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Guang Gao is confirmed dead at the age of 76.

Through the valley of death Guang Gao has now passed. We are truly going to miss them but shall never forget.
'The world will miss Guang💔
What did Guang Gao do?
Guang was best known as a Chinese computer scientist.
How did Guang Gao die?
Guang Gao's death was likely due to unknown.
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Guang Gao
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Guang R. Gao
Gao profile.jpg
Known forDataflow
  • B. Ramakrishna Rau Award
  • ACM Fellow
  • IEEE Fellow
Scientific career
FieldsComputer architecture
InstitutionsUniversity of Delaware
Doctoral advisorJack Dennis
Guang R. Gao was a computer scientist and a Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Delaware. Gao was a founder and Chief Scientist of ETI (ET International Inc., Newark, Delaware).
1 Education and early Life
2 Career and legacy
3 Awards and recognitions
4 References
5 External links
Education and early Life
Born in Tianjin in 1945 and brought up in a prominent physician family in China, Gao has received a strict education from early childhood both in traditional knowledge of Chinese history and culture, as well as in western science and English. Gao has shown his strong interests and curiosity in science subjects, and received his education in the elite Tsinghua University in Beijing. In Jan. 1980, Gao has left China and pursued his graduate education in the United States. He received his Master and PhD degree in 1982 and 1986 respectively both in Computer Science at Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT). Gao is the first person from mainland China received a Computer Science Ph.D degree from MIT.
Career and legacy
Gao has begun his research career in the west as a junior faculty member at McGill University in 1987—at a time that the computer science community has a wide spread doubt on the future of parallel computing in general and dataflow model of parallel computation in particular.
Gao has devoted a majority of his research and academic careers in carrying on the legacy of the MIT dataflow model research that he has participated and contributed during his Ph.D project under Prof. Jack. B. Dennis and Arvind. The legacy of Gao’ own research is to show that the fundamental value of the dataflow model of computation can be effectively explored and efficiently realized – and the superiority dataflow can be demonstrated even in parallel computer systems that are made of classical microprocessors with von-Neumann architectures and other components. To this end, Gao has led a series of parallel architecture and system projects where various aspects of dataflow models are improved and integrated in the design and implementation – ranging from innovations in programming paradigms, architecture features, system software technology, including novel program optimization and runtime system techniques. Gao's contribution is recognized by receiving the ACM Fellow and IEEE Fellow in 2007.
Gao' research focused in dataflow models, parallel computing, computer system architecture, program analysis and optimization techniques.
Dataflow models for computation and refinement and exptension
Multithreaded programming/execution models inspired by dataflow
Computer system architecture
Compiler optimization models and technqies and inspired by dataflow
Software pipelining
Program analysis techniques
The legacy of Gao's work has also been associated with his entrepreneur effort to initiate the technology transfer and commercialization of the dataflow R&D results for real world applications through ETI (ET International Inc.). ETI is a company started in 2000 as a University of Delaware spinoff with Gao as its co-founder. A unique achievement of Gao's team at ETI is its critical role in the now legendary supercomputing system project known as IBM Cyclops-64 Supercomputer. The success of the TNT on Cyclops64 supercomputer is recognized by the selection ETI as winner of a Supercomputing disruptive technology award in 2007.ET International, Inc was highlighted for "Sparking Economic Growth" by The Science Coalition in 2013.
Through 30+ years persistent R&D and entrepreneur effort – Gao and his students have propelled the impact of MIT dataflow model of computation beyond their laboratory in the US to other parts of the world including EU and Asia.
Awards and recognitions
IEEE Computer Society Bob Rau Award: Awarded for significant contributions in the field of computer microarchitecture and compiler code generation during the 50th edition of MICRO held in Boston.
Gauss Award: Awarded during the International Supercomputing Conference 2011 held in Hamburg, Germany for the paper "Experiments with the Fresh Breeze Tree-Based Memory Model", co-authored with Jack Dennis from MIT and Xiaoxuan Meng from the University of Delaware.
IEEE Fellow, 2008: Awarded for his contributions in Parallel Computer Architectures and Compilers.
ACM Fellow, 2007: Awarded for his contributions in Multiprocessor Computers and Compiler Optimization Techniques.
China Computer Federation (CCF) Overseas Outstanding Achievement Award
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