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Darío Gómez is confirmed dead at the age of 71.

Forever loved and never forgotten Darío Gómez will be.
'The world will miss Darío💔
What did Darío Gómez do?
Darío was best known as a Colombian singer.
How did Darío Gómez die?
Darío Gómez's death was likely due to unknown.
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Darío Gómez
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Darío Gómez
Birth nameDarío de Jesús Gómez Zapata
Also known asEl Rey del Despecho
Born(1951-02-06)February 6, 1951
San Jerónimo, Antioquia, Colombia
DiedJuly 26, 2022(2022-07-26) (aged 71)
Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia
GenresPop, Ranchera
OccupationsSinger, composer
Years active1978-2022
Darío de Jesús Gómez Zapata, (February 6, 1951 – July 26, 2022) simply called Darío Gómez, was a singer and composer of Música popular, known by the nickname El Rey del Despecho (lit. "King of Spite").
His initiation interpreting happened with a group called Los Legendarios, until getting to form its own disk seal. His artistic career has given him more than six million albums sold in national and international markets. He has successfully performed "Nadie es eterno" (Nobody is eternal), perhaps the greatest success of his artistic career and that gave him the title of El Rey del Despecho (the King of the Broken heats). He also composed songs like La oveja negra (The black sheep), Tú y la gente (You and the people), El hijo del amor (The son of love), El rey del despeho (The king of spite) and Corazón resentido (Resentful heart). He had also interpreted songs such as Sobreviviré.
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Darío De Jesus Gómez Zapata began writing verses at age 14 and seeking support while working as a mechanic and farmer. While in Medellín, on the recommendation of a friend, he came to Codiscos, where his musical production was announced. In 1977 Gómez already worked as artistic director in this company. In his notes were highlighted themes of December, the picaresque tone, vallenatos and dance. It was then when he decided to integrate with his brother Heriberto Gómez the group "Los Legendarios". His first great success is "Ángel perdido", he is inspired by the death of his sister Rosangela, on October 31, 1978.
In 1985, Darío Gómez made his debut as a soloist and scored a new triumph when he performed "Decidelo (Decide it)"; then he released his first full length with the name of Así se le canta al despecho (So it is sung to spite)
On May 14, 2015, Gómez released the video of "me voy a casar (I'm going to marry)" next to the King of Popular Music Jhonny Rivera. On August 11, he would release the remix of No Hay Razón Para Odiarte (There's no reason to hate you) in collaboration with Yelsid and Andy Rivera recording a reggaeton for the first time.
Gómez died at the age of 71 at Clínica Las Américas in the city of Medellín at 19:31 (COT), after being sent having fallen unconscious. When he arrived at the clinic, he showed no vital signs. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation attempts were made with no success. His death cause has not been revealed.
Production and Successes
Darío Gómez has more than thirty productions, including:
Nadie es Eterno (No One's Eternal)
Entre Comillas (Between Quotation Marks)
Las Despechadas (The Spiteful Women)
Si Negabas que Buscabas (If You Denied That You Were Looking For)
No Puedo Vivir Sin Tí (I Cannot Live Without You)
Respétame (Respect Me)
La Torcida (The Crooked Chick)
La Descontinuada (Discontinued Woman)
Sobreviviré (I Will Survive)
Sabor y Aroma (Taste and Aroma)
Así se le Canta al Despecho (That's How You Sing to Spite)
Nostalgia del Ayer (Nostalgia of Yesterday)
Corazonada (Hunch)
La Tirana (The Tyrant Woman)
El Hijo del Amor (The Son of Love)
Me RÍo de TÍ (I Laugh At You)
Mi Renuncia (My Resignation)
1976 - Navidad Sin Flores (Flowerless Christmas) (Con los invisibles - Parrandero - Discos Nave)
1977 - La Novia del Chofer (Driver's Girlfriend) (Parrandero - Codiscos)
1978 - Esta por ayudarme, Darío Gómez and José Muñoz (Parrandero - Codiscos)
1979 - El zapatero (The Shoemaker) (Parrandero - Codiscos)
1984 - Pensando en Ella (Thinking on Her)
1985 - Con ella soy el rey (With Her, I'm the King)
1986 - Ahora 14 éxitos con Darío Gómez - Así se le canta al despecho (Now, 14 Hits with Dario Gomez - That's How You Sing to Spite)
1988 - Diez años de éxitos (10 Years of Hits)
1988 - Cómo la ve pa'l 2000 (How Do You Get It For 2000) (Parrandero)
1989 - Darío Gómez, nuestro ídolo (Dario Gomez, Our Idol)
1990 - Los Legendarios y punto (The Legendary Ones, Period)
1992 - El Rey del Despecho (King of Despite)
1993 - Ahí estaba (I Was There)
1994 - Amigos, ojalá que la vida nos alcance (Buddies, I Hope We Have Enough Life)
1996 - Incomparable (Matchless)
1997 - Otra vez me amanezco (Again, I Wake Up)
1998 - Único (Unique)
1999 - Nuevo Milenio (New Millenium)
2000 - Lo máximo (The Maximum)
2001 - Oro y plata (Gold and Silver)
2003 - Perdurable
2004 - Sólo corridos (Only Corridos)
2005 - 30 Años de vida artística - Que sea un motivo (30 Artistic Life Years - )
2009 - La traga (The Gulping)
2012 - Me río de ti (I Laugh At You)
Distinctions and awards
Some of the distinctions he has received are the Ascap prize for his composition of Nobody is eternal, in New York, the Golden Pentagram, and the crown of the King of the Despecho.↵In 2007 the master Darío has ventured into the world of acting for television. In 2009 he would star in a campaign for the company Telefónica Telecom Colombia.
Te Pido Perdón (I Ask You To Forgive Me) (feat. Pasabordo)
Un Clavo Saca Otro Clavo (One Nail Pulls Out Another Nail) (feat. Alfredo Gutiérrez)
La Reina y El Rey (The Queen and The King) (feat. Arelys Henao)
Me Voy A Casar (I'm Gonna Get Married) (feat. Jhonny Rivera)
A Punta de Licor (At Liquor Bangs) (feat. Jhon Alex Castaño)
No Hay Razón Para Odiarte (There's No Reason To Hate You) (Remix) (feat. Yelsid & Andy Rivera)
Historia (History) (feat. Giovanny Ayala)
Las Adivinanzas (The Riddles) (feat. Joaquin Bedoya)
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