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Franz Gertsch is confirmed dead at the age of 92.

Peace be to Franz Gertsch and may we always think good thoughts about the life they lived.
'The world will miss Franz💔
What did Franz Gertsch do?
Franz was best known as a Swiss painter.
How did Franz Gertsch die?
Franz Gertsch's death was likely due to unknown.
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Franz Gertsch
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Franz Gertsch
Franz Gertsch - Kleve PM14.jpg
Franz Gertsch (2014)
Born(1930-03-08)8 March 1930
Died21 December 2022(2022-12-21) (aged 92)
Known forPainting
Franz Gertsch (8 March 1930 – 21 December 2022) was a Swiss painter who was known for his large format hyperrealistic portraits.
1 Biography
2 Works
2.1 Early works (1969–1976)
2.2 Main works (1978–2004)
2.3 Late works
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3.1 Solo exhibitions
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Gertsch was born 1930 in Mörigen, Switzerland. Between 1947 and 1952 he studied with Max von Mühlenen and Hans Schwarzenbach in Bern. In 1972, he took part in the documenta 5 in Kassel with his painting "Medici". He is known for his realistic paintings and woodcuts. From 1976 to 2013 he created a total of 28 paintings and 15 monochrome woodcuts, because the Swiss photorealist works on a composition for up to a year. In 2002 was the
opening of the Museum Franz Gertsch in Burgdorf, Switzerland.
Gertsch died on 21 December 2022, at the age of 92.
Early works (1969–1976)
Huah (1969)
Maria mit Kindern (1971)
Medici (1971/72)
Gaby und Luciano (1973)
At Luciano's House (1973)
Barbara und Gaby (1974)
Marina schminkt Luciano (1975)
Main works (1978–2004)
Patti Smith I, II, V (1978/79)
Selbstbildnis (1980)
Johanna I (1983/84)
Silvia I (1998)
Gräser I (1995/96)
Gräser IV (1998/99)
Late works
Herbst (2007/08)
Sommer (2008/2009)
Winter (2009)
Frühling (2011)
Solo exhibitions
"Franz Gertsch. Die Siebziger", Museum Franz Gertsch, Burgdorf, LENTOS Kunstmuseum Linz, Linz
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Scholarships and awards
1949 De Harris scholarship
1967 Louise Aeschlimann scholarship
1974–75 DAAD scholarship, Berlin
1997 Goslarer Kaiserring
1998 Kulturpreis der Bürgi-Willert-Foundation
2005 Honorary citizen Christian-Albrechts-Universität, Kiel
2006 Honorary citizen Rüschegg
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