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Marc Ellington is confirmed dead at the age of 75.

And then the end came swiftly for Marc Ellington. So damn sad.
'The world will miss Marc💔
What did Marc Ellington do?
Marc was best known as a American-born Scottish folk-rock singer-songwriter.
How did Marc Ellington die?
Marc Ellington's death was likely due to cancer.
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Marc Ellington
Marc Ellington
Birth nameMarc Floyd Ellington
Born(1945-12-16)16 December 1945
Stoneham, Massachusetts, U.S.
Died17 February 2021(2021-02-17) (aged 75)
InstrumentsGuitar, bagpipes
LabelsPhilips, B&C, Transatlantic
Associated actsFairport Convention
Marc Floyd Ellington (16 December 1945 – 17 February 2021) was an American-born folk and folk-rock singer-songwriter and guitarist. He recorded in Britain in the late 1960s and 1970s, and became active in conservation work in Scotland, restoring his home at Towie Barclay Castle, Aberdeenshire.
1 Early life
2 Move to Britain
3 Conservation work in Scotland
4 Awards and honours
5 Death
6 Discography
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Early life
Ellington was born in Stoneham, Massachusetts, U.S., close to Boston. (Some sources wrongly give his birthplace as Boston, Lincolnshire, England.) In the early 1960s, he played in a folk group, the Highwaymen, in Eugene, Oregon.
Move to Britain
He moved to Britain to avoid the Vietnam War draft, and in 1967, he was married in London. He was described as "the first American to refuse his draft call publicly in Great Britain", and was pictured presenting his US Army induction papers to Canon John Collins in what he described as "a symbolic gesture in seeking the sanctuary of the Church".
A singer-songwriter and guitarist, Ellington made his first recordings in London for Philips Records in 1968. These included versions of Bob Dylan's songs "I Shall Be Released" and "Peggy Day". Several Dylan songs alongside others by Tim Hardin, Al Stewart, Phil Ochs and John Martyn were included on Ellington's debut LP, Marc Ellington, released in 1969, which contained arrangements by Johnny Arthey. He also provided backing vocals on Fairport Convention's third album, Unhalfbricking, in 1969, and appeared on former Fairport Convention member Ian Matthews' debut solo album Matthews' Southern Comfort.
Ellington recorded his second solo album, Rains/Reins of Changes in 1971, for the B&C label; in North America it was issued by Ampex Records. This time, the album featured mainly his own songs, and most featured members of Fairport Convention. He then returned to the Philips label for two further albums, A Question of Roads (1972) and Restoration (1974). His final solo album, Marc Time, was issued by Transatlantic Records in 1975.
Marc Time was also the name of a folk music series presented by Ellington on Grampian Television in the 1970s.
He continued to perform, often working on recordings with Richard and Linda Thompson, and occasionally performing at Fairport Convention's Cropredy Festival. In later years he performed in local Scottish clubs, and to help promote tourism in Scotland.
Conservation work in Scotland
He developed close ties with Scotland – he played bagpipes on recordings, and dedicated one track to the National Trust for Scotland. In the late 1960s, he and his wife Karen bought Towie Barclay Castle, near Turriff in Aberdeenshire, which had fallen into "a desperate state of disrepair". The restoration, which was financed by Ellington's music work, took several years to complete, and won a Saltire Award in 1973. Ellington and his wife and family continued to live in the castle. In 2017, he said:When Karen and I decided to restore Towie Barclay it hadn’t been lived in for 200 years, it was nothing but a ruin when we started work in 1969. There was ivy everywhere but we had a vision and we’ve stayed true to it, we were unlucky enough not to have pictures and plans of what the castle used to be like and the restoration process took us four years. I am passionate about the history and heritage of Scotland and in particular Aberdeenshire which is very dear to my heart, there are moments when I sit here and look around in wonder. We tried to conserve and restore the features of the original building and although we made alterations for contemporary living we kept that side to a minimum. I feel very inspired here and although I don’t feel any ghostly presence I can imagine what went on. When I first saw Towie Barclay I saw not what it was but what it could be – it was a ruin desperately in need of restoration.
Later, Marc and Karen Ellington took over Lairdship of the villages of Gardenstown and Crovie, and the Tomnaverie stone circle, one of the recumbent stone circles characteristic of north east Scotland. Marc Ellington was awarded an honorary degree from Aberdeen University because of his conservation work, and was appointed as the Deputy Lieutenant of Aberdeenshire, and a member of the Heritage Lottery Fund Committee for Scotland. In 2015, he led a project to erect a cairn to those from the Cabrach area who lost their lives during the First World War, which was inaugurated by the Prince of Wales.
Awards and honours
1984 - Deputy Lieutenant of Aberdeenshire
1988 - Serving Brother of the Order of St John
2004 - Officer of the Order of St John
2014 - Honorary Fellowship, Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland
2015 - Honorary Doctorate of Honoris Causa, University of Aberdeen
Marc Ellington died on 17 February 2021.
Marc Ellington (Philips, 1969)
Rains/Reins of Changes (B&C, 1971)
A Question of Roads (Philips, 1972)
Restoration (Philips, 1973)
Marc Time (Transatlantic, 1975)
Craigievar Castle (National Trust for Scotland, 1987)
The Lost City: Old Aberdeen (Birlinn, 2008)
Scotland's Secret History: The Illicit Distilling and Smuggling of Whisky (Birlinn, 2017)
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