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Patrick John is confirmed dead at the age of 83.

Why did Patrick John have to die now? We may never know.
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What did Patrick John do?
Patrick was best known as a Dominican politician.
How did Patrick John die?
Patrick John's death was likely due to unknown.
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Patrick John
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Patrick Roland John
1st Prime Minister of Dominica
In office
3 November 1978 – 21 June 1979
PresidentFred Degazon
Succeeded byOliver Seraphin (interim)
Premier of Dominica
In office
28 July 1974 – 2 November 1978
Preceded byEdward LeBlanc
Personal details
Born(1938-01-07)7 January 1938
Roseau, Dominica
Died6 July 2021(2021-07-06) (aged 83)
Roseau, Dominica
Political partyDominica Labour Party
Patrick Roland John (born Roseau, 7 January 1938 – 6 July 2021) was the first Prime Minister of Dominica as well as its last Premier. He led Dominica to independence from the United Kingdom. He was leader of the Waterfront and Allied Workers' Union and mayor of Roseau before being elected to the legislature in 1970. He became Premier in 1974 following the resignation of Edward Oliver LeBlanc. After mass protest forced him to resign, John unsuccessfully attempted to overthrow the government of Prime Minister Eugenia Charles with the backing of white supremacist groups (in what became dubbed "Operation Red Dog"). As a result, he was jailed for twelve years, of which he served five years.
On 6 July 2021, John died at the Dominica China Friendship Hospital in Roseau, Dominica at the age of 83.
1 Premiership (1974–1978)
2 Prime Ministership (1978–1979)
2.1 Crisis phase and resignation
3 Coup attempt
4 Sports
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Premiership (1974–1978)
After the resignation of Edward O. LeBlanc in 1974, John succeeded him as Premier of Dominica. Following the murder of a number of tourists in the mid-1970s and the emergence of a black power movement, John introduced legislation so broadly drawn that it even regulated acceptable modes of dress. Later, he indicated that revolutionary groups would not be tolerated. His reign as Premier and Prime Minister was regarded as one of the most tumultuous periods in Dominica's history. He was responsible for the infamous "Dread Act", which was meant to combat the lawlessness of countless Dominican youth.
Prime Ministership (1978–1979)
John became the first Prime Minister of Dominica on 3 November 1978 when the country was granted independence from Britain.
John was the honorary commander of Dominica’s 80-strong defense force and was in favor of a mixed economy. Internationally, he showed interest in development that saw the island’s future bound up to the West. One of his first acts after independence was to establish diplomatic relations with South Korea.
Crisis phase and resignation
On 29 May 1979, two protesters who were against John’s austere leadership were killed by government security forces. Several other persons were injured and resistance to his rule strengthened as public servants went on strike and the country was completely shut down. The Committee for National Salvation, led by Charles Savarin, called for a general strike and the resignation John and the government.
On June 11, 1979 President Frederick Degazon fled to Britain.  John was voted out of office by the House of Assembly on June 20, 1979. and the general strike ended the next day.
Coup attempt
John lost his seat in the Dominica House of Assembly in the general elections of 1980. In 1981 John was among seven individuals including former commander of the DDF Major Frederick Newton, who were arrested for alleged plots to overthrow the government. That year there were two attempted coups d'état. Disaffected Dominica Defense Force (DDF) members, aided by a group of Dreads (Rastafarians) near Giraudel, and foreign mercenaries sought to overthrow the duly elected Dominica Freedom Party government led by Prime Minister Mary Eugenia Charles. The attempts at a coup d'état were discovered, thwarted, and the plotters both in Dominica and the United States were exposed.
Under emergency powers, John and others were arrested for their involvement in Operation Red Dog, which had the aim of restoring John to power with the aid of Canadian and American citizens, largely affiliated with white supremacist and Ku Klux Klan groups. In court cases which followed, the trial judge found that John was initially released, but the State appealed and the Court of Appeal ordered a new trial to take place. On October 23, 1985 John was found guilty and sentenced to 12 years imprisonment for conspiring to overthrow the government. John was released from prison on May 29, 1990.
Following his release from prison, John, formerly a member of the Dominica national football team, became a local football administrator. In 1992, he was elected President of the Dominica Football Association (DFA). Under his leadership the DFA became a FIFA affiliate in 1994. He served as President until 2006, when he was voted out of office by the local football fraternity. In 2007, he was inducted into the CONCACAF Hall of Fame. In May 2008, he was re-elected as President of the DFA. The DFA administrative headquarters is named "Patrick John Football House" in honour of John. In November 2011, John was banned by FIFA from the sport for two years and fined $3,300, for his part in an alleged bribery scheme involving FIFA presidential candidate Mohamed bin Hammam.
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