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Victor Wood is confirmed dead at the age of 75.

Goodbye Victor Wood, you will always be remembered in our hearts and prayers.
'The world will miss Victor💔
What did Victor Wood do?
Victor was best known as a Filipino singer and actor.
How did Victor Wood die?
Victor Wood's death was likely due to complications from COVID-19.
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Victor Wood
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Victor Wood
Birth nameVictor Wood
BornFebruary 1, 1946
OriginBuhi, Camarines Sur, Philippines
DiedApril 23, 2021 (aged 74)
GenresManila sound, OPM
Occupation(s)Singer, actor, politician
Years active1960s–2021
LabelsVicor and Plaka Pilipino (1970–1977)
Victor "Vic" Wood (February 1, 1946 – April 23, 2021) was a Filipino singer, actor and politician. His voice earned him various titles, including "Jukebox King" and "Plaka King.
Before becoming a singer, Wood starred in some productions of Sampaguita Pictures. He was a member of Iglesia Ni Cristo. He previously hosted the show called "Beautiful Sunday" airs every sunday on Net25.
1 Biography
2 Personal life
3 LP Albums with Tracks
3.1 Non-album singles
3.2 I'm Sorry My Love
3.3 14 Bestsellers
3.4 In Despair
3.5 "Blue Christmas"
3.6 "Mr. Lonely"
3.7 "Memories"
3.8 "Knock On Wood"
3.9 "His Majesty"
3.10 "Victor Wood Music"
3.11 "Wood, I Love You"
3.12 "Ihilak (Plaka Pilipino)"
3.13 "Pilipino"
3.14 "Kalyehon 29"
3.15 "Love Is"
3.16 "Wooden Heart"
3.17 "Sincerely"
3.18 "Follow Me"
3.19 "Karon or Visayan Hitsongs Collection Vol. 2"
3.20 "Moods"
3.21 "Victor Wood (Self-titled Album)"
3.22 "One Man Show (Live Album)"
3.23 "Bintana ng Puso"
3.24 "Kumusta Ka, Mahal"
3.25 "If I See You Again"
3.26 "Padre"
3.27 "Inday Ng Buhay Ko"
4 See also
5 Notes
6 References
7 External links
Victor Wood was born on February 1, 1946 in Buhi, Camarines Sur, Philippines to Sgt. Kocky Wood and Rosario "Tiyang Saring" Nobleza. His mother was well known in Buhi and neighboring towns for selling herbal medications and perfumes. He studied and finished secondary school at Jose Abad Santos High. His voice earned him various titles, including Jukebox King and Plaka King. In the 1970s, his career bloomed. He loved the adulation and admiration of his fans and the media.
He and his family migrated to the US in the 70’s, where he co-owned four gasoline stations and was into real estate and landscaping. In addition, he managed the $1.5-million Palm Plaza Restaurant.
He ran for the Senate of the Philippines during the 2007 Philippine general election, under the KBL banner, but lost.
On April 23, 2021, Wood died from the complications of COVID-19 at 9AM, according to his wife Nerissa.
Personal life
Wood has two children with his second wife, Ofelia Mercado Ponce, whom he met during his stay in the United States. Together they have a son, Simon, and a daughter, Sydney Victoria.
LP Albums with Tracks
Non-album singles
Love Can Fly
Take My Hand for a While
Oh My Love
I Don't Want Your Lovin' Anymore
Here's My Happiness
I'm Gonna Make You Mine
Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
The Great Pretender
Tiny Bubbles
The Miracle of Christmas
Young and Beautiful
For Mama
Rock Around the Clock
Rock Your Baby
Dick and Jane
Don't Cry Joni
Where Can She Be
Pagbati (Feelings)
Love Is a Pain in the Heart
Let's Sing a Christmas Song
I'm Sorry My Love
Victor Wood's debut album, released in June 1970 by Vicor.
