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Pete Giesen is confirmed dead at the age of 88.

With the final flame in Pete Giesen 's life extinguished, we give thanks for the time we had with them.
'The world will miss Pete💔
What did Pete Giesen do?
Pete was best known as a American politician.
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Pete Giesen
Pete Giesen
Member of the Virginia House of Delegates
from the 25th district
In office
January 12, 1983 – January 10, 1996
Preceded byClaude W. Anderson
Succeeded bySteve Landes
Member of the Virginia House of Delegates
from the 10th district
In office
January 13, 1982 – January 12, 1983
Serving with Allie Ray Hull
Preceded byBill Wilson
Succeeded byMary Sue Terry
Member of the Virginia House of Delegates
from the 15th district
In office
January 8, 1972 – January 1982
Preceded byDonald A. McGlothlin
Succeeded byClinton Miller
Minority leader of the
Virginia House of Delegates
In office
January 12, 1972 – September 11, 1974
Preceded byM. Caldwell Butler
Succeeded byJerry H. Geisler
Member of the Virginia House of Delegates
from the 10th district
In office
January 8, 1964 – January 12, 1972
Serving with George M. Cochran
Preceded byFelix E. Edmunds
Succeeded byDudley J. Emick
Personal details
Arthur Rossa Giesen Jr.

(1932-08-08)August 8, 1932
Radford, Virginia, U.S.
DiedApril 2, 2021(2021-04-02) (aged 88)
Political partyRepublican
Alma materYale University (BA)
Harvard University (MBA)
Professionbusinessman, professor
Arthur Rossa "Pete" Giesen Jr. (August 8, 1932 – April 2, 2021) was an American politician and businessman, who represented (part time) a district in the Blue Ridge Mountains including Waynesboro, Virginia in the Virginia House of Delegates as a Republican for more than three decades.
Early and family life
Giesen was born in Radford, Virginia on August 8, 1932 to Arthur Rossa Giesen and his wife Charlotte Caldwall Giesen during the Great Depression. He attended Yale University, where he received his bachelor's degree in 1954. He then went on to earn his MBA from Harvard Business School in 1956.
Both of his parents served on the Radford city council, with his father serving as Radford's mayor for a time. During the Massive Resistance crisis, the Democratic Byrd Organization proposed the closure of Virginia's public schools in an effort to prevent racial desegregation required by the United States Supreme Court decision in Brown v. Board of Education. Giesen's mother was editor of the Women's page in the local newspaper, ran against the incumbent Byrd Democrat, and won election to the Virginia House of Delegates in 1958.
Pete Giesen married Dorthy, with whom he had three sons and three daughters, but later divorced her and married Patricia Elliot.
Giesen served as President and Treasurer of the Augusta Steel Corporation, as well as vice-president of the Giesen-Caldwell Agency, Inc. He later formed the New Options Group, Inc. in Waynesboro, Virginia and served on the executive boards of both the Augusta Steel Corporation and the Virginia-Central Valley Bank (that merged into Crestar Bank). Active in his Lutheran Church, he served on the national executive council from 1978 to 1982 as well as helped found the Innsbrook Kiwanis Club in 1990 (having previously been a member of the Verona Kiwanis Club).
He continued the family's political tradition by running for the Virginia House of Delegates as a Republican in 1961 to represent Waynesboro, but initially came in third in a two-member district. Two years later, in 1963, he came in second, since Democrat Felix E. Edmunds, who had come in second the previous election (and had only lost in 1955 because the district had briefly become a single-candidate one), had decided to concentrate on his legal practice. While Giesen still couldn't outpoll Democrat George M. Cochran (who had bucked the Byrd Machine during Massive Resistance), he did outpoll Harry L. Nash Jr. and was seated in the House of Delegates.
Voters re-elected Giesen multiple times. Initially Waynesboro area voters elected Giesen from what was numbered the 10th District, but which became the 15th after the 1970 census reapportionment, and was briefly the 10th district again in 1981, but finally became the 25th district. Giesen had risen to assistant minority leader and then minority leader. On September 11, 1974, he resigned his House seat and leadership position, hoping to win the special election to succeed H. Dunlop Dawbarn in the state senate. Thanks in part to another redistricting and the Watergate Scandal, which led to the Democratic landslide of 1974, engineer Frank W. Nolen defeated Giesen by 405 votes. Giesen subsequently ran successfully for his old House seat in 1975. He served during most of the 1970s with Bath County's former Commonwealth attorney, Democrat Erwin S. Solomon, in a two-member district. Giesen handily defeated Democrat Thomas E. Roberts in 1985, and faced no opposition in 1982, 1983, 1987, 1991 or 1993 as his district became the 25th (and Solomon remained in the single-member 15th). Giesen served in the part-time position until 1996, and was replaced by his former legislative aide, R. Steven Landes
From 2007 until his death, Giesen taught courses on state and local government at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, about 20 miles north of his Augusta County home.
Arthur Rossa "Pete" Giesen, Jr. died on Friday, April 2, 2021 at the age of 88.
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