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Carman (singer) is confirmed dead at the age of 65.

With the final flame in Carman (singer) 's life extinguished, we give thanks for the time we had with them.
'The world will miss Carman💔
What did Carman (singer) do?
Carman was best known as a American Christian singer.
How did Carman (singer) die?
Carman (singer)'s death was likely due to complications from hiatal hernia surgery.
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Carman (singer)
Carman in concert cropped.jpg
Background information
Birth nameCarmelo Domenic Licciardello
Born (1956-01-19) January 19, 1956 (age 65)
Trenton, New Jersey
Died16 February 2021(2021-02-16) (aged 65)[1]
  • Evangelist
  • singer
  • songwriter
  • television show host
  • actor
InstrumentsVocals, guitar
Years active1982–2021
Carmelo Domenic Licciardello (January 19, 1956-February 16, 2021) known by