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Harry Landis is confirmed dead at the age of 95.

The bell has tolled for Harry Landis. We all await the same destiny.
'The world will miss Harry💔
What did Harry Landis do?
Harry was best known as a British actor (EastEnders).
How did Harry Landis die?
Harry Landis's death was likely due to unknown.
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Harry Landis
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Harry Landis
Born(1931-11-25)25 November 1931
Died12 September 2022(2022-09-12) (aged 90)
Years active1954–2022
Harry Landis (25 November 1931 – 12 September 2022) was a British actor and director. He had a long career in theatre, film and television, spanning over sixty years. Landis was best known for playing barber Felix Kawalski in Eastenders from 1995 to 1997, and Mr. Morris in the Channel 4 sitcom Friday Night Dinner from 2012 to 2014.
1 Early life and education
2 Career
3 Personal life and death
4 Selected filmography
5 References
6 External links
Early life and education
Landis was born in Stepney in the East End of London. He came from a poor background as the only child of a Polish mother and a father who left when Harry was a baby. Landis was educated at Stepney Jewish School until the age of 14, when he left to become a chef in a kitchen. However, he found out that apprenticeships were only available to those aged over 16. He got a job in a café, before working as a window cleaner and milkman. While working in a factory, he would perform the show he had seen at the Hackney Empire the previous night, and the shop steward encouraged him to go to the Unity Theatre, which was linked to the trade union and labour movement. After an audition, he began working with them. After doing his military service, he returned to the Unity Theatre, and, by then aged 20, he was awarded a grant by the London County Council so he could study at drama school. Landis spent three years at the Central School of Speech & Drama.
Landis started acting aged 15. His first job after graduating from drama school was touring in Shakespeare with the Elizabethan Theatre Company. After a spell in repertory theatre, he got a leading role in A Hill in Korea as a cockney conscript. Other films followed, including Bitter Victory, Edge of Sanity, Ransom, The Informers, Private Potter, Dunkirk and Operation Bullshine. In 2014, he was in the Hollywood blockbuster Edge of Tomorrow.
His first television appearance was in 1955, in the pilot episode of Dixon of Dock Green. Landis appeared in several subsequent episodes, as well as the final episode over 25 years later. He appeared in over 200 TV shows before deciding to return to theatre.
This career move coincided with the 1956 change in British theatre led by the Royal Court Theatre, and his background at the Unity Theatre made him suitable for many subsequent roles. These included Arnold Wesker's The Kitchen, followed by Frank Norman's Insideout. They were followed by John Osborne's Time Present at the Duke of York Theatre, Journey's End at the Cambridge Theatre, and A Winter Tale, Ring Around the Moon and The Government Inspector, all at The Royal Exchange in Manchester. He also appeared in The Ticket-of-Leave Man at the National Theatre.
Landis then turned to directing, and after directing a few productions at the Unity Theatre, including a well-received production of Death of A Salesman, he became the artistic director of the Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury, where he directed some 40 plays and two pantomimes. He went on to direct national tours of The Long and The Short and the Tall and The Return of Sherlock Holmes.
In between directing, he appeared in many TV shows, such as Minder, and later continued to do so with series including EastEnders, Goodnight Sweetheart, Casualty and Friday Night Dinner. As of 2020, his most recent role was in Casualty, in 2018.
Landis was president of Equity for six years, and was a board member of the Equity Charitable Trust, as well as previously being Chairman of the Unity Theatre Trust.
Personal life and death
Landis lived in Hammersmith, west London, for over forty years, before returning to live in the East End in the 2010s, buying a flat in Spitalfields. He died on 12 September 2022, at the age of 90.
Selected filmography
Dixon of Dock Green (1955, 1963, 1966, 1971, 1972, 1975, 1976) – Finch / Bill Andrews / Jenkins / Lodger / Painter / Banjo Hamilton / Keeley
A Hill in Korea (1956) – Pvt. Rabin
Bitter Victory (1957) – Private Browning
Dunkirk (1958) – Dr. Levy
Further Up the Creek (1958) – Webster
Operation Bullshine (1959) – Gunner Wilkinson
Desert Mice (1959) – German Soldier (uncredited)
The Longest Day (1962) – British Soldier (uncredited)
Private Potter (1962) – LCpl. Lamb
The Small World of Sammy Lee (1963) – Lucky Dave's Clumsy Barman (uncredited)
Billy Liar (1963) – Man on Train (uncredited)
Doctor in Distress (1963) – Man in Cafe (uncredited)
The Informers (1963) – Hicks (uncredited)
Calculated Risk (1963) – Charlie
Z Cars (1968, 1971, 1974) – Billy Rees / Matic / Vernon
Go for a Take (1972) – Maurice
The Fenn Street Gang (1972) – Doorman
Play for Today (1972, 1976, 1977, 1977) – Inspector Fazil / Solly / Lionel / Jourdemayne Griffiths
Crown Court (1973, 1975–1976) – Arnold Curl / Victor Garniss
Ransom (1974) – Lookout Pilot – George Rawlings
Whodunnit? – Chuck James (episode Dead Grass)
Minder (1982, 1991) – Lenny Bowman / Monty
Howards' Way (1985) – Bernie Rosen
Casualty (1986, 2004, 2018) – Dimitri / Gordon Dodds / Joseph Rogerson
Bergerac (1987) – Toby Newsom
Edge of Sanity (1989) – Coroner
You Rang, M'Lord? (1990) – Sea Captain
The Bill (1990, 2003, 2007) – Mr Glickstein / Harry Davies / Henryk Mitzibrowski
Jeeves and Wooster (1991) – Proprietor
Goodnight Sweetheart (1993) – Manny
Lovejoy (1993) – Leo
EastEnders (1995–1996) – Felix Kawalski
The Discovery of Heaven (2001) – Ibrahim
My Family (2004) – Gino
Holby City (2006, 2009) – Ronnie Shussett / David Mannstein
Doctors (2009, 2017) – Ralph Freedman / Theo Parry
M.I.High (2011) – Harry Fulson
Friday Night Dinner (2012, 2014) – Lou Anthony Morris, "Mr Morris"
Way to Go (2013) – Mr Rothstein
Edge of Tomorrow (2014) – Old Man 3
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