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Louis Clark is confirmed dead at the age of 73.

Through the valley of death Louis Clark has now passed. We are truly going to miss them but shall never forget.
'The world will miss Louis💔
What did Louis Clark do?
Louis was best known as a English musical arranger (Electric Light Orchestra).
How did Louis Clark die?
Louis Clark's death was likely due to unknown.
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Louis Clark
Louis Clark
Clark in 2017
Clark in 2017
Background information
Born (1947-02-27) 27 February 1947 (age 73)
OriginKempston, Bedfordshire, England
Died13 February 2021
Years active1974–2021
Associated actsElectric Light Orchestra, ELO Part II, The Orchestra, Renaissance, Annie Haslam, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Raymond Froggatt
Louis Clark (27 February 1947 – 13 February 2021) was a British musical arranger and keyboard player.
He trained at Leeds College of Music.
1 Electric Light Orchestra
2 Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
3 English Pops Orchestra
4 Other associated acts
5 Discography
6 Death
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Electric Light Orchestra
Clark in 2018 at the soundcheck of The Orchestra
Clark was the conductor and arranger of the orchestra and choir hired to back Electric Light Orchestra's sound, introduced on their album Eldorado in 1974. He assisted Jeff Lynne and Richard Tandy in writing the string arrangements for the studio albums Eldorado, Face the Music, A New World Record, Out of the Blue, Discovery and Xanadu. He later played synthesizers for ELO during their Time tour. In 1983 he returned to arranging and conducting the strings on the Secret Messages album, and in 1986 he played keyboards again with the band on their small number of live dates.
Later he also joined the tour for ELO Part II in celebration of the band's 25th anniversary. He continued to work with ELO successor group The Orchestra.
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
In 1977 he arranged the music of Renaissance for their Albert Hall concert with the RPO.
In the early eighties he conducted the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra on a series of records under the title Hooked on Classics.
In 1985 he again worked with Renaissance singer Annie Haslam and the band's lyricist Betty Thatcher with the RPO to produce the album "Still Life".
In 1982 he released the album "The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Plays the Queen Collection", recorded by the Solid Rock Foundation.
In 1983 he released the album "The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Plays Beatles Collection", recorded by the Solid Rock Foundation, at the 20th Concerto. Anniversary of The Beatles, having as guest artists Joan Collins, Elena Duran, Honor Hefferman and Roy Wood.
English Pops Orchestra
In 2011 Louis Clark was made president of the English Pops Orchestra, and returned to performing Hooked on Classics 'LIVE' with the EPO using many of the players that recorded the original albums.
Other associated acts
Besides ELO, Louis Clark has worked as an arranger for many other rock and pop artists:
With Roy Orbison
Mystery Girl (Virgin Records, 1988)
With Ozzy Osbourne
Diary of a Madman (Jet Records, 1981)
Bark at the Moon (Epic Records & Colombia Records, 1983)
With Roy Wood
Starting Up (Legacy Records, 1987)
With Kelly Groucutt
Kelly (RCA Records, 1982)
With America
Your Move (Capitol Records, 1983)
With Kiki Dee
How Much Fun (co-arranged with Richard Tandy)
With Carl Wayne
Deeper than Love (Jet Records, 1982)
Midnight Blue (Jet Records, 1982)
With Juan Martin
Seranade, Love Theme From The Thorn Birds (WEA Records, 1984)
With Asia
Astra (Geffen Records, 1985)
With Mike Berry
I'm a Rocker (Scramble Records, 1977)
With Simone
Flattery (Spiral Records, 1977)
With Renaissance
Live at the Royal Albert Hall (King Biscuit Flower Hour Records, 1997)
With City Boy
Book Early (Vertigo Records, 1977)
The Day the Earth Caught Fire (Vertigo Records, 1979)
Among others are UB40, Jon Spencer, Iris Williams and more recently Air Supply.
Sourced from Louis Clark's official website - all albums performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra unless otherwise stated.
(per-spek-tiv) n. (Jet 218, 1979)
Hooked on Classics (K-Tel One 1146, 1981)
The Queen Collection (EMI TV33, 1982 and MFP 41 5673 1, 1982)
Hooked on Classics 2 (K-Tel One 1173, 1983), later releases were subtitled "Can't Stop the Classics"
Hooked on Classics 3 (K-Tel One 1226, 1983), later releases were subtitled "Journey Through the Classics"
The Beatles 20th Anniversary Concert (Spartan SRFC1001, 1983)
Best of Hooked on Classics (K-Tel One 2266, 1984)
Great Hits from Hooked on Classics (Pickwick SHM3158, 1985)
Still Life (Spartan LCTV1, 1985) featuring vocals by Annie Haslam and lyrics by Betty Thatcher
Favourite Classics (Spartan SLCLP2, 1986)
Hooked on Classics Collection (K-Tel 5107, 1986)
The Very Best of Hooked on Classics (Pickwick PWKS 4017, 1986)
Later release: (K-Tel EMC2006, 1992)
Abbaphonic (Disky AC202, 1987 and Disky DLP2007, 1987)
Later released as Classic Abba (Icon ICONCD002, 1992), The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Plays Abba (Disky DCD 5246, 1992; Emporio EMPRCD585, 1995; Disky INS 855362, 1999), The Music of ABBA (Hallmark 301372, 1995)
Beatlephonic (Disky DLP2015, 1987)
Later released as The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra plays The Beatles (Disky DCD5255, 1992; Disky INS 855372, 1999)
Hooked on Rhythm & Classics (Telstar 2344, 1988)
Later re-released with an extra track as The Classics in Rhythm (Arista ARCD-8588, 1989), and as Hooked on Rhythm and Classics (Pickwick PWKS 4223, 1994)
Hooked on Classics: The Ultimate Performance (K-Tel OCE2432, 1989)
Legends (Union LP1, 1989)
Seriously Orchestral Hits of Philadelphia Phil Collins (EDL 2555-1, 1990; Virgin RPOMC1, 1991; EDL 2555-2, 1993)
Hooked on Hooked on Classics (Music Club MCTC003, 1991)
Hooked on Classics X-tra Collection Vol 1 (ELAP 4718, 1991)
Hooked on Classics X-tra Collection Vol 2 (ELAP 4719, 1991)
The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Plays Queen (Disky DCD 5256, 1992)
The Two Sides of Louis Clark: Rock Legends and Favourite Classics (Westmore Music CDWM108, 1993)
Instrumental Classics (K-Tel ECD 3025, 1994)
Also released as Hooked on Instrumental Classics (K-Tel 6133-2, 1994), albeit in a different track order and with an extra track.
The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Plays Pop Legends (Disky DCD 5381, 1994)
More Hooked on Classics (Music Club MCCD 369, 1998)
Open Space: The Classic Chillout Album (Columbia 504690-2, 2001)
The New Classic Chillout Album: From Dusk Til Dawn (Sony STVCD148, 2002)
Louis Clark died Saturday (February 13, 2021) in Ohio. His death at age 73 was announced by his wife, Gloria, on his Facebook page. No cause of death was revealed but he had been ill for months and had suffered from kidney issues. In her post announcing his death, his wife Gloria wrote, "This morning he watched premier league soccer and listened to The Beatles, two things he loved. This afternoon I told him I loved him, he said I love you too, and we kissed. He was gone five minutes later."
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