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Rubén Israel is confirmed dead at the age of 65.

So now Rubén Israel is dead. 2021 is such a bummer.
'The world will miss Rubén💔
What did Rubén Israel do?
Rubén was best known as a Uruguayan football manager .
How did Rubén Israel die?
Rubén Israel's death was likely due to unknown.
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Rubén Israel
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Rubén Israel
Rubén Israel.jpg
Personal information
Full nameRubén Jorge Israel Yelen
Date of birth(1955-12-08)8 December 1955
Place of birthMontevideo, Uruguay
Date of deathJuly 5, 2021(2021-07-05) (aged 65)
Height1.78 m (5 ft 10 in)
Teams managed
1998Miramar Misiones
1999Huracán Buceo
1999Rampla Juniors
2000Huracán Buceo
2004Atenas de San Carlos
2009Santa Fe
2009–2010Unión Española
2011–2012El Salvador
2014–2015Barcelona SC
2018LD Alajuelense
Rubén Jorge Israel Yelen (born 8 December 1955) was a former Uruguayan footballer and a football team manager. He was most recently the head coach of LD Alajuelense.
1 Libertad
2 Honours
3 Coach in Colombia
4 Unión Española
5 El Salvador
6 References
In the Paraguayan championships, since the start of the Clausura 2007 tournament, Israel coached Club Libertad in 68 matches. His record was 48 wins, 16 draws, and just 4 defeats.
In the 2007 Clausura, Libertad broke a national record for a short tournament with a total of 55 points. In the Apertura 2008, Club Libertad surpassed the record with a total of 57 points.
Also, as coach Rubén Israel, Libertad broke a third national: the annual cumulative, adding up a total of 101 points in 2008 (he added 95 in 2007).
For the first tri-championship in its history, Club Libertad scored 53 goals, the top scoring team of Apertura 2008, and only allowed 13 goals, becoming the team with the best defence. Under Israel, Libertad qualified for the 2009 Copa Libertadores and 2009 Copa Sudamericana.
The 6th Annual Premios Fox Sports named Rubén Israel as the best football coach and named Club Libertad of Paraguay the best football team.
With Club Libertad, Israel earned Clausura 2007 titles, Absolute Tournament 2007, Apertura 2008, and Clausura 2008, thus achieving tri-championships with the club. Thanks to his performance as coach of Libertad, he was nominated for Best Technical Director at Fox Sports Awards 2008.
Coach in Colombia
In May 2009 there was speculation that Israel would be the new coach of Atlético Nacional, and negotiations reached an advanced point. However, the emergence of several businessmen in the middle of it was that Israel desist from directing the club. Shortly after, Israel was confirmed as the new coach of Santa Fe.
A month later, on June 29, Israel resigned after receiving death threats if he did not include a player in the line-up. Israel and the player in question later wound up on the same team, Unión Española.
In 2015, Ruben Israel arrived to coach Millonarios Fútbol Club. Israel had a great first championship in the Torneo Apertura 2016. Millonario qualified to the final of the all around.
Unión Española
In October 2009, Israel assumed the leadership of Unión Española, and took them in the 14th place in the standings, improving their performance getting them qualified for the playoffs, and were eliminated by Deportes La Serena. He quite after a year of technical management of the club, leaving the team in 5th position on league area Pre-Libertadores 2011 and reaching the quarter-finals of Copa Chile.
El Salvador
"First of all thanks to the executive committee for welcoming me in this country and given me such a huge and so pretty responsibility, as is leading a national team. We have come here with our coaching staff to honor the work, beyond the mistakes and successes. The healthy intention is to work on El Salvador's football as a whole, working with major selections, but have a chronogram of action for youth teams, who are the future of the country."
—Israel, on his first press conference"
On 6 April 2011, the Federación Salvadoreña de Fútbol made official Israel's appointment as national coach, which was led by José Luis Rugamas, and supervisor of minor national teams in the country combined. Israel coached his first match against Honduras on May 29, which ended in a 2–2 draw, before the beginning of the 2011 CONCACAF Gold Cup.
Israel left Uruguay for personal reasons on 14 April and returned on 25 April.
During a press conference on 28 April, Rubén Israel announced the coaching staff that will coach the pre-Olympic U-23 and national team. The individuals that will form the coaching staff are assistant managers Mauricio Alfaro and José Luis Rugamas, physical trainers Esteban Coppia (Argentina) and Nicolás Dos Santos (Uruguay) and the goalkeeping coach Carlos Cañadas.
On 9 July 2012 it was announced Rubén Israel resigned from his duties as coach of El Salvador national football team.
On 4 September 2013 was appointed manager of Atlante.
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