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Arata Isozaki is confirmed dead at the age of 91.

Forever loved and never forgotten Arata Isozaki will be.
'The world will miss Arata💔
What did Arata Isozaki do?
Arata was best known as a Japanese architect (Kitakyushu Municipal Museum of Art).
How did Arata Isozaki die?
Arata Isozaki's death was likely due to unknown.
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Arata Isozaki
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Arata Isozaki
Arata Isozaki in 2013
Born(1931-07-23)23 July 1931[1]
Oita, Japan
Died29 December 2022(2022-12-29) (aged 91)
Alma materUniversity of Tokyo (1954)
  • Festival Plaza at EXPO70
  • Art Tower Mitor
  • LA’s Museum of Contemporary Art
Arata Isozaki in 1996
Arata Isozaki (磯崎 新, Isozaki Arata; 23 July 1931 – 29 December 2022) was a Japanese architect, urban designer, and theorist from Ōita. He was awarded the RIBA Gold Medal in 1986 and the Pritzker Architecture Prize in 2019.
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Isozaki was born in Oita on the island of Kyushu and grew up in the era of postwar Japan.
Isozaki completed his schooling at the Oita Prefecture Oita Uenogaoka High School (erstwhile Oita Junior High School). In 1954, he graduated from the University of Tokyo where he majored in Architecture and Engineering. This was followed by a doctoral program in architecture from the same university. Isozaki also worked under Kenzo Tange before establishing his own firm in 1963.
Isozaki's early projects were influenced by European experiences with a style mixed between "New Brutalism" and "Metabolist Architecture" (Oita Medical Hall, 1959–1960), according to Reyner Banham. His style continued to evolve with buildings such as the Fujimi Country Club (1973–74) and Kitakyushu Central Library (1973–74). Later he developed a more modernistic style with buildings such as the Art Tower of Mito (1986–90) and Domus-Casa del Hombre (1991–1995) in Galicia, Spain. The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Los Angeles, completed in 1986, was his first international project and his best known work in the U.S. In 2005, Arata Isozaki founded the Italian branch of his office, Arata Isozaki & Andrea Maffei Associates. Two major projects from this office include: the Allianz Tower CityLife office tower, a redevelopment project in the former trade fair area in Milan, and the new Town Library in Maranello, Italy.
Despite designing buildings both inside and outside Japan, Isozaki has been described as an architect who refuses to be stuck in one architectural style, highlighting "how each of his designs is a specific solution born out of the project’s context." Isozaki won the Pritzker Architecture Prize in 2019.
Isozaki died on 29 December 2022, at the age of 91.
Annual Prize, Architectural Institute of Japan in 1967 and 1975
Mainichi Art Award in 1983
RIBA Gold Medal in 1986
International Award "Architecture in Stone" in 1987
Arnold W. Brunner Memorial Prize of the American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters in 1988
Chicago Architecture Award in 1990
Honor Award, the American Institute of Architects in 1992
RIBA Honorary Fellow in 1994
Golden Lion, 6^ Venice Biennale of Architecture in 1996
The ECC Award in 2012 for his Venice installation Zhongyuan.
Pritzker Prize in 2019
One of Isozaki's early projects, Oita Medical Hall (1959-1960), "mixed New Brutalism and Metabolist Architecture," according to one critic
Model of Isozaki's Palau Sant Jordi
Entrance to CaixaForum Barcelona (2001)
Art Tower in Mito, Ibaraki (1990)
Notable works
Ōita Prefectural Library, (1962–1966) Ōita, Ōita, Japan
Kitakyushu Municipal Museum of Art (1972–1974) in Fukuoka, Japan
Kitakyushu Central Library (1973–1974) in Fukuoka, Japan
Museum of Modern Art, Gunma (1974) in Takasaki, Japan
Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), (1981–1986) Los Angeles, California, United States
Sports Hall for the 1992 Summer Olympics, (1983–1990) Barcelona, Spain
Ochanomizu Square Building – Casals Hall, (1984–1987) Tokyo, Japan
Palladium nightclub building interior (1985) in New York City, United States
Lake Sagami Country Clubhouse (1987–1989), with stained glass skylights and lantern by Brian Clarke, Yamanishi, Japan
Art Tower Mito, Mito, (1986–1990) Ibaraki, Japan
Team Disney Orlando, (1987–1990) Florida, United States
Bond University, – Library, Administration Building, Faculty of Humanities Building (1987–1989) Gold Coast, Australia
KitaKyushu International Conference Center (1987–1990) Fukuoka, Japan
Palafolls Sports Complex Pavilion, (1987–1996) Barcelona, Spain
Centre of Japanese Art and Technology, (1990–1994) Kraków, Poland
Nagi Museum Of Contemporary Art, (1991–1994) Okayama, Japan
Kyoto Concert Hall, (1991–1995) Kyoto, Japan
Nara Centennial Hall, (1992–1998) Nara, Japan
Domus: La Casa del Hombre, (1993–1995) A Coruña, Spain
Shizuoka Performing Arts Center (SPAC), (1993–1998) Shizuoka, Japan, opened 1999 for the second Theatre Olympics
COSI Columbus, (1994–1999) Columbus, Ohio, United States
Municipal Daycare and Hospital Complex (1997-1998) Tokyo, Japan
Shenzhen Cultural Center, (1998–2007) Shenzhen, China
Includes Shenzhen Library and Shenzhen Concert Hall
New entrance of the CaixaForum Barcelona building, (1999–2002) Barcelona, Spain
Isozaki Atea, (1999–2009) Bilbao, Spain
Torino Palasport Olimpico, (2000–2006) Turin, Italy
Museum of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, (2003–2008) China
New Concert Hall Building, (2003–) Thessaloniki, Greece, 2010
Himalayas Center, (2003–) Shanghai, China
Pavilion of Japanese Army in World War II, Jianchuan Museum Cluster, (2004–2015) Chengdu, China
Diamond Island, (2006–) Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (complete in 2012)
Coliseum da Coruña, A Coruña, Galicia, Spain, 1991
Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar, Education City, near Doha
Qatar National Convention Center, opened 2011
New Town Library (2012) in Maranello, Italy (Arata Isozaki and Andrea Maffei)
D38 Office (2012) in Barcelona, Spain
Allianz Tower (Il Dritto) (2015), in Milan, Italy (Arata Isozaki and Andrea Maffei)
Harbin Concert Hall (2015), in Harbin, China
Current projects
The University of Central Asia's three campuses in Tekeli, Kazakhstan; Naryn, the Kyrgyz Republic; and Khorog, Tajikistan
The New exit for the Uffizi Gallery, Florence, Italy – competition winner (Arata Isozaki and Andrea Maffei)
The renovation of the Bologna Centrale railway station, Bologna, Italy – competition winner
Metropolis Thao Dien, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
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