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Ralf Wolter is confirmed dead at the age of 95.

The life of Ralf Wolter was filled with love and family joy.
'The world will miss Ralf💔
What did Ralf Wolter do?
Ralf was best known as a German actor .
How did Ralf Wolter die?
Ralf Wolter's death was likely due to unknown.
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Ralf Wolter
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Ralf Wolter
Born (1926-11-26) 26 November 1926 (age 95)
Berlin, Germany
Nationality Germany
Years activeLate 1940s – 2012
Ralf Wolter (born 26 November 1926) is a German stage and screen actor. Wolter appeared in nearly 220 films and television series in his over 60 years as a character actor.
1 Life and career
2 Selected filmography
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Life and career
Wolter began his long career on the Berlin stage and in cabaret during the late 1940s. He made his first film appearance in Die Frauen des Herrn S. and quickly achieved prominence as an actor for comedic supporting roles. In 1961, he appeared as the baldheaded Soviet agent Borodenko in Billy Wilder's comedy One, Two, Three with James Cagney and Horst Buchholz. Another Hollywood film with Wolter in a supporting role was Cabaret (1972), where he played Liza Minnelli's neighbour Herr Ludwig, a publisher of pornographic books who later turns out to be a Nazi.
In Germany, Wolter achieved his greatest fame as the eccentric but friendly trapper Sam Hawkens in a number of highly successful Karl May film adaptions during the 1960s. He reprised his role as Sam Hawkens in a television series from 1980. He also appeared with Heinz Erhardt in the 1970 comedy What Is the Matter with Willi? and in a few musical films with singing child star Heintje Simons. As his film roles got more obscure during his later years, he turned more and more towards television since the 1970s. He appeared in some of the most successful German television series. As of 2014, Wolter still appears as a stage actor, his latest film is Bis zum Horizont, dann links! (2012), co-starring Otto Sander.
In 2002, he caused a motorway accident with three deaths. He was sentenced to ten months on conditional discharge.
Selected filmography
Die Frauen des Herrn S. (1951) – Pachulles
The Phantom of the Big Tent (1954) – Motta, Geschäftsführer
The Captain and His Hero (1955) – Ängstlicher Rekrut
Sergeant Borck (1955) – Zopfer
Hotel Adlon (1955) – Mann vom Soldatencorps (uncredited)
Vor Gott und den Menschen (1955)
Your Life Guards (1955) – Bursche Jonny
Urlaub auf Ehrenwort (1955) – Gefreiter Max Schmiedecke
The Girl from Flanders (1956) – German Soldier
A Thousand Melodies (1956) – Hugo Pähler
Der Glockengießer von Tirol (1956) – Aufnahmeleiter Knopf
My Father, the Actor (1956) – Lokal-Besucher
The Model Husband (1956) – Trainer
Like Once Lili Marleen (1956) – Deutscher Soldat
The Old Forester House (1957) – Max
Der Adler vom Velsatal (1957)
Jede Nacht in einem anderen Bett (1957) – Portier
Victor and Victoria (1957) – Friseur (uncredited)
Confessions of Felix Krull (1957) – Gestellungspflichtiger
Tired Theodore (1957) – Gerichtsvollzieher Storch
Spring in Berlin (1957) – Erklärer im Rundfahrtbus
The Legs of Dolores (1957) – Mecki Wenzel, ein Alles-Könner
The Spessart Inn (1958) – Räuber (uncredited)
A Time to Love and a Time to Die (1958) – Feldmann the Taylor (uncredited)
Schmutziger Engel (1958) – Turnlehrer
Grabenplatz 17 (1958) – Ringrichter
The Muzzle (1958) – Thürnagel
Wir Wunderkinder (1958) – Bathroom waiter (uncredited)
Wenn die Conny mit dem Peter (1958) – Pedell Haberstock
Schlag auf Schlag (1959) – Balduin Balg
Freddy, the Guitar and the Sea (1959) – Fietje
Bobby Dodd greift ein (1959)
Every Day Isn't Sunday (1959) – Dienstmann Huber
Of Course, the Motorists (1959) – Oberwachtmeister
Roses for the Prosecutor (1959) – Hessel
The Beautiful Adventure (1959) – Taschendieb
Two Times Adam, One Time Eve (1959) – Paavo
Peter Voss, Hero of the Day (1959) – Charley, der Jockey
Triplets on Board (1959) – Friseur
The Goose of Sedan (1959) – Uhlan Lehmann
The High Life (1960) – Schlotter
We Cellar Children (1960) – Kameramann Keschke der 'Neuen Deutschen Schau'
Conny and Peter Make Music (1960) – Lehmann, Sulzbachs Assistant
