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Timuel Black is confirmed dead at the age of 102.

The bell has tolled for Timuel Black. We all await the same destiny.
'The world will miss Timuel💔
What did Timuel Black do?
Timuel was best known as a American historian and civil rights activist.
How did Timuel Black die?
Timuel Black's death was likely due to unknown.
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Timuel Black
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Timuel D. Black Jr.
Timuel Black op havoschool Notre Dame des Anges.jpg
Black during his visit to Dutch secondary school Notre Dame des Anges in 2010
Born(1918-12-07)December 7, 1918
DiedOctober 13, 2021(2021-10-13) (aged 102)
EducationWendell Phillips High School
DuSable High School
Roosevelt University
University of Chicago
OccupationSocial worker, educator, civil rights activist, historian
Spouse(s)Norisea J. Cummings (1947-58)

Ruby P. Battle (1959-1968)

Zenobia Johnson-Black (1982-present)[1]
Timuel D. Black Jr. (December 7, 1918 – October 13, 2021) was an American historian, educator, author, civil rights activist, and expert in African American history in Chicago.
1 Early life
2 Education and military service
3 Career
4 Tributes and legacy
5 Works
6 References
7 Sources
Early life
Timuel Black was born in December 1918 in Birmingham, Alabama. His great-grandparents were slaves and his grandparents were born as slaves and freed by the Emancipation Proclamation; his parents were sharecroppers.
Black described his father and mother as having taken part in the Great Migration. In his memoir, Sacred Ground, Black writes that his parents "migrated twice." Their first move was "from tenant farms where they chopped cotton to the market town of Florence, Alabama, and then on from there to the city of Birmingham," where his "daddy worked for Bessemer Steel." Their second migration was to Chicago in order "to be able fight back against white attackers, to
get better jobs and be able to vote, and to get a better education for their children."
Education and military service
He grew up in Chicago, where he graduated from DuSable High School in 1937. He graduated from Roosevelt University, where he earned a bachelor's degree, and he earned a master's degree from the University of Chicago.
Black served in World War II, and he received four Battle Stars, the Croix de Guerre, and the Legion of Honour.
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Black began his career as a social worker. During the 1960s, Black was president of the Negro American Labor Council (Chicago Chapter) and an organizer of Chicago participation in the 1963 March on Washington.
Black was the named plaintiff in the lawsuit Black v. McGuffage. The suit claimed that the Illinois voting system discriminated against minorities in its use of faulty punch card ballots. Deployed in black and Hispanic neighborhoods in Chicago, the faulty ballots prevented residents from casting valid votes in the 2000 presidential election. After Black v. McGuffage, punch card ballots were eliminated and a uniform voting system was put in place.
Black currently serves on the board of Defending Rights & Dissent.
Tributes and legacy
In 2017, Senator Dick Durbin introduced a tribute to Black in the Congressional Record on the occasion of Black's receipt of Citizen Action Illinois' ninth annual Pauls Award, named for Paul Simon and Paul Wellstone, describing Black's as "a decorated World War II veteran, an educator, author, labor leader, civil rights activist, and historian—and a bender of the moral arc of the universe. He is a visionary and—for me and so many others—a personal hero."
Sacred Ground is a memoir of interviews with Black about the African-American history of the South side of Chicago conducted by Susan Klonsky and edited by Bart Schultz was published in 2019. Black explained, "I'm here to personalize and transfer that history to younger people across all lines--race and gender."
In October 2021 it was reported that Black was in hospice care in his home in Chicago. He died on October 13, 2021.
Black, Timuel D. (2007). Bridges of Memory: Chicago's Second Generation of Great Migration. Evanston, Illinois: Northwestern University Press. ISBN 9780810122956. OCLC 608033460.
Black, Timuel D.; Klonsky, Susan (2019). Schultz, Eduard (ed.). Sacred Grounds: The Chicago Streets of Timuel Black as Told to Susan Klonsky. Evanston, Illinois: Northwestern University Press. ISBN 9780810139244. OCLC 1088790146.
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