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Lee Breuer is confirmed dead at the age of 83.

And then the end came swiftly for Lee Breuer. So damn sad.
'The world will miss Lee💔
What did Lee Breuer do?
Lee was best known as a American playwright (The Gospel at Colonus).
How did Lee Breuer die?
Lee Breuer's death was likely due to unknown.
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Lee Breuer
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Lee Breuer
Lee Breuer 02.jpg
Born6 February 1937 Edit this on Wikidata (age 83)
Alma mater
Lee Breuer (born 6 February 1937 - died 3 January 3 2021) was an American playwright, theater director, academic, educator, film maker, poet, and lyricist.
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Breuer was a founding co-artistic director of Mabou Mines Theater Company in New York City, which Breuer began in 1970 with colleagues Philip Glass, Ruth Maleczech, JoAnne Akalaitis, David Warrilow, and Frederick Neumann. Since the birth of the company, Breuer worked with Mabou Mines.
In 2013, Breuer directed the La Divina Caricatura: Part I The Shaggy Dog was co-produced by Mabou Mines. In 2005, Breuer previous Mabou Mines production include Red Beads, adapted by Breuer from a Russian folk story, created in collaboration with puppeteer Basil Twist and composer Ushio Torikai. Of the September 2005 New York City premiere, the New York Times critic wrote " as sorcery; it is a crossroads where artistic traditions meet to invent a marvelous common language. It is a fairy tale, a puppet play and a chamber opera… amazing work."
Mabou Mines Dollhouse, a deconstruction of the Ibsen classic, won 2004 Obie Awards for Best Director and Best Performance. The production toured nationally and internationally. Breuer directed high definition video adaptation of stage production for Arte television France, which was aired throughout Europe.
Much of Breuer's previous work with Mabou Mines premiered at The Public Theater (NYC) under the patronage of the late Joseph Papp, and at the La Mama Experimental Theater Club under the patronage of Ellen Stewart. These include his Obie-winning adaptation of three works by Samuel Beckett: Play, Come and Go and The Lost Ones.
He authored/directed Mabou Mines' trilogy, Animations, including The B Beaver, The Red Horse and The Shaggy Dog Animation, which was awarded the Obie for Best Play in 1978. In 1980 Breuer received two Obies for writing and direction of his play, A Prelude to a Death in Venice. He also wrote and directed An Epidog, the winner of the President's Commission Kennedy Center-American Express Award for Best New Work.
The Gospel at Colonus
Breuer's best-known work is The Gospel at Colonus, a Pentecostal Gospel rendering of Sophocles' Oedipus at Colonus, created with composer Bob Telson and starring Morgan Freeman and Clarence Fountain. It premiered at the Brooklyn Academy of Music's "Next Wave Festival". It was later performed on Broadway at the Lunt-Fontanne Theater in 1988 for which he was nominated for a Tony Award. The production received numerous awards, including a Pulitzer Prize nomination (1988), an Obie Award for Best Musical (1984), and an Emmy.
The Gospel at Colonus would go on to performances worldwide (Paris, Spoleto, Edinburgh, Moscow, Barcelona, London, Avignon). It was recreated for the 70th Anniversary of New York's legendary Apollo Theater for two weeks in the fall of 2004 starring Charles S. Dutton and Jevetta Steele.
In 1981, with Ruth Maleczech, Lee Breuer directed The Tempest for Joseph Papp's Shakespeare in the Park, starring Raul Julia. Breuer and Maleczech's daughter Clove Galilee played "Young Miranda" in the production.
Breuer's music-theater collaborations as author and director with Bob Telson include Sister Suzie Cinema, which premiered at The Public Theater and was televised on the PBS series, "Alive from Off Center".
Lee Breuer has directed 13 Obie Award-winning productions over a period of more than 40 years including: David Warrilow in The Lost Ones (1974); Bill Raymond in A Prelude to Death in Venice (1979); Ruth Maleczech in Hajj (1986); Yoshida Tamamatsu in The Warrior Ant (1990); Ruth Maleczech, Isabel Monk, Karen Kandel and Greg Mehrten in Mabou Mines Lear (1991); Karen Kandel in Peter and Wendy (1997); and Maude Mitchell in Mabou Mines Dollhouse (2004). His involvement outside of the U.S. includes directing Yi Sang Counts to Thirteen by Sung Rno, which had its debut in South Korea at the Seoul Theater Festival 2000.
