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Éder Jofre is confirmed dead at the age of 86.

The life of Éder Jofre was filled with love and family joy.
'The world will miss Éder💔
What did Éder Jofre do?
Éder was best known as a Brazilian Hall of Fame boxer.
How did Éder Jofre die?
Éder Jofre's death was likely due to world .
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Éder Jofre
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Eder Jofre
Eder Jofre (1970).tif
Real nameEder Jofre
Nickname(s)"Galinho de Ouro" ("Golden Bantam")
"Jofrinho" ("Lil' Jofre")
Height1.63 m (5 ft 4 in)
Reach168 cm (66 in)
Born (1936-03-26) March 26, 1936 (age 86)
São Paulo, SP  Brazil
Boxing record
Total fights78
Wins by KO50
No contests0
Eder Jofre (Portuguese pronunciation: ; March 26, 1936 – October 2, 2022) was a Brazilian architect and a retired professional boxer who was both Bantamweight and Featherweight world champion.
In 2019, he was voted the 16th greatest boxer of all-time, which made him the third greatest living boxer (behind only Roberto Durán and Sugar Ray Leonard) by "The International Boxing Research Organization". In 2002, he was named the 19th greatest fighter of the past 80 years by The Ring magazine. In 1996, he was rated the 9th greatest boxer of the previous 50 years. He is ranked #85 on Ring Magazine's 100 Greatest Punchers Of All Time list.
1 Amateur career
1.1 Olympic results
2 Pro career
3 After the boxing
4 Exhibitions and calisthenics
5 Vegetarianism
6 Death
7 Professional boxing record
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Amateur career
Jofre represented his native country at the 1956 Summer Olympics in Melbourne, Australia.
Olympic results
First-round bye
Defeated Thein Myint (Burma) on points
Lost to Claudio Barrientos (Chile) on points
Pro career
Eder, a son of Aristides Jofre, whose nicknames (Eder's) are "Galinho de Ouro" (="Golden Bantam") and "Jofrinho", made his professional debut on March 23, 1957, beating Raul Lopez by knockout in five rounds. He had twelve fights in 1957, including two each against Lopez, Osvaldo Perez and Ernesto Miranda, against whom Jofre sustained his first two record stains: two ten-round draws (ties).
He began 1958 by winning four more fights, and then, on May 14 of that year, he had his first fight abroad, drawing in ten rounds against Ruben Caceres in Montevideo, Uruguay. On November 14, Jose Smecca became the only man to drop Jofre in his career; Jofre got up from a first-round knockdown to knock Smecca out in seven rounds.
Jofre won eight fights in 1959, including one against two-time world title challenger Leo Espinoza, and a seventh-round knockout in a rematch with Caceres.
On February 19, 1960, he fought Ernesto Miranda for the third time, this time with the South American Bantamweight title on the line. Jofre outpointed Miranda over fifteen rounds to win his first title as a professional. Jofre retained the title with a knockout in three rounds in a fourth fight with Miranda, and, after one more win, he made his American debut, defeating top-ranked challenger Jose Medel by knockout in ten rounds on August 16 at Los Angeles. Next, he defeated the power-punching Ricardo Moreno (later ranked among boxing's all-time best punchers by Ring Magazine), by a knockout in the sixth round.
Éder Jofre in 1962
On November 18 of that year, Jofre became world champion, when he knocked out Eloy Sanchez in six rounds, at Los Angeles, to claim the vacant WBA World Bantamweight title.
Jofre proved to be a busy world champion, fighting top-notch fighters, both in title engagements and in non-title fights. From 1960 to 1965, he retained his title against Piero Rollo, Ramon Arias (in Caracas, Venezuela), Johnny Caldwell, Herman Marques, Jose Medel, Katsuyoshi Aoki (in Tokyo), Johnny Jamito (in Manila) and Bernardo Caraballo (in Bogotá, Colombia).
In addition, he defeated such fighters as Billy Peacock, Sadao Yaoita and Fernando Soto in non-title bouts. After the fight with Aoki, Jofre was also recognized as World Bantamweight Champion by the WBC, therefore, becoming the Undisputed World Champion.
On May 17, 1965, his streak as an undefeated fighter was broken when he lost to "Fighting Harada" by a controversial fifteen-round split decision in Nagoya, Japan, to lose the world Bantamweight title. Harada was the only fighter ever to defeat Jofre as a professional.
After losing to Harada by unanimous decision at a rematch held in Tokyo on June 1, 1966, Jofre retired.
In 1969, he made a comeback, beating Rudy Corona by a knockout in six rounds on August 26. After winning thirteen fights in a row, he challenged for a world title once again: on May 5, 1973, he fought Jose Legra for the Lineal and WBC featherweight titles, in Brasilia. Jofre became a two-division world champion by defeating Legra with a fifteen-round majority decision.
Despite having won his second world title, Jofre realized he was nearing the end of the road as far as his boxing career was concerned. He defeated Frankie Crawford in a non-title affair and defended his world Featherweight title against fellow former world Bantamweight champion Vicente Saldivar of Mexico, in a "super fight" held at Salvador. He knocked Saldivar out in four rounds.
After a string of fights against lesser opponents, he retired, having beaten the Mexican Octavio Gomez by a unanimous but controversial decision (120 – 110 by judge Antonio Di, 119 – 115 by judge Adriano Carollo and 117 – 116 by judge Américo Vieira) in São Paulo on October 8, 1976. In this last fight, Jofre was slow and uncertain, and himself put in doubt the correctness of the arbiter's decision ("Digam o que disserem, eu não venci Famoso Gomez", in the Rio de Janeiro newspaper O Globo).
He had a record of 72–2–4 (50 KOs), making him a member of the exclusive group of boxers that has won 50 or more fights by knockout.
After the boxing
Jofre worked in politics, serving as an alderman for the city of São Paulo for 16 years. He then worked for DERSA, a state-owned company, working with the highways of São Paulo. In 2004, a DVD of Jofre's life titled "O Grande Campeão" was released. On Jofre's 85th birthday, in 2021, the first English language biography of his life was released. The book titled "Eder Jofre: Brazil's First Boxing World Champion", by family friend and author Christopher J. Smith won the "'Book of the Year'" at the "West Coast Boxing Hall of Fame" in October 2021 at the Loews Hotel in Hollywood, California. Also present at the event was Jofre and his son, Marcel, and daughter, Andrea. Jofre was in Los Angeles to be inducted into the "West Coast Boxing Hall of Fame" and on this trip he re-visited the site of his bantamweight world title victory, The Olympic Auditorium - his first visit to the venue since that evening on November 18, 1960.
Exhibitions and calisthenics
Jofre occasionally come out of retirement to fight exhibitions. Some of his more noteworthy exhibitions have been against Servilio de Oliveira and the late Alexis Arguello. In 2010, at age 74, Jofre, a physical fitness fanatic who was still the reflection of great health, put out a calisthenics video.
Jofre was a vegetarian. He has been described as one of the few vegetarians ever to win a boxing world championship. He became a vegetarian at the age of 20 after reading a book that stated meat consumption was unhealthy for the body. Jofre adhered to his strict vegetarian diet since he was 20 and commented in 2019 "I even feel disgust today when I see people eating meat... I eat pasta, rice and beans, boiled potatoes or fried and very sporadically egg. I drink milk, yogurt, curds, and honey".
Jofre suffered from chronic traumatic encephalopathy. He was hospitalized in March 2022 at a clinic in Embu das Artes because of pneumonia. He died on 2 October due to complications from the disease.
Professional boxing record
78 fights
72 wins
2 losses
By knockout
By decision
Round, time
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