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Shaukat Ali is confirmed dead at the age of 76.

If you treat everyone like Shaukat Ali did, you will also be remembered fondly.
'The world will miss Shaukat💔
What did Shaukat Ali do?
Shaukat was best known as a Pakistani folk singer.
How did Shaukat Ali die?
Shaukat Ali's death was likely due to liver failure.
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Shaukat Ali
Shaukat Ali
BornPunjab, Pakistan
Died(2021-04-02)April 2, 2021[1]
Lahore, Pakistan
GenresFolk music
Years active1960-2021
Shaukat Ali, also known as Shaukat Ali Khan,(3 May 1944 - 2 April 2021) was a folk singer from Pakistan.
1 Early life and career
2 Documentary on his life
3 Super-hit songs
4 Awards and recognition
5 Death
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Early life and career
Born on 3 May, 1944, into a family of artists in Malakwal, a town in District Gujrat (now falls in new District Mandi Bahauddin Punjab, Pakistan, Shaukat Ali began singing, while at college in the 1960s, receiving help from his elder brother Inayat Ali Khan. He was introduced into the Pakistani film world as a playback singer by the renowned film music director M Ashraf in the Punjabi film Tees Maar Khan (1963).
Since the late 1960s, he performed ghazals and Punjabi folk songs. As a folk singer, he was not only popular in Punjab, Pakistan but also in Punjab, India. Shaukat Ali also toured and performed overseas wherever there werw significant population centers of Punjabi immigrants like in the UK, Canada and the US.
Shaukat Ali was known for singing Sufi poetry with great vigor and a wide vocal range, for example Heer Waris Shah and Saif ul Maluk.
Shaukat Ali received the 'Voice of Punjab' award in 1976. In July 2013, he was honored with the 'Pride of Punjab' award by the Pakistan Institute of Language, Art and Culture (PILAC). He gave a live performance at the 1982 Asian Games in New Delhi, and was awarded the highest Pakistani civilian Presidential award Pride of Performance in 1990. His song "Kadi Te Hass Bol Vey" was used in the 2009 Indian movie Love Aaj Kal. He also released a track titled "Jagga". Shaukat Ali has also given performances at the All Pakistan Music Conference events and also appears frequently on Pakistani television shows.
He is the father of Pakistani singers Imran Shaukat Ali, Ameer Shaukat Ali and Mohsin Shaukat Ali.
Documentary on his life
In 2017, a Canadian company with the help of his son Mohsin Shaukat Ali, produced a one hour long documentary to commemorate his contributions to the Pakistani music industry. This documentary shows the struggles Shaukat Ali faced throughout his career and also includes some of his past performances as well as interviews with many singers including Lata Mangeshkar. It documents his journey from a young aspiring singer who later becomes a popular folk singer of Pakistan.
Super-hit songs
"Saif-ul-Malook--Awwal Hamd Sana-e-Elahi", sung by Shaukat Ali, lyrics by Sufi poet Mian Muhammad Bakhsh, music by Wajahat Attre, film Chan Varyam (1981)
"Sathio Mujahido, Jaag Uthha Hai Sara Watan", a 'Qaumi Naghma' song, sung by Shaukat Ali, Masood Rana, lyrics by Himayat Ali Shair, music by Khalil Ahmed, film Mujahid (1965)
"Mein Puttar Pakistan Da", sung by Shaukat Ali, Inayat Hussain Bhatti, Naheed Akhtar, lyrics by Hazin Qadri and music by Wajahat Attre, film Athra Puttar (1981)
"Nabi Dey Asseen Ghulam", sung by Shaukat Ali, lyrics by Sahil Siddiqi, music by Salim Iqbal, film Behram Daku (1980)
"Ae Tay Wailea Aap Dessay Ga, Kaun Maarda Ae Maidan Pei Nay Hullay", sung by Alam Lohar, Shaukat Ali, lyrics by Nasim Fazal and music by Master Inayat Hussain, film Maula Jat (1979)
"Mein Walait Kahnu Aa Gaya", sung by Shaukat Ali, lyrics by Taslim Fazli, music by M Ashraf, film Playboy (1978)
"Lal Meri Patt Rakhio Bala, Jhoolay Lalan Dey", a traditional folk song, sung by Noor Jehan, Shaukat Ali, Masood Rana, Ahmed Rushdi, Ghulam Ali, Pervez Mehdi, music by Nashad, film Parchhaen (1974)
"Har Dam Yahi Mere Lab Pe Sada Hai, Murshid Mera Nadir Ali Shah Hai", a devotional sufi song or Qawwali sung by Shaukat Ali (1975)
"Tu Wi Haq Da Wali", a devotional Sufi song or Qawwali sung by Shaukat Ali (1975)
"Saaday Yaar Nay Banh Laiy Sehray", sung by Shaukat Ali, Inayat Hussain Bhatti, lyrics by Khawaja Pervez, music by Ustad Tafu, film Charhda Suraj (1982)
"Teri Meri Aey Azlaan Di Yaari", a bhangra song sung by Shaukat Ali and Mehnaz Begum, lyrics by Saeed Gillani, music by Kamal Ahmad, film Angara (1985)
Shaukat Ali's folk song hits include "Kyun Door Door Reindey Au", "Kaddi Te Hass Bol Vey", "Jab Bahaar Aaii Tau Sehra Ki Taraf Chal Para", and many Punjabi folk songs including "Chhalla", "Jagga", "Kanwan, Maan Jannat Da Parchaavan". The Sufi poems "Saif ul Maluk" and "Heer Waris Shah" were beautifully recited by Shaukat Ali and recorded on CDs which are widely available worldwide.
Awards and recognition
Pride of Performance Award in 1990 by the President of Pakistan
Shaukat Ali passed away on 2 April 2021 at CMH Lahore where he was getting treatment of liver. His funeral prayers will be offered today (2 April 2021) between Maghrib and Isha at at Samsani Johar Town in Lahore.
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