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Núria Feliu is confirmed dead at the age of 80.

And then the end came swiftly for Núria Feliu. So damn sad.
'The world will miss Núria💔
What did Núria Feliu do?
Núria was best known as a Spanish singer and actress.
How did Núria Feliu die?
Núria Feliu's death was likely due to complications from a stroke.
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Núria Feliu
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Núria Feliu
Feliu in 2008
Feliu in 2008
Background information
Born(1941-09-21)21 September 1941
Barcelona, Spain
Died22 July 2022(2022-07-22) (aged 80)
Barcelona, Spain
GenresJazz, folk
Years active1964-2005
Núria Feliu i Mestres (21 September 1941 – 22 July 2022) was a Spanish Catalan singer and actress, a singular figure of the Nova Cançó movement.
1 Career
2 Personal life and death
3 Awards
4 Discography
5 References
Feliu was born in the Barcelona neighbourhood of Sants on 21 September 1941, neighborhood where she lived her entire life. There she began to make her first theatrical performances, in fact she was part of the "Agrupació Dramàtica de Barcelona" and participated in several children's choirs in the neighborhood. Debuted as a singer in 1964 with the group "Els Quatre Gats". Feliu released her first two albums the following year, Anirem tots cap al cel and Gent, with American songs covered in Catalan and soon became part of the Nova Cançó movement.
She was discovered by the composer Antoni Ros-Marbà, who promoted her career until 1966, when Feliu entered the world of jazz when she began to collaborate with Tete Montoliu, becoming the first jazz singer in Catalan. They even released an LP with Erich Peter, Billy Brooks and Booker Ervin, and in 1997 a compilation album with the title Tete Montoliu-Núria Feliu, 1965-1990 was published.
From 1991 onwards, her appearances on stage were sporadic. In 1992 she made a cameo for an episode of the TV3 sitcom TV3 Teresina S.A. . Her book Vols ballar? 93 cançons i ballables, a compilation of songs from all periods, was published.
She retired from stages in 2005, with 50 albums and more than 400 songs recorded.
In 2007 she published a book-disc compiling the most popular Catalan sardanas and in 2011 she celebrated her 50 years of career with a concert at the Liceu, where several artists participated. In 2016 she published the memoirs Dies i records d'infantesa.
One of her last public appearances was in November 2020, in the TV3 program "Al cotxe", where she stated that "I have not sung for singing, I have sung for the people" and that she felt satisfied with her musical career.
Feliu not only sang in the jazz music genre, but also in popular Catalan songs, boleros, cuplés and sardanes. She also covered songs by Joan Manuel Serrat.
Personal life and death
Feliu never married and never had children. Her brother Albert was her manager throughout her artistic career.
She was in favor of the independence of Catalonia, of the "yes" vote in the 2017 Catalan independence referendum and participated in the main mobilizations of the sovereigntist entities.
Feliu's health deteriorated during the COVID-19 pandemic when she suffered pneumonia and herpes. In early 2021 she suffered a stroke, and died in Barcelona on 22 July 2022, at the age of 80, due to subsequent complications.
"Trofeu de l'any" of Ràdio Barcelona  to the best singer (1966)
Award of the Ministry of Culture to the best traditional song record for Cançons d'Apel-les Mestres (1976)
Medal of the Cercle Català de Madrid (1979)
Best album of the year by Ràdio 4 for Viure a Barcelona (1979)
Creu de Sant Jordi (1985)
Popular Ballet Award "Dia de la Sardana" (1989)
Sant Jordi Award for the diffusion of cinematographic music (1990)
SGAE Award to the diffusion of songwriters (1990)
Ramon Aramon i Serra Award for linguistic linguistics (1995)
"Fill de Sants" Award (1995)
Jaume I de la Franja de Ponent Award (2001)
Medal for Civic Merit of the Popular Ballet Work (2001)
Altaveu Honorary Award to the trajectory (2005)
Enderrock Honorary Award (2020)
Núria Feliu amb Tete Montoliu (1965)
Núria Feliu amb Lou Bennett i els seus amics (1966), with Lou Bennett
Mai no goses (1967)
Senzillament (1968)
El cuplet a Barcelona (1970)
Homenatge a Mistinguett (1971)
Núria de nit (1972)
El retaule del flautista (1972)
Te per tots (1973)
Cançons que m’agraden (1973)
Cuplets tradicionals catalans (1974)
Cinema ranci ... cinema d’avui (1974)
Núria Feliu i Los Guacamayos (1975)
Cançons d’Apel·les Mestres (1976)
El cant del poble (1977)
I les gavines seran de paper de xarol (1978)
La comèdia musical catalana (1979) with Mary Santpere
Viure a Barcelona (1981)
Més que mai (1985), with Josep Carreras
Cançons d’entreguerres del 18 al 39 (1986)
Els Oscars de la Feliu (1989)
Amb cor i ànima (1989)
Núria Feliu 25 anys (1990)
Us ho devia (1994)
Per raons sentimentals (1996)
Amb un aire country (2002)
Núria Feliu: 40 anys (2005)
Les sardanes més populars (2007)
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