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Rama Jois is confirmed dead at the age of 89.

With remembrances of Rama Jois, we think thoughts of love and peace.
'The world will miss Rama💔
What did Rama Jois do?
Rama was best known as a Indian jurist.
How did Rama Jois die?
Rama Jois's death was likely due to unknown.
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Rama Jois
Mandagadde Rama Jois
Rama Jois.jpg
19th Governor of Bihar
In office
12 June 2003 – 31 October 2004
Chief MinisterRabri Devi
Preceded byV. C. Pande
Succeeded byVed Marwah (Acting)
2nd Governor of Jharkhand
In office
15 July 2002 – 11 June 2003
Chief MinisterBabulal Marandi
Arjun Munda
Preceded byV. C. Pande
(Additional Charge)
Succeeded byVed Marwah
Chief Justice of the High Court of Punjab and Haryana
In office
3 May 1992 – 31 August 1992
Preceded byBipin Chandra Verma
Succeeded byS. S. Sodhi
Personal details
Born (1932-07-27) 27 July 1932 (age 88)
Araga, Shivamogga, Kingdom of Mysore, British India
DiedError: Need valid birth date (second date): year, month, day
Bengaluru, Bengaluru
Political partyBharatiya Janata Party
ChildrenOne son
One daughter
Alma materGovernment Law College, Bengaluru
University of Mysore
Justice Mandagadde Rama Jois (27-July-1932 to 16-Feb-2021) was a former member of Rajya Sabha, a former governor of Jharkhand and Bihar states, and a former Chief Justice of the Punjab and Haryana High Court. He is also a senior advocate in the Supreme Court of India.
1 Early life and education
2 Author
2.1 Other Books published
3 Positions held
4 Political affiliation
4.1 Protest
5 Family life
6 Death
7 References
8 External links
Early life and education
Rama Jois was vokaligakotuba born to Narasimha Jois and Lakshmidevamma on 27 July 1931 at Araga village, Shivamogga, Karnataka, India. He studied in Shivamogga and Bengaluru and acquired B.A., B.L.degrees and Kuvempu University has conferred him with Doctor of Laws honorary degree.
He is a noted writer and historian having written several books on Service Law, Habeas Corpus Law, Constitutional Law, etc. His most known two-volume book "Legal and Constitutional History of India", considered as a previous volume, is a textbook for Law Degree course. His another well known book is "Seeds of Modem Public Law in Ancient Indian Jurisprudence". His other works include "Historic Legal Battle", " Dharma- The Global Ethic" etc. His views on Dharma and Manu Smriti are of immense value, as they have been simplified for the understanding of the common man.
Other Books published
Services under the State (1974)
Legal and Constitutional History of India (1982)
Historical Battle (1977)
Dharma : The Global Ethic (English, Hindi and Kannada) (1996)
Ancient Indian Law : Eternal values in Manu Smrithi (English, Kannada, Hindi)(2003)
Trivarga Siddantha (English and Kannada) (2005)
The Bharathiya way to lead Purposeful life (English and Kannada) 2007
National Reconciliation for Harmonious Living (2008)
Code of Conduct for Rulers (English and Kannada) 2007
Raja Dharma with lessons on Raja neethi
Need for Amending the Constitution
Positions held
Governor of Jharkhand State
Governor of Bihar State
Rajya Sabha Member in Karnataka
Chief Justice, Punjab and Haryana High Court
Political affiliation
During The Emergency (India) 1975-77, imposed by Indira Gandhi, he was imprisoned and lodged in the Bengaluru Central Jail. He was lodged along with A B Vajapayee, L K Advani, Madhu Dandavate etc. in Bengaluru prison. He is recognised with Bharatiya Janata Party in Karnataka.
He relinquished the post of Judge of the Karnataka High Court, protesting injustice, as he was overlooked to be posted as a Supreme Court Judge.
Family life
He is married to Smt.Vimala, has two children and three grandchildren. He resides in Bengaluru, India. His son M.R. Shailendra and daughter M.R. Tara are both advocates in the city of Bengaluru, India.
Rama Jois died of heart attack on 16 February 2021 at 7:30 AM in his residence at Rajajinagar, Bengaluru, India.
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