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Siddalingaiah (poet) is confirmed dead at the age of 67.

Forever loved and never forgotten Siddalingaiah (poet) will be.
'The world will miss Siddalingaiah💔
What did Siddalingaiah (poet) do?
Siddalingaiah was best known as a Indian poet.
How did Siddalingaiah (poet) die?
Siddalingaiah (poet)'s death was likely due to COVID-19.
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Siddalingaiah (poet)
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Siddalingaiah at Tathvapada singers gathering in Mandya in 2012
Siddalingaiah at Tathvapada singers gathering in Mandya in 2012
1954 (age 66–67)
Manchanabele,[1] Karnataka, India
Died11 June, 2021
OccupationPoet, Dramatist, Kannada Professor, Legislator and Dalit Activist
EducationM. A. and Ph.D in Kannada
Alma materBangalore University
GenreDalit-Bandaya Movement
Literary movementDalit-Bandaya movement
Notable worksHolemadigara Haadu, Saviraaru Nadigalu and Meravanige
Notable awardsKarnataka Sahitya Akademi Award and Nrupatunga Award
Siddalingaiah (Born 1954, Magadi, Bangalore), was an Indian poet, playwright, Dalit activist, writing in the Kannada language. He is credited with starting the Dalit-Bandaya movement in Kannada and with starting the genre of Dalit writing. He is one of the founders of the Dalita Sangharsh Samiti along with B. Krishnappa.
In 1988, at the age of 34, he became a member of the Karnataka Legislative Assembly and, in 2006, chairman of the Kannada Development Authority, a post with Cabinet rank that he held until 2008.
He has been head of the Department of Kannada at Bangalore University and a member of the University Syndicate of Kannada University, Hampi. He is acknowledged as a symbol of the Dalit movement and a leading public intellectual and Kannada poet.
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2 Notable works
3 Autobiography
4 Plays
5 Criticism and Essays
6 Accolades
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Siddalingaiah died on 11 June 2021 in Bangalore, due to post Covid-19 illness.
Notable works
Holemadigara Haadu (Songs of the Holeya and Madiga, 1975)
Saaviraaru Nadigalu (Thousands of Rivers, 1979)
Kappu Kaadina Haadu (The Song of the Black Forest, 1982)
Aayda Kavithegalu (Selected Poems, 1997)
Meravanige (Procession, 2000)
Nanna Janagalu mattu Itara Kavitegalu (My People and Other Poems, 2005)
Kudiva Neeliya Kadalu (2017)
Ooru Saagaravagi (2018)
Ooru Keri-1 : Atmakathana (1997)
Ooru Keri-2 : Atmakathana (2006)
Ooru Keri-3 : Atmakathana (2014)
Ooru Keri - An Autobiography (Sahitya Akademi, 2003)
A Word With You, World : The Autobiography of a Poet (Navayana, 2013) Translated by S.R. Ramakrishna (Excerpt)
Satyanarayana, K & Tharu, Susie (2013) From those Stubs Steel Nibs are Sprouting: New Dalit Writing from South Asia, Dossier 2: Kannada and Telugu, New Delhi: HarperCollins India.
Criticism and Essays
Jana Samsakruthi
Aa Mukha Ee Mukha
2019 - Pampa Award, highest literary award in Kannada, presented by Karnataka Government
2018 - Nrupatunga Award by BBMP
2೦15 - Chaired the 81st Kannada Sahitya Sammelana held in Shravanabelagola
2007 - Nadoja Award by Hampi University
1998-99 -Karnataka State Film Award for Best Lyricist for his song Hasivininda Satthoru from the movie 'Pratibhatane'
1986 - Rajyostava Award by Karnataka Government
See also
K. B. Siddaiah
Aravinda Malagatti
Devanur Mahadeva
Siddalingaiah (poet)
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