Lee taught an acting workshop in New Delhi, India during the summer of 2011 where he wrote and directed a workshop production of La Divina Caricatura. Divina is a Bunraku pop-opera that uses puppetry and draws from the traditional format of Indian epics such as the Mahabharata.
Selected Works
The Warrior Ant (La Divina Caricatura play cycle)
An Epidog (La Divina Caricatura play cycle)
Ecco Porco (La Divina Caricatura play cycle)
Peter and Wendy
Mabou Mines Dollhouse
Red Beads
The MahabharANTa
Gospel at Colonus
The Quantum
The Saint and the Football Players
The Lost Ones (Samuel Beckett)
Red Horse Animation (Animations Trilogy)
B-Beaver Animation (Animations Trilogy)
Shaggy Dog Animation (Animations Trilogy)
A Prelude to Death in Venice
Sister Suzie Cinema
The Line
A Play
The Wood Complains
Animations: A Trilogy for Mabou Mines
Performing Arts Journal Publications
Red Horse Animation
The Theatre of Images, Johns Hopkins University Press
A Prelude to Death in Venice
Theatre Communications Group
Sister Suzie Cinema: The Collected Poems and Performances, 1976-1986
Theatre Communications Group
The Warrior Ant: Poems
Vincent FitzGerald & Co.
La Divina Caricatura: A Fiction
Green Integer
Gospel at Colonus
Theatre Communications Group
Travailler de Bois
Puck: La point critique
Porco Morto
The Drama Review
The Wall (short fiction)
Westwinds Magazine
In the City (short fiction)
San Francisco Review
How We Work
Performing Arts Journal
B-Beaver Animation
From the Other Side of the Century Collection. Sun & Moon Press
Awards, et al
2011 Named USA Ford Fellow in Theater Arts by United States Artists
2011 Elliot Norton award for "Best Touring Production" Mabou Mines DollHouse
2008 Honored by the Cairo International Experimental Theatre Festival
2008 XI Festival Iberoamericana de Teatro de Bogota 2007
2008 Herald Archangel Award, Edinburgh Festival
2007 Edwin Booth Award presented to the Artistic Directors of Mabou Mines by the Doctoral Theatre Students Association at the Graduate Center, CUNY.
2006 Chevalier of the Order of Arts and Letters, Ministry of Culture of France
2004 OBIE Award for 'Direction' for MABOU MINES DOLLHOUSE
1997 OBIE Award for 'Best Production' to PETER AND WENDY
1994 Fund for New American Plays Award, Best American Play, for THE EPIDOG (Breuer)
1986 OBIE Award for 'Sustained Achievement' to Mabou Mines
1985 National Institute for Music Theater Award 'Outstanding Achievement' to GOSPEL AT COLONUS
1985 Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Award for Best Concept to GOSPEL AT COLONUS
1985 Los Angeles Dramalogue Award for Best Direction and Text to GOSPEL AT COLONUS
1985 National Black Programming Award for Best Production Communicating Excellence to Black Audiences to GOSPEL AT COLONUS 1985 National Institute of Music Theater's Award for the Advancement of Music Theater
1984 OBIE Award for 'Best Musical' to GOSPEL AT COLONUS
1984 National Gospel Association Award 'Outstanding Production' to GOSPEL AT COLONUS
1984 Brandeis University Creative Arts Awards Citation in Theatre Arts to Mabou Mines for 'extraordinary artistic achievement,' re: script for HAJJ (Breuer)
