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Manoj Das is confirmed dead at the age of 87.

We all loved Manoj Das more than they will ever know.
'The world will miss Manoj💔
What did Manoj Das do?
Manoj was best known as a Indian writer.
How did Manoj Das die?
Manoj Das's death was likely due to unknown.
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Manoj Das
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Manoj Das
Manoj Das Odia Author.jpg
Native name
ମନୋଜ ଦାସ
Born(1934-02-27)27 February 1934
Sankhari, Balasore, Odisha, India
Died27 April 2021(2021-04-27) (aged 87)
OccupationWriter, columnist, editor, professor
Alma materSamanta Chandra Shekhar College, Puri
Ravenshaw College
GenreFiction, mythology, biography
Notable worksCyclones
A Tiger at Twilight
Mystery of the Missing Cap
Myths, Legends, Concepts and Literary Antiquities of India
Notable awardsPadma Shri

Padma Bhusan

Sahitya Akademi Fellowship
Saraswati Samman
SpousePratijna Devi

Manoj Das (Born 27 February, 1934 - Died 27 April, 2021) is an Indian author who writes in Odia and English. In 2000, Manoj Das was awarded with Saraswati Samman. He was awarded Padma Shri in 2001, the fourth-highest Civilian Award in India, Padma Bhusan in 2020, the third highest Civilian Award in India for his contribution in the field of Literature & Education.
Kendra Sahitya Akademi has bestowed its highest award (also India's highest literary award) i.e Sahitya Akademi Award Fellowship.
In 1971, his research in the archives of London and Edinburgh brought to light some of the little-known facts of India's freedom struggle in the first decade of the twentieth century led by Sri Aurobindo for which he received the first Sri Aurobindo Puraskar (Kolkata).
His deeper quest led him to mysticism and he has been an inmate of Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Puducherry since 1963 where he currently teaches English Literature and the Philosophy of Sri Aurobindo at the Sri Aurobindo International University.
1 Early life
2 As Editor and Columnist
3 Creative writing and story-telling
4 National and International Positions
5 Awards
6 Selected works
7 Commentary
8 Notes
9 References
10 External links
Early life
Manoj Das was born in the small coastal village of Shankari in the Balasore district of Orissa. His father , Madhusudan Das worked under British Govt. He had started writing early. His first work a book of poetry in odia , Satavdira Artanada published 1949 when he was in highschool . He launched a literary magazine, Diganta in 1950. He graduated high school in 1951. His first collection of short stories Samudrara Kshudha (Hungry sea) that year.
He was active in student politics while studying BA in Cuttack College. He was a youth leader with radical views in his college days,and spent a year in jail for his revolutionary activities.In 1959 he was an delegate to the Afro-Asian students' conference at Bandung, Indonesia.He did not complete his degree in Cuttack . He ultimately finished his graduation from Samanta Chandra Shekhar College, Puri in 1955 . During his college ,he kept on writing and he published a novel Jeebanara Swada , a collection of short stories Vishakanyar Kahani and a collection of poems Padadhawani . After graduating with a degree in English literature , he got a post graduate degree in English literature from Ravenshaw college. After a short stint as a lecturer in Christ College (Cuttack) , he joined Sri Aurobindo Ashram at Puducherry.Since 1963, he has been professor of English Literature at Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education, Puducherry.
He cites Fakir Mohan Senapati, Vyasa, and Valmiki as early influences.
As Editor and Columnist
He edited a cultural magazine, The Heritage, published from Chennai in the 1985-1989. The magazine is no longer in circulation.
He wrote columns on quest for finding eternal truth in common lives in India’s national dailies like The Times of India, The Hindustan Times, The Hindu and The Statesman.
Creative writing and story-telling
Manoj Das is perhaps the foremost bilingual Odia writer and a master of dramatic expression both in his English and Odia short stories and novels. Das has been compared to Vishnu Sharma, in modern Odia literature for his magnificent style and efficient use of words and for the fact that, he is one of the best story-tellers in India at present times. Over the years many research scholars have done their doctoral thesis on the works of Manoj Das, P. Raja being the first scholar to do so.
National and International Positions
Among the other important positions that Das has held are, Member, General Council, Sahitya Akademi, New Delhi 1998–2002, and Author-consultant, Ministry of Education, Government of Singapore, 1983–85. He was the leader of the Indian delegation of writers to China (1999).
Odisha Sahitya Academy Award, 1965 and 1987
Kendra Sahitya Akademi Award, 1972
Sarala Award, 1981
Vishuba Award, 1986
Sahitya Bharati Award, 1995
Saraswati Samman, 2000;
Orissa State Film Award for Best Story 2001
Padma Shri, 2001
Padma Bhushan. 2020
Sahitya Akademi Fellowship, 2006
Atibadi Jagannath Das award, 2007
NTR Literary Award, 2013
Amritakeerti Puraskar, 2013
Veda Vyas Samman
Mystic Kalinga Literary Award (2020)
Selected works
The Escapist, 2001
Tandralokara Prahari, 2000
Aakashra Isara, 1997
Amruta Phala, 1996 (Saraswati Samman)
A Tiger at Twilight, 1991
Bulldozers and Fables and Fantasies for Adults, (1990)
Cyclones, 1987
Godhulira Bagha
Kanaka-Upatyakara Kahani
Amruta phala
Sesha tantrikara sandhanare
Short Story Collections
Upakatha Sataka
Abu Purusha
Sesa Basantara Chithi, 1966
Manoj Dasanka Katha O Kahani, 1971
Dhumabha Diganta O Anyana Kahani, 1971
The Crocodile's Lady: A Collection of Stories, 1975
Manoj-pancha-bimsati, 1977
The Submerged Valley and Other Stories, 1986
Farewell to a Ghost: Short Stories and a Novelette, 1994
Legend of the Golden Valley, 1996
Samudra-kulara Eka Grama (Balya Smruti), 1996
Aranyaka; (adapted to Aranyaka, 1994)
Bhinna Manisha O Anyana Kahani
Abupurusha O Anyana Kahani
Lakshmira Abhisara
Abolakara Kahani
Aranya Ullasha
Selected Fiction,
Chasing the Rainbow : growing up in an Indian village, 2004
Kete Diganta (Part I)
Kete Diganta (Part -II)
Antaranga Bharata (Part I) (My Little India)
Antaranga Bharata (Part II)
Adura Bidesh – 2004
Tuma Gaan O Anyanya Kabita, 1992
Kabita Utkala
History & Culture
Bharatara Aitihya: Shateka Prashnara Uttara,1999
Manoj Das Paribesita Upakatha Shataka (Tales Told by Mystics), 2002
Mahakalara Prahelika O Anyana Jijnansa, 2006
Jibana Jijnasa o Smaraika Stabaka
Prajna Pradeepika
Graham Greene once said, I have read the stories of Manoj Das with great pleasure. He will certainly take a place on my shelves besides the stories of Narayan. I imagine Odisha is far from Malgudi, but there is the same quality in his stories with perhaps an added mystery.
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