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Baxter Black is confirmed dead at the age of 77.

With remembrances of Baxter Black, we think thoughts of love and peace.
'The world will miss Baxter💔
What did Baxter Black do?
Baxter was best known as a American cowboy poet and veterinarian.
How did Baxter Black die?
Baxter Black's death was likely due to unknown.
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Baxter Black
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Baxter F. Black

Baxter Black at the National Western Stock Show – January 21, 2012
Baxter Black at National Western Stock Show (Denver, Colorado) – January 21, 2012
Born (1945-01-10) January 10, 1945 (age 77)
Brooklyn Naval Hospital
Brooklyn, New York
DiedJune 10, 2022(2022-06-10) (aged 77)
United States of America
EducationDoctor of Veterinary Medicine
Alma materColorado State University
GenreCowboy Poetry
SubjectCowboy and ranch life
Notable works
  • On the Edge of Commonsense
  • Coyote Cowboy Poetry
  • Croutons on a Cowpie
Years active1970's–2022
SpouseCindy Lou
ChildrenJennifer and Guy
RelativesParents: Robert and Theodora Black
Baxter Black (born January 10, 1945, Brooklyn Naval Hospital, Brooklyn, New York) was an American cowboy poet and former large animal veterinarian.
Black grew up in Las Cruces, New Mexico, where he would attend New Mexico State University. He completed veterinary school at Colorado State University, graduating in 1969. His writing and speaking work began in the early 1980s. Since leaving his veterinary career, he has published nearly three dozen books of poetry, fiction—both novels and children's literature—and commentary, selling over 2 million books, CDs, and DVDs.
During 2002–2009, he was a regular commentator for National Public Radio's Morning Edition. Baxter Black on Monday, the weekly syndicated radio program, has been on the air since 1989 and his weekly syndicated column, On the Edge of Common Sense, is carried by more than 150 publications.
His last residence was Benson, Arizona, where he owned Coyote Cowboy Company, the publishing company which released his works.
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Black was born at the Brooklyn Naval Hospital in Brooklyn New York in January 1945. In high school, he became the Future Farmers of America (FFA) president, the senior class president, and lettered in wrestling one year. Beginning in high school, he began riding bulls in rodeos and continued riding throughout college. Black attended college at New Mexico State University and Colorado State University, and graduated in 1969. Before becoming a poet, he practiced medicine as a veterinarian. This career lasted from 1969 to 1982, He specialized in large animals, such as cows and horses. Baxter worked for three different large companies, and two of the three changed ownership. During his last veterinarian job, Black gained popularity through public speaking. He continued his job as a veterinarian for two years, and during that time he spoke at over 250 programs. After this, his career as a poet was beginning. Black also hosted the public television series Baxter Black and Friends.
He continues to write a column, speak on the radio, and has a short segment on RFD-TV as well as The Cowboy Channel. He resides in Benson, Arizona, with his wife, Cindy Lou, and has no cell phone, television, or fax machine. One of his philosophies of life claims: "In spite of all the computerized, digitalized, high-tech innovations of today, there will always be a need for a cowboy." When asked what made him decide to become a cowboy, he says, "Ya either are one, or ya aren't!"."
In late 2021, Black retired from writing and speaking engagements because of health issues. Black's wife, Cindy Lou, reported on January 15, 2022, Baxter Black is in hospice care. His son-in-law explained, however, that the hospice consists of a home health care worker checking on Black every few days because of various medical issues.
Black passed away June 10, 2022 at the age of 77. He was a resident of Benson in Cochise County.
Black's radio career began as a chance occurrence. During a news-worthy local event, he submitted some of his work to a radio station. Black specified in an interview, "It was the year Yellowstone caught on fire, 1988. We were listening and they didn't have any coverage to speak of, and it was a huge deal in our life. It was a huge deal in Colorado (where I lived) and the sky smelled like smoke and I had this big tumultuous poem about range fire... So I sent them this. I just sent it to "Public Radio" in Washington D.C. And two or three days later I get a call back."
The Cowboy and His Dog : or, "Go, Git in the Pickup!"
Record Stockman Press
A Rider, a Roper and a Heck'uva Windmill Man
Record Stockman Press
On the Edge of Common Sense : the Best So Far
Record Stockman Press
Doc, While Yer Here
Record Stockman Press
Cowboy and Sourdough Buckaroo History
Record Stockman Press
Coyote Cowboy Poetry
Record Stockman Press
Croutons on a Cow-Pie
Record Stockman Press
The Buckskin Mare
Record Stockman Press
There's Mountain Time, There's DaylightSavings Time, and Cowboy Standard Time
Record Stockman Press
Hey, Cowboy, Wanna Get Lucky?
Record Stockman Press
Croutons on a Cow-Pie II
Coyote Cowboy Co.
Dunny and the Duck
Coyote Cowboy Co.
Cow Attack
Coyote Cowboy Co.
Cactus Tracks & Cowboy Philosophy
Literary Collection
Penguin Books
Loose Cow Party
Poetry & Anecdotes
Coyote Cowboy Co.
A Cowful of Cowboy Poetry
Coyote Cowboy Co.
Storey's Guide to Raising Beef Cattle
LivestockForward only
Storey Books
Cowboy Mentality: And the Big One That Got Away Blues
Coyote Cowboy Co.
Horseshoes, Cowsocks, and Duckfeet: More Commentaryby NPR's Cowboy Poet & Former Large Animal Veterinarian
Crown Publishers
Baxter Black's Ag Man : the Comic Book
Graphic Novel
Coyote Cowboy Co.
Hey, Cowgirl, Need a Ride?
Crown Publishers
The WestLimited Edition of 50
Poetry Center of Chicago
Blazin' Bloats and Cows on FIRE! or, It's Hard to Blow Out a Holstein
Coyote Cowboy Co.
The World According to Baxter Black: Quips, Quirks and Quotes
Coyote Cowboy Co.
The Back Page: the Best of Baxter Black From Western Horseman
Literary Collection
Coyote Cowboy Co.
Rudolph's Night Off
Children’s Poetry
Coyote Cowboy Co.
Lessons From a Desperado Poetwith Wilford Brimley
Literary Collection
Ride, Cowboy, Ride! 8 Seconds Ain't That Long
Reindeer Flu
Children’s Fiction
Poems Worth Saving
Coyote Cowboy Co.
Cave Wall Graffiti from a Neanderthal Cowboy
Coyote Cowboy Co.
National Cowboy Poetry Gathering: An Anthology
Lyons Press
Tinsel, Mistletoe and Reindeer Bait
Coyote Cowboy Co.
Scrambled Wisdom
Poetry & Anecdotes
Coyote Cowboy Co.
A Commotion in Rhyme
Coyote Cowboy Co.
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