Grounds for Divorce (1960) – Dr. Waldgeist
Mal drunter - mal drüber (1960) – Buschbeck
Kauf dir einen bunten Luftballon (1961) – Luggi
Eine hübscher als die andere (1961) – Straßenkehrer
Immer Ärger mit dem Bett (1961) – Meister
Adieu, Lebewohl, Goodbye (1961)
Robert and Bertram (1961) – Toni Knauer
Blind Justice (1961) – Fotograf
One, Two, Three (1961) – Borodenko
The Liar (1961) – (uncredited)
Ramona (1961) – Delon
Freddy und das Lied der Südsee (1962) – Hannes
The Post Has Gone (1962) – Herr Ratsam
Treasure of the Silver Lake (1962) – Sam Hawkens
Love Has to Be Learned (1963) – Müller
Ferien wie noch nie (1963)
Die zwölf Geschworenen  (1963, TV Movie) – Sechster Geschworener
Apache Gold (1963) – Sam Hawkens
Das Wirtshaus von Dartmoor (1964) – O'Hara
Old Shatterhand (1964) – Sam Hawkens
The Shoot (1964) – Hadschi Halef Omar
Coffin from Hong Kong (1964) – Bob Tooly
Massacre at Marble City (1964) – Tim Fletcher
The Treasure of the Aztecs (1965) – Andreas Hasenpfeffer
The Pyramid of the Sun God (1965) – Andreas Hasenpfeffer
Wild Kurdistan (1965) – Hadschi Halef Omar
The Desperado Trail (1965) – Sam Hawkens
Kingdom of the Silver Lion (1965) – Hadschi Halef Omar
Who Killed Johnny R.? (1966) – Billy Monroe
Winnetou and the Crossbreed (1966) – Sam Hawkens
Treasure of San Gennaro (1966) – Frank
Ein Fall für Titus Bunge  (1967, TV Series) – Titus Bunge
Murderers Club of Brooklyn (1967) – Photographer (voice, uncredited)
Spy Today, Die Tomorrow (1967) – Spiegel
Mittsommernacht (1967) – Iskey
The Heathens of Kummerow (1967) – Krischan
Heubodengeflüster (1967) – Dr. Leo Dorn
Paradies der flotten Sünder (1968) – Butler Percy
Otto ist auf Frauen scharf (1968) – Dr. Kobalt
Sexy Susan Sins Again (1968) – Bookdealer
The Valley of Death (1968) – Sam Hawkens
Einer fehlt beim Kurkonzert  (1968, TV Movie) – Dr. Knopf
Hannibal Brooks (1969) – Dr. Mendel
House of Pleasure (1969) – Watchmaker Bobinet
The Brazen Women of Balzac  (1969) – Toni
Charley's Uncle (1969) – Polizist
The Young Tigers of Hong Kong (1969) – Bob
Heintje: A Heart Goes on a Journey (1969) – Harry
Helgalein (1969)
The Sweet Pussycats  (1969) – Philippe
Naughty Roommates  (1969) – Cajetan Fingerlos
Heintje - Einmal wird die Sonne wieder scheinen (1970) – Jahrmarktsbude
Hilfe, mich liebt eine Jungfrau (1970)
What Is the Matter with Willi? (1970) – Felix Klein
Heintje - Mein bester Freund (1970) – Max
Love, Vampire Style (1970) – Christian Wagner
Das Glöcklein unterm Himmelbett (1970) – Emil Giesecke
Zwanzig Mädchen und die Pauker – Heute steht die Penne kopf (1971)
Das haut den stärksten Zwilling um (1971) – Richard Strauss
Aunt Trude from Buxtehude (1971) – Der Hausverwalter
Wir hau'n den Hauswirt in die Pfanne (1971) – Amadeus Kleinschmidt
Morgen fällt die Schule aus (1971) – Dr. Geis
Einer spinnt immer (1971) – Notar
Holiday Report (1971) – Horst-Dieter Mitterer
Außer Rand und Band am Wolfgangsee (1972) – Notar
Cabaret (1972) – Herr Ludwig
Kinderarzt Dr. Fröhlich (1972) – Notar Fritz Pfeiffer
My Daughter, Your Daughter (1972) – Bibo
Lilli - die Braut der Kompanie (1972) – Stabsarzt
The Heath Is Green (1972) – Herr Hoegen
The 500 Pound Jerk (1973, TV Movie) – Glabov
Old Barge, Young Love (1973) – Erwin
Unsere Tante ist das Letzte (1973) – Luigi
Schwarzwaldfahrt aus Liebeskummer (1974) – Evas Vater
Waldrausch (1977) – Rixner
The Serpent's Egg (1977) – Partner of the Master of Ceremonies
Graf Dracula beißt jetzt in Oberbayern (1979) – Boris
Mein Freund Winnetou (1980, TV Series) – Sam Hawkins
Piratensender Powerplay  (1982) – Rundfunkintendant
A Love in Germany (1983) – Schulze
Lass das - ich hass das (1983) – Richter
Drei gegen Drei  (1985) – Kaminski
Der Schatz im Niemandsland (1987, TV Series) – Kriminalbeamter
High Score (1990)
Ein Schloß am Wörthersee (1990, TV Series) – Schultz
Otto - Der Liebesfilm (1992) – Intendant Gotthilf Gutmann
Mit Leib und Seele (1990–1993, TV Series) – Horst Metzger
Asterix Conquers America (1994) – Miraculix (German version, voice)
Vendetta (1995) – Don Giovanni
Killer Condom (1996) – Prof. Smirnoff
The Children of Captain Grant (1996) – Monk
Dinosaurier – Gegen uns seht ihr alt aus!  (2009) – Peter
Bis zum Horizont, dann links!  (2012) – Willy Stronz
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