1983 National ASCAP Popular Song Award for GOSPEL AT COLONUS lyrics
1983 United Gospel Association Award for Best Production to GOSPEL AT COLONUS
1983 American Theater Wing Joseph Maharam Award 'Consistently Excellent Collaborative Design'
1981 Villager Downtown Theatre Award to Mabou Mines for Outstanding Season
1980 OBIE Award to Lee Breuer for his script and direction of A PRELUDE TO DEATH IN VENICE.
1980 San Francisco Critics' Circle Award: Best Touring Production to A PRELUDE TO DEATH IN VENICE
1980 Villager Downtown Theatre Award for 'Best Musical' to SISTER SUZIE CINEMA
1979 Los Angeles Dramalogue Critics' Award to Lee Breuer (Direction) for THE LOST ONES
1978 OBIE Award for Best Play to Lee Breuer for THE SHAGGY DOG ANIMATION
1978 Villager Downtown Theatre Award to THE SHAGGY DOG ANIMATION
1978 Soho News Award for Best Ensemble to THE SHAGGY DOG ANIMATION
1974 OBIE Award for 'General Excellence' to Mabou Mines
1958-9 UCLA 'Best Play' Award to A PLAY and THE LINE
1958 Samuel French Award to A PLAY
1988 Tony Nomination for Best Book - GOSPEL AT COLONUS (officially declined)
1988 Pulitzer Prize Nomination for Best Play - GOSPEL AT COLONUS
1987 NAACP Image Award Nomination - GOSPEL AT COLONUS
1986 Grammy Award Nomination for Best Theatrical Album - GOSPEL AT COLONUS
1986 Emmy Award Nomination for Best Direction (with Tod Browning) - GOSPEL AT COLONUS
In 1998, Breuer, was awarded an honorary degree from California Institute of the Arts.
2011 USA Ford Fellow in Theater Arts by United States Artists
2006 Bunting Fellowship - Radcliffe College, Cambridge, MA
2003 Fulbright Fellowship - Greece
2001 Asian Cultural Council - Thailand, Study 2000 Asian Cultural Council - Seoul, Korea, Workshop
1997-2001 John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Fellowship
1995 Asian Cultural Council - China, Teaching at Dramatic Institute in Beijing
1993 Japan-United States Friendship Commission - Japan, Research and Tour Planning
1992 Asian Cultural Council - China
1992 Arts International - China, Teaching and Travel
1992 Arts International - Bali, Rehearsal and Travel
1990-91 CIES Counsel for International Exchange of Scholars - North and South India
1985 Rockefeller Foundation Playwriting Fellowship
1984 McKnight Foundation Playwriting Fellowship
1983 Japan-United States Friendship Commission Exchange Fellowship
1982 National Endowment for the Arts Playwriting Fellowship
1979 Rockefeller Foundation Playwriting Fellowship
1978 Creative Artists Public Service (CAPS) Fellowship
1978 National Endowment for the Arts Playwriting Fellowship
1977 Guggenheim Fellowship
2011 Towsen University, Baltimore Maryland, Development workshop
2011 Duke University, North Carolina, Development workshop
2010 Master Classes, Moscow and St. Petersburg
2010 National Theatre of Scotland, Glasgow
2009 National Theatre of Scotland, Edinburgh
2009 Guest Faculty Shanghai University
2006 Guest Lecturer University of Thessaloniki
2004-06 Guest teaching, Yale University School of Drama, Brown University
1986-89 Co-Chair of Directing Department, Yale University School of Drama
1995-99 Professor of Theater, Stanford University 1995-99 Associate Professor
1994 UC Santa Cruz
1992-93 Associate Professor, Arizona State University West
1977-80 Associate Professor, Yale University School of Drama
1981 Harvard University Extension (Writers & Directors Seminar)
1981 Experimental Wing, New York University
Personal life
Lee Breuer was born February 6, 1937 to Joseph Bloomingthale Breuer and Sara Etta Leopold. He has five children: Clove Galilee and Lute Breuer with Ruth Maleczech, Alex Klimovitsky with Polina Klimovitskaya, Joseph Lorwin with Liza Lorwin and Wah Mohn with Leslie Mohn; and two granddaughters, Bella and Ruma the children of his son Lute and Martha Elliot. Since 1999, he has lived in Brooklyn Heights with his partner Maude Mitchell, whom he married in 2015. He has taught and directed on six continents.
Breuer died on January 3, 2021, survived by his wife and artistic partner Maude Mitchell, children Clove, Lute, Alexander, Mojo, and Wah, daughters-in-law Jenny Rogers and Martha Elliot, and three grandchildren.
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