"I Won't Let You Go"
"Some Rainy Days"
"I Want You to Love Me"
"Love Me Once More"
"Don't Change Your Mind"
"I'm Sorry My Love"
"A Tear Fell"
"Keep on Runnin'"
"In the Beginning"
"Don't Fight It"
"To Be Loved"
14 Bestsellers
1. I'm Sorry My Love
2. Girl in the Wood (Remember Me)
3. I Went to Your Wedding
4. Sweet Caroline
5. A Poorman's Roses
6. Jamaica Farewell
7. Little Darlin'
8. Fraulein
9. Pearly Shells
10. Eternally
11. The Voice Of Love
12. Carmelita
13. In Despair
14. Danica Borbon Ang Babaeng Malupit
In Despair
In 1972, Philippine singer Victor Wood released In Despair. Wood was a very popular singer of that era, and recorded many albums for Vicor Records. In Despair is dominated by remakes of popular American songs from the 1950s and 1960s. Three songs here were originally hits for Little Richard in the 1950s, and include "Jenny Jenny," "Rip It Up," and "Good Golly Miss Molly." The album has an assortment of slow and fast songs, and the ballads include "In Despair," "Vaya Con Dios," "Have a Good Time," "Hurt," and "Return to Me." The album's ballads are highly conducive to karaoke singing, and a number of them are often heard in karaoke nightspots. Throughout In Despair, Wood sings in a strong but soothing voice. His performances are always passionate and very sincere. Another of the album's upbeat songs is the remake of Roy Orbison's "Pretty Woman." Wood's version retains the famous guitar line of the original, but adds a distinctive fuzz tone to it. On Gene Vincent's "Be-Bop-a-Lula," Wood sings in a rough-edged, gritty style, imbued with much passion and spirit. Wood's version of Del Shannon's classic "Runaway" is markedly different from the original, and is performed at a much slower pace and has a more introspective demeanor. The arrangement contains a hypnotic guitar riff not heard in the original. In Despair is very enjoyable, although it doesn't bode well that every song is a remake of an American song.
1. In Despair
2. Vaya Con Dios (May God Be With You)
3. Hurt
4. Return to Me
5. Have a Good Time
6. Exodus
7. Be-Bop-A-Lula
8. Rip It Up
9. Pretty Woman
10. Jenny, Jenny
11. Runaway-Happy Together
12. Good Golly Miss Molly
"Blue Christmas"
1. Blue Christmas
2. Silver Bells
3. Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
4. Take My Hand, Precious Lord
5. Little Christmas Tree
6. O Holy Night
7. Silent Night
8. Christmas Story
9. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
10. It Is No Secret
11. White Christmas
12. Joy To The World
"Mr. Lonely"
1. Eternally
2. Crying Time
3. Sweet Caroline
4. Where Is Your Heart
5. One More Chance
6. Mr. Lonely
7. Release Me
8. I Wish You Love
9. Lonely Teardops
10. Cold, Cold Heart
11. The Way Of A Clown
12. Till
1. It's Now Or Never
2. No Other Love
3. The Voice Of Love
4. Fraulein
5. Come Back To Me
6. In My Little Room
7. She Wears My Ring
8. More Than I Can Say
9. Send Someone To Love Me
10. Slippin' And Slidin'
11. Malagueña
12. Everyday (Buddy Holly Song)
"Knock On Wood"
1. Teenage Señorita
2. Cheryl Moana Marie
3. Daddy Cool
4. Take Good Care Of Her
5. No Arms Can Ever Hold You
6. You Are My Destiny
7. Everyday
8. Let Me Be With You
9. Little Darlin'
10. I Went To Your Wedding
11. For The Good Times
12. Knock On Wood
"His Majesty"
1. Innamorata
2. Tom Dooley
3. My Serenade
4. It's Too Late
5. The Wonder Of You
