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Frank Lui is confirmed dead at the age of 85.

Forever loved and never forgotten Frank Lui will be.
'The world will miss Frank💔
What did Frank Lui do?
Frank was best known as a Niuean politician.
How did Frank Lui die?
Frank Lui's death was likely due to unknown.
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Frank Lui
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Frank Lui

Premier of Niue
In office
12 March 1993 – 26 March 1999
Governor-GeneralCatherine Tizard
Michael Hardie Boys
Preceded byVivian Young
Succeeded bySani Lakatani
Member of the Niue Assembly
for Alofi North
In office
1969 – 19 March 1999
Preceded byArumaki Strickland
Succeeded byVa'aiga Tukuitonga
In office
1963 – 9 April 1966
Preceded byArumaki Strickland
Succeeded byArumaki Strickland
Personal details
Born(1935-11-19)19 November 1935
Alofi, Niue
Died9 July 2021(2021-07-09) (aged 85)
Alofi[citation needed]
Political partyIndependent
Spouse(s)Iris Lui
Dalton Tagelagi
Speaker: Hima Douglas
Recent elections
General: 2011201420172020
Other countries
Frank Fakaotimanava Lui, CNZM (19 November 1935 - 9 July 2021), was a former Premier of the Pacific Island state of Niue.
1 Early life
2 Political career
3 Premier
4 After politics
5 Recognition
6 References
Early life
Lui was raised by his grandparents on Niue after his parents and older siblings migrated to Wellington, New Zealand. His parents sent for him when he was nine years old and he attended Newtown School. Soon afterwards, he transferred to Naenae School in Lower Hutt when his parents took the tenancy of a State house there. Lui left Naenae school in 1950 to attend Wellington High School (then Wellington Technical College).
On leaving school, he joined the New Zealand merchant navy, and was immediately caught up in the prolonged and acrimonious waterfront workers strike of 1951. He returned to Niue in 1956 to care for his grandparents and has lived there since. There, he was subjected to colonial discrimination which motivated him to political activity to change an oppressive, paternalistic system run by the New Zealand Government (e.g., "natives" of Niue were not permitted to buy liquor, and were paid wages lower than ex-patriate New Zealanders). He organised the first ever strike on Niue.
Political career
Lui was elected at the 1963 Niuean general election at the age of only 28, becoming the youngest ever person elected to the Niue Assembly. He lost his seat at the 1966 election, but was re-elected in 1969. He was re-elected again in 1972 and appointed Minister of Works and Police in the Cabinet of Robert Rex. He was re-elected unopposed in the 1975 election and was appointed Minister of Electricity, Fisheries, Forests, Tourism, and Works. He served in a variety of other Cabinet positions over the next fifteen years. In September 1990 he was sacked from Cabinet after an attempt to oust Rex.
Following the death of Robert Rex in December 1992 Young Vivian was elected Premier. At the following 1993 election Lui was re-elected to the Assembly, and on 12 March was elected Premier, defeating Vivian 11 votes to 9. In March 1994 Finance Minister Sani Lakatani resigned from Cabinet, but was reinstated by Lui in the leadup to a confidence vote. Lakatani subsequently resigned from Cabinet on 8 November after losing the finance portfolio in a cabinet reshuffle. He joined the opposition, which organised itself into the Niue People's Party and effectively deadlocked the assembly. A series of tied confidence votes followed, and the government was effectively unable to pass legislation through the Assembly for the rest of its term. An attempt to break the deadlock by declaring the seats of opposition MPs vacant was ultimately declared illegal by the Niue Court of Appeal.
The 1996 election saw Lui win re-election in his seat, and he was narrowly re-elected as Premier, defeating Robert Rex, Jr by 11 votes to 9. Lui's second-term was more stable, and the government was able to pass anti-corruption laws and a ban on drift-net fishing in its Exclusive Economic Zone. It also partnered with Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca to set up an "international business centre" providing shell companies to international clients, and established a free internet service with the Niue Internet Users Society.
Lui lost his seat in the 1999 election, and announced his retirement. He was replaced as premier by Sani Lakatani.
After politics
Following his retirement Lui ran a video rental business.
In 2010 he became chair of the IUSN Foundation, a charitable foundation which provides Niueans with free internet access.
He died on 9 July 2021.
Lui was appointed a Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit in the 1999 Queen's Birthday Honours.
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