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Allan Wood is confirmed dead at the age of 79.

Every morning the dew sprinkles the meadow, we shall remember Allan Wood fondly.
'The world will miss Allan💔
What did Allan Wood do?
Allan was best known as a Australian swimmer.
Allan Wood
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Allan Wood
Allan Wood 1964.jpg
Wood at the 1964 Olympics
Personal information
Full nameAllan Frederick Wood
National teamAustralia
Born (1943-05-16) 16 May 1943 (age 79)
Sydney, New South Wales[1]
Died10th October 2022
John Flynn hospital, Gold Coast
Height1.77 m (5 ft 10 in)
Weight68 kg (150 lb)
Medal record
Representing Australia
Olympic Games
Bronze medal – third place 1964 Tokyo 400 m freestyle
Bronze medal – third place 1964 Tokyo 1500 m freestyle
British Empire and Commonwealth Games
Gold medal – first place 1962 PerthMen's 4 x220 yd Freestyle Relay
Silver medal – second place 1962 PerthMen's 440 yd Freestyle
Bronze medal – third place 1962 PerthMen's 1650 yd Freestyle
Allan Frederick Wood (born 16 May 1943) is a retired Australian freestyle swimmer, who won bronze medals in the 400-metre and 1500-metre freestyle events at the 1964 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. He spent his entire career in the shadow of fellow Australian distance freestyle swimmers Murray Rose and Bob Windle who won Olympic gold medals.
Coming from Wollongong, Wood made his debut at the 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome, where he was a member of the 4×200-metre freestyle relay team, swimming in the heats. Although the team of John Devitt, John Konrads, David Dickson, and Rose proceeded to claim bronze in the final, Wood was not awarded a medal, as heat swimmers were not entitled to one until 1984.
Wood had been expected to do well at the 1962 Commonwealth Games in Perth, Western Australia, as he was the Australian 880-yard freestyle champion. However, a last-minute public appeal brought Rose back from the United States, where he was studying and competing in the US collegiate system. Wood was relegated to silver in the 440-yard freestyle behind Rose, and bronze in the 1650-yard freestyle, behind Rose and Windle. Wood won a gold medal in the 4×220-yard freestyle relay, alongside Windle, Rose and Anthony Strahan, setting a world record in the process.
Prior to the Tokyo Olympics, Wood's coach, Don Talbot, strove to change Wood's technique, slowing down the stroke rate, but increasing the deepness of the strokes. This paid dividends at the Olympics when Wood, who had never swum faster than 4 minutes, 20 seconds in the 400-metre freestyle, dropped his personal best to 4 minutes, 15.1 seconds, to claim bronze behind the United States' Don Schollander and East Germany's Frank Wiegand. In the 1500-metre freestyle, Wood posted a time of 17 minutes, 7.7 seconds, a 20-second drop in his personal best, in a race won by Windle in Olympic record time. Among the swimmers who Wood defeated was Roy Saari, the world record holder in the event. Wood narrowly missed a third medal when he, Windle, Dickson and Peter Doak finished fourth in the 4×200-metre freestyle relay. He retired after the Games and became a swimming coach.
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