Dec. 1999–Dec. 2000), DC Comics, hardcover 408 pages, May 2012, ISBN 978-1401235109; trade paperback 392 pages, October 2002, ISBN 978-1563898686
Daredevil: Yellow collects Daredevil: Yellow #1–6 (Aug. 2001–Jan. 2002), Marvel Comics, hardcover 160 pages, July 2002, ISBN 978-0785108405; trade paperback July 2011, ISBN 978-0785109693
Spider-Man: Blue collects Spider-Man: Blue #1–6 (July 2002–April 2003), Marvel Comics, hardcover 160 pages, May 2003, ISBN 978-0785110620; trade paperback August 2011, ISBN 978-0785110712
Hulk: Gray collects Hulk: Gray #1–6 (Dec. 2003–April 2004), Marvel Comics, trade paperback 168 pages, June 2011, ISBN 978-0785113461
Catwoman: When in Rome collects Catwoman: When in Rome #1–6 (Nov. 2004–Aug. 2005), DC Comics, hardcover 160 pages, December 2005, ISBN 978-1401204327; trade paperback June 2007, ISBN 978-1401207175
Solo #1 (Dec. 2004) with Jeph Loeb, Brian Azzarello, Darwyn Cooke, and Diana Schutz, DC Comics
Captain America: White #0–5 (Sept. 2008–Dec. 2015), Marvel Comics
Short stories
Grendel: Black, White & Red #1 (Dark Horse Comics, 1998). Eight-page short story with writer Matt Wagner.
Robert E. Howard's Myth Maker (1999). One-shot drawn by several pencillers such as John Bolton (also cover artist of the issue), Richard Corben or Kelley Jones. Tim Sale drew several pages, with script by Roy Thomas.
Vampirella: Rebirth #1 (Harris Comics, 1999). Eight-page short story with writer Jeph Loeb, and variant cover.
9-11: The World's Finest Comic Book Writers & Artists Tell Stories to Remember, Volume Two (DC Comics). One-page short story from an idea by Chuck Kim.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Tales of the Slayers TPB (Dark Horse Comics, February 2002). Cover and short story (12 pages) written by Joss Whedon, about a female medieval vampire hunter.
JSA: All Stars #2 (DC Comics, 2003). Six-page back up story about the Golden Age Hawkman and Hawkgirl, with writer Jeph Loeb.
Tales of The Batman: Tim Sale collection of Batman tales drawn by Tim Sale in his career with writers Darwyn Cooke, Alan Grant, James Robinson, and Kelley Puckett, 240 pages, January 2009, ISBN 978-1401217358
Cover work
The Foot Soldiers #3 (Dark Horse Comics, 1996)
Adventures of Superman #597, Batgirl #21, Detective Comics #763, Harley Quinn #13, JSA #29 and The Spectre #10 (DC Comics, December 2001). All the issues were part of the "Last Laugh" crossover.
Flinch #5 (DC Comics/Vertigo, 1999)
El Diablo #1–4 (DC Comics/Vertigo, 2001)
Queen & Country #1–4 (Oni Press, 2001)
Detective Comics #777–796 (DC Comics, February 2003–September 2004)
Batgirl #69–73 (DC Comics)
Batman (vol. 3) #1-5, 17, 21-23, 29-30, 38, 54 (DC Comics)
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