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Carol Raye is confirmed dead at the age of 99.

Forever in ours heart Carol Raye will be. Such an amazing life.
'The world will miss Carol💔
What did Carol Raye do?
Carol was best known as a British-Australian actress (Strawberry Roan).
How did Carol Raye die?
Carol Raye's death was likely due to unknown.
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Carol Raye
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Carol Raye

Kathleen Mary Corkery

(1923-01-17)January 17, 1923
London, England
Died19 June 2022(2022-06-19) (aged 99)
Other namesCarole Raye (billing only)
  • Actress
  • singer
  • dancer
  • comedian
  • radio and television producer
  • radio and television director
  • series creator
  • television executive
Years active1939–2000
Carol Raye AM (17 January 1923 - 19 June 2022 as Kathleen Mary Corkery and also billed as Carole Raye) is a British-born retired actress of film, television, radio and theatre, comedian, singer, dancer, radio and television producer and director, as well as a TV network assistant. She is known for her career in the United Kingdom and Australia.
Born in London, England, the daughter of Royal Navy commander R.B. Corkery and his wife. She trained as a ballet dancer, and was discovered at sixteen by choreographer and producer Freddie Carpenter, who further trained her in dance.
Raye was appointed a Member of the Order of Australia (AM) in the 2022 Queen's Birthday Honours, with the citation "For service to the performing arts as an actress and producer".
1 Career in Britain
1.1 British film star
1.2 British television and theatre
2 Career in Australia
2.1 The Mavis Bramston show
2.2 Number 96
2.3 Other TV shows
2.4 Theatre
3 Marriages
4 Filmography (movies, theatrical releases)
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Career in Britain
British film star
She started her career in her native United Kingdom with starring roles in films including Song of Romance, which was the first British musical film shot in technicolor, Strawberry Roan by Maurice Elvey, Waltz Time by Paul Stein, Spring Song directed by Montgomery Tully and two films directed by John Harlow, Green Fingers and While I Live' and Alastair Scobie's, No Rain at Timbura, filmed in Kenya and released in 1954
British television and theatre
Raye played lead roles in many musicals and television production in her native Britain. Her theatre roles included Funny Side Up, Fun and Games, The Merry Widow, Dear Miss Phoebe and The Ticket-of-Leave Man.
Raye remarried in 1951, accompanying her second husband as he travelled the world with his work. Whilst in Kenya, she worked briefly as a producer/director for the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation from 1961 to 1964.
Career in Australia
The Mavis Bramston show
The family having emigrated to Australia in 1964, Raye took a position working as network assistant to the General Manager at Seven Network studio ATN7, it was here she devised the idea for a satirical television series. Starting in November 1964, Raye created and also starred in television series The Mavis Bramston Show, she was one of 3 originals with Gordon Chater and Barry Creyton. She also produced the pilot episode and co-produced the series (with Michael Plant), until her departure from the programme in late 1965. She resumed work on the series for the 1967 and 1968 final seasons.
Number 96
In the 1970s, Raye played the ongoing comedy role of much-married socialite and Baroness Amanda von Pappenburg, the aunty of Don Finlayson (played by Joe Hasham) whom she visits from Heidelberg, Germany, in the top-rated soap opera Number 96, After two substantial stints with the series in the 1973–74 period, Amanda was permanently written out of the serial, but Raye remained with the serial, switching to the role of creative director for the show's producers. That busy role involved the casting of regular characters, along with reviewing the scripts and storylines.
Having been a Baroness on the series, the real Duke of Bedford and his wife appeared as guests in the series.
Other TV shows
In 1976-77, Raye subsequently acted in the medical soap opera The Young Doctors, playing the guest role of Rosalie Parker. She was a regular panelist on Graham Kennedy's Blankety Blanks (1977–78) and on The Mike Walsh Show. She acted in television and film roles through the 1990s, and into the 2000s, with appearances in SeaChange and in commercials.
In the early 1980s, Raye had a four-year appointment with the Theatre Board of the Australia Council.
She has appeared in many Australian theatre productions, including California Suite, Pleasure of His Company, Travelling North, The Merry Wives of Windsor, You Can't Take It With You, Noises Off and Hay Fever. Raye was a subject of This Is Your Life.
Raye retired in 2000, since then she has campaigned Seven Network boss Kerry Stokes to release a DVD of "Mavis", although in a release to DVD of Number 96, she provided an audio commentary alongside film and TV critic Andrew Mercado, co-star Elisabeth Kirkby and The Honourable Michael Kirby.
On 3 November 1945, Raye married US Army Engineer Captain Clark Spencer, a "prominent Winchester and Marblehead sportsman" (Massachusetts, USA).
In 1951, she married prominent veterinarian Robert Ayre Smith (1926-2006). They had three children, two of whom followed their mother into theatrical roles. Her eldest child, Sally Ayre Smith, is a former television producer, best known for the ABC series SeaChange, but is now a director of an organic farm produce marketing business. Her youngest daughter, Harriet, started her career in the Sydney Theatre Company office and is also an occasional actress.
Filmography (movies, theatrical releases)
Strawberry Roan
Molly Lowe
Maurice Elvey
Waltz Time
Empress Maria
Paul L. Stein
Spring Song
Janet Hill / Janet Ware
Montgomery Tully
Green Fingers
Jeannie Mansell
John Harlow
While I Live
Sally Grant
John Harlow
No Rain at Timbura (filmed in Kenya)
(Mrs.) Carol Massey
Alastair Scobie
Telemovies and serials
The Good Companions (TV film)
Susie Dean
Happy Week-End - (TV film)
Triple Bill (TV film)
unknown role
Australian Playhouse (TV series)
1 episode
The Mavis Bramston Show (TV series)
Various roles
Riptide (TV series)
Lauriana French
Number 96 (TV series)
Baroness Amanda Von Papenburg
Up the Convicts (TV series)
Lady Fitzgibbons (1976)
The Young Doctors (TV series)
Rosalie Parker
Loss of Innocence (TV mini-series)
Chopper Squad (TV series)
Eileen Traill
The Journalist (TV film)
Man of Letters (TV film)
Ursula Panhandle
Remember Me (TV film)
Jenny's mother
Relatives (TV movie)
Aunty Joan (1985)
Mission Top Secret (TV series)
Mrs. Jessie Burdock
SeaChange (TV series)
June Dawson (2000)
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