6. Carmelita
7. I Can Only Cry
8. Girl In The Wood (Remember Me)
9. Dear Teresa
10. (Remember Me) I'm The One Who Loves You
11. Love Me Tender
12. The Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
"Victor Wood Music"
1. Pa Pa Oom Mow-mow
2. I'm Walking Behind You
3. It's A Sin
4. Satisfaction
5. Greenfields
6. Oh! My Papa
7. Rave On
8. Love Letters In The Sand
9. The Last Mile Of My Life
10. Sweet, Sweet Love
11. Don't Tell My Heart To Stop Loving You
12. Anniversary Song
"Wood, I Love You"
1. Jezebel
2. Love Me
3. Only You
4. I've Gotta Be Me
5. Peggy Sue
6. Happy Birthday, My Darling
7. Remember You're Mine
8. My Promise
9. Black Is Black
10. You Gave Me A Mountain
11. All My Loving
12. Am I That Easy To Forget
"Ihilak (Plaka Pilipino)"
In 1974, Philippine male singer Victor Wood released Ihilak. Eleven of the album's 12 songs are Philippine folk/love songs sung in Visayan language (the Visayas region is the central group of islands in the Philippines). The remaining song uses the melody of Neil Diamond's "Song Sung Blue," but replaces the original English lyrics with those of the Visayan dialect. The album opens with the tender "Ihilak," which moves in a slow, shuffle-like pace. Victor Wood sings "Ihilak" with depth and tenderness, and puts much warmth into his voice. "Ihilak" tells of a man's despair for the loss of his love: "What is the real reason/You just forgot good memories/You left me/I did not abandon my love for you." The following song, "Gugma Ko," uses the melody of Neil Diamond's '60s hit "Song Sung Blue" over new lyrics in the Visayan dialect, which tell about a man offering love to a girl during courtship. "Hain Nang Panumpa Mo" (Where Is Your Promise) tells of another love affair that left a man with a broken heart. Most of the songs are performed in a mournful minor key and have a mournful tone in both the melody and lyrics. The opening melody of the slow-paced "Mahimong Biya-an Mo Ako," for example, sounds as though it belongs at a funeral, but is about a love that went wrong. "Ika-Duhang Bathala" (The Second God) is a pretty, tender song. "Tuba" (Wine) isn't about love, but is about wine that some people are enjoying. The song uses a folkish, polka-like rhythm that has an appealing quality. This album is very different for Victor Wood, who often performs remakes of American songs, but the difference is very much appreciated.
1. Ihilak (I Cried)
2. Gugma Ko (My Love)
3. Mahimong Biya-an Mo Ako
4. Inday (Girl)
5. Sa Imong Adlaw (In Your Day)
6. Oh! Kinabuhi (O Life!)
7. Ikaduhang Bathala (The Second God)
8. Tuba (Wine)
9. Hain Nang Panumpa Mo (Where Is Your Promise)
10. Sa Pahiyum Mo (Through Your Smiles)
11. Sura Inday (Where Is Inday?)
12. Inday, Kapait Mo (Inday, You're So Bitter)
1. Birheng Walang Dambana
2. Ibig Kong Magtapat
3. Maruja
4. Malupit na Pag-ibig
5. Bakit Di Kita Malimot
6. Pilipino
7. Dungawin Mo Sana
8. Halimbawa
9. Umiiyak Ang Puso Ko
10. Dalangin Ko Sa Maykapal
11. Ikaw Lamang
12. Panaligan Mo Sinta
"Kalyehon 29"
1. Kalyehon 29
2. Bughaw Na Buhangin
3. Ay! Pag-ibig
4. Ngumiti (Nakakadyahi)
5. Nasa Diyos Ang Awa (Nasa Tao Ang Gawa)
6. Ikaw, Giliw Ko
7. Pagsikat Ng Araw
8. Baryo San Jose
9. Sa'yo, Aking Inay
10. Tapat Na Pag-ibig
11. Pagsapit Ng DapitHapon
12. Kalyehon 29 (Reprise)
"Love Is"
1. Don't Play That Song
2. Let Me Try Again
