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Jovenel Moïse is confirmed dead at the age of 53.

Goodbye Jovenel Moïse, you will always be remembered in our hearts and prayers.
'The world will miss Jovenel💔
What did Jovenel Moïse do?
Jovenel was best known as a Haitian politician and entrepreneur.
How did Jovenel Moïse die?
Jovenel Moïse's death was likely due to unknown.
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Jovenel Moïse
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Jovenel Moïse
Jovenel Moise.jpg
42nd President of Haiti
In office
7 February 2017 – 7 July 2021
Prime MinisterEnex Jean-Charles
Jack Guy Lafontant
Jean-Henry Céant
Jean-Michel Lapin (acting)
Joseph Jouthe
Claude Joseph (acting)
Preceded byJocelerme Privert (interim)
Succeeded byVacant
Personal details
Born(1968-06-26)June 26, 1968
Trou-du-Nord, Haiti
Died7 July 2021(2021-07-07) (aged 53)
Cause of deathAssassination
Political partyTèt Kale[1]
Spouse(s)Martine Marie Etienne Joseph
ChildrenJoverlein Moïse, Jomarlie Moïse, Jovenel Moïse Jr.
Jovenel Moïse (French pronunciation: ​; Haitian Creole pronunciation: ; 26 June 1968 – 7 July 2021) was a Haitian entrepreneur and politician serving as the 42nd President of Haiti. He was assassinated by unknown gunman reportedly at his home on 7th July 2021. Final official results had shown him as the selected winner of the November 2016 election. In 2019, political unrest and calls for his resignation became a crisis.
1 Early life and education
2 Business career
3 Political career
4 2015 and 2016 Haitian presidential elections
5 Honors
6 References
Early life and education
Jovenel Moïse was born in Trou du Nord, Nord-Est, Haiti on June 26, 1968. In July 1974, his family moved to Port-au-Prince, where he continued his primary studies at École Nationale Don Durélin, and followed up with his secondary studies first at Lycée Toussaint Louverture, and then at Centre Culturel du Collège Canado-Haïtien.
In 1996, he married his classmate Martine Marie Etienne Joseph. That same year, they left the capital and established in Port-de-Paix to develop rural areas.
Business career
With little investment capital, Moïse launched his first business in Port-de-Paix, JOMAR Auto Parts, still in operation today. That same year, he began development of an agricultural project of organic banana production from a plantation extending to over 25 acres of land in the Nord-Ouest department.
In 2001, Moïse partnered with Culligan to start a drinking water plant for distribution to the Nord-Ouest and Nord-Est departments. In 2012, he founded AGRITRANS SA, introduced the agricultural project NOURRIBIO to Trou du Nord, and helped create Haiti's first agricultural free trade zone, a 2,500-acre banana plantation in Nord-Est. With this project, Moïse was able to successfully cultivate unfarmable land into a lush, integrated, and sustainable project that is a model for development of Haiti’s agricultural sector. Through this project, Haiti was able to export organic bananas to Germany, for the first time since 1954. This led him to be nicknamed Nèg Bannann (Banana Man), and to more than a dozen agricultural projects that created almost 3,000 direct jobs and 10,000 indirect jobs.
Political career
US Ambassador to the UN Kelly Craft and President Moïse in 2020
In 2015, President Michel Martelly designated Moïse as the presidential candidate of the political party Martelly founded, the Haitian Tèt Kale Party (PHTK).
In his campaign, Moïse promoted bio-ecological agriculture as an economic engine for Haiti, whose population is over 50% rural. He also expressed support for policies pursued by Martelly: universal education and health care, energy reform, rule of law, the creation of sustainable jobs, environmental protection, and development of Haiti as a destination for ecotourism and agritourism.
Moïse received 32.8% of votes in the first round of the 2015 elections held on 15 October 2015, qualifying for a runoff with the second-place finisher, Jude Célestin. However, an exit poll conducted by the Haiti Sentinel showed Moïse receiving only 6% of the vote, and many observers called the results fraudulent. Thousands of people took to the streets in violent protest, forcing the postponement of the runoff election.
On 27 November 2016, election officials said Moïse had won the 2016 election in the first round based on preliminary results, with an estimated voter turnout of 21%.
On February 7, 2021, Jovenel Moïse faced challenges to his mandate, from opposition leaders who believed that Moïse's mandate should end from the date of the inconclusive 2015 elections. However, in February 2016 special elections were held to install Jocelerme Privert as interim President until new elections could be held.
At the presidential level for the November 2016 elections, Jovenel Moïse of PHTK came in first place with 55.67 percent of the vote. Moïse secured the presidency without having to compete in a second-round election. In second, third, and fourth place were Jude Celestin of LAPEH with 19.52 percent, Jean-Charles Moïse of the Platfom Pitit Dessalines (PPD) with 11.04 percent, and Maryse Narcisse of Fanmi Lavalas (FL) with 8.99 percent.
Jovenel Moise was sworn in on February 7, 2017. According to article 134-1 of the Haitian constitution. "The term of the President is five (5) years. This term begins and ends on the February 7 following the date of the elections."
On July 7th 2021, Jovenel Moise was assassinated, according to the prime minister's communication by an Armed Commando.
2015 and 2016 Haitian presidential elections
First round (2015)
First round (2016)
Jovenel Moïse
Haitian Tèt Kale Party
Jude Célestin
Alternative League for Haitian Progress and Emancipation
Jean-Charles Moïse
Platfom Pitit Desalin
Maryse Narcisse
Fanmi Lavalas
Eric Jean Baptiste
Mouvement Action Socialiste
Did not run
Source: CEP Haiti
Note: Table abridged as there are too many candidates. See pdf for more candidates and their performances.
Moïse was awarded the Order of Brilliant Jade with Grand Cordon by President of the Republic of China Tsai Ing-wen in May 2018. Tsai commended the economic initiatives undertaken by Moïse's government.
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