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Azuquita is confirmed dead at the age of 76.

Like a hummingbird, Azuquita danced in the wind and ultimately flew to the afterlife.
'The world will miss Azuquita💔
What did Azuquita do?
Azuquita was best known as a Panamanian singer and composer.
How did Azuquita die?
Azuquita's death was likely due to unknown.
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Luiz Camilo Argumedes Rodriguez

18 February 1946
Colón, Panama
Died25 December 2022(2022-12-25) (aged 76)
Panama City, Panama
Years active1961–2022
Luis Camilo Argúmedes Berguido, known by his stage name Azuquita (18 February 1946 – 25 December 2022) was a Panamanian singer and composer. He was one of the key promoters of salsa music in Panama.
Luis Camilo Argúmedes Berguido was born in Colón on 18 February 1946. In the early 1960s, he began singing in the bolero and guaguancó genres. His delicate voice gave rise to his stage name, Azuquita. He twice participated in amateur song contests with RPC Radio , the second of which he was victorious in. From 1966 to 1969, he collaborated with artists such as Roberto Roena, Ismael Rivera, and Rafael Cortijo.
In 1969, Azuquita joined the Cuban band Sonora Matancera before creating his own group, Azuquita y su Melao, in 1974. After a series of concerts in California, he released an album with the group Fania All-Stars. In 1979, he appeared in the Guinness Book of World Records after gaining international recognition for bringing salsa music to Europe. He was also awarded a Latin Grammy Award.
Azuquita died in Panama City on 25 December 2022 at the age of 76.
Enrique Lynch (Sono Radio Peru 12220) (1964)
Roberto Roena y sus Megatones - Se Pone Bueno / It Gets Better (1966)
Kako & His Orchestra - Live It Up (1967)
Rafael Cortijo Y Su Bonche - ¡Ahí Na Má! / Put It There (1969)
Azuquita - Aquí Esta Azuquita (1970)
The Salsa All Stars (1972)
Azuquita y su Melao : Salsa en Hollywood (1974)
Azuquita y su Orquesta Melao – Pura Salsa (1975)
Kako y Azuquita - Unión Dinámica (1976)
La Típica ’73 - The Two Sides Of ' Típica '73 (1977)
La Típica ’73 - Salsa Encendida (1978)
Louie Ramirez Y Sus Amigos (1978)
Azuquita y su Melao – Llegó Y Dijo (1979)
Azuquita y su Melao – Salsa En Vivo (1980)
Tito Puente And His Orchestra – Ce' Magnifique (1981)
Azuquita y su Melao – Salsa International 83 (1983)
Orquesta Felicidad, Camilo Azuquita – 2 Campeones Roberto Duran Vs Camilo Azuquita (1984)
Camilo Azuquita – Azúcar A Granel (1988)
Camilo Azuquita – Amantes Secretos (1989)
Camilo Azuquita – El Señor De La Salsa (1992)
Azuquita – La foule Salsa Int’l (1994)
Azuquita y Papo Lucca – Los Originales (1996)
Azuquita - Lo Bailado Nadie Me Lo Quita (Melao) CD Format (1999)
Azuquita y su Melao – La Salsa, C´est Pas Compliqué (2000)
Azuquita and Los Jubilados en Santiago de Cuba – Cuba Son (2001)
Azuquita – Baila Para Mí (2005)
Orquesta Abran Paso – Back to the 70's (2015)
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