3. Island In The Sun
4. Say You're Mine Again
5. Take Your Time
6. Green Leaves Of Summer
7. I Believe In Love
8. Sonata Of Love
9. The Loco-Motion
10. Help Me
11. I've Got A World Of Faith In You
12. Day-O
"Wooden Heart"
1. Wooden Heart
2. Twilight Time
3. Good Morning, Son
4. If You Go Away
5. Baby Take Care
6. Essence Of Your Love
7. Feelings
8. Medley: You're The First, The Last, My Everything / Oh! Carol
9. Oh My Mama
10. Time Passes Away
11. I Love You Even More
12. If You Foolin' My Heart
1. Love Is A Many Splendored Thing
2. Medley: Sunshine / My Sweet Lady
3. I Feel Love
4. Tennessee Waltz
5. Paper Roses
6. Sincerely
7. Forever And Ever
8. Silver Threads Among The Gold
9. Medley: I Won't Last A Day Without You / Let Me Be The One
10. From The Candy Store On The Corner To The Chapel On The Hill
11. Come Love Me Again (Annie's Song)
12. I'll Be Seeing You
"Follow Me"
1. I'll Just Sing A Song
2. Sealed With A Kiss
3. Sa Bawat Sandali
4. Mr. Blue
5. Follow Me
6. Take Me Home, Country Road
7. Beautiful Love
8. I Sorry If I Hurt You
9. Dito Sa Balat ng Lupa
10. Before The Next Teardrop Falls
"Karon or Visayan Hitsongs Collection Vol. 2"
1. Ikaw Ug Ako
2. Ang Gugma Sa Tawo
3. Hagki Sa Makadaghan
4. Sa Palad Mo Pinangga
5. Sa Imong Pagbalik
6. Karon
7. Una Paloma Blanca
8. Walay Paglubad
9. Hikalimtan Mo Na Ba
10. Hangtod Sa Lubnganan
11. Ikaw Ang Akong Gimahal
12. Ikaw Ang Mga Damgo
1. Ikaw At Ako Sa Daig-dig
2. Honey, Forgive Me
3. Happy Song
4. Whatever Will Be, Will Be (Que Sera Sera)
5. Harbor Lights
6. Sh-Boom
7. Pretend
8. My World Keeps Getting Smaller Everyday
9. Tender Years
"Victor Wood (Self-titled Album)"
1. Tapatin Mo Ako
2. Sayang Na Sayang
3. Magdamag Nag-iisa
4. Para Sa Iyo Kaibigan
5. Inibig Ko'y Nakatali Na
6. When There's No You
7. Baby I Want You Back Home
8. When I Was Young
9. Maria Magdalena
10. Beverly
"One Man Show (Live Album)"
1. I Can See Clearly Now
2. Rhinestone Cowboy
3. I Am, I Said
4. Love Medley: My Love You Make Me Feel Brand New / Love Me Tender / Love Is Real / Love Is A Many Splendored Thing
5. Song For Beverly
6. Malupit Na Pag-ibig
7. Una Paloma Blanca / Cucu-rucucu Paloma
8. Medley: Old Fashioned Love Song / I Believe In Music / I Write The Songs
"Bintana ng Puso"
1. Bintana ng Puso
2. Selos-Selosan
3. Giliw, Maawa Ka
4. Tinig ng Pag-ibig
5. Lumipas Ang Pasko
6. The Most Beautiful Girl
7. Movie Theme Medley
8. Bridge Over Troubled Waters
"Kumusta Ka, Mahal"
1. May Kulang Ba?
2. Uhaw ng Damdamin
3. Kumusta Ka, Mahal
4. Sampaguita
5. It's Got To Be
6. Rhinestone Cowboy
7. Love Medley
8. Mona Lisa
9. I Can See Clearly Now
10. You
"If I See You Again"
1. Love Me With All Of Your Heart
2. You Never Really Wanted Me
3. Darling, I'll Be True
4. Don't Ever Leave Me
5. If I See You Again
6. West Side Story Medley
7. Old Man River
8. Am I The Right Man For You
1. Padre
2. Kahapon Lamang
3. Winasak Mo Ang Puso Ko
4. Mahal Kita Higit Pa Sa Buhay Ko
5. Di Na Mag-iisa
6. Let Me Love You One More Time
7. We Feel Only Love When It Hurts
8. One Life To Live
9. Babe Come Home
10. Lady Blue
"Inday Ng Buhay Ko"
1. Superstar Ng Mahihirap
2. Pangako Ng Taksil
3. Hahabol-Habol
4. Malas
5. Mahal Pa Rin Kita
6. Inday Ng Buhay Ko
7. Mamahalin Kita Ngayong Gabi
8. Babaing Mababang Lipad
9. Bulong-Bulongan
10. Isang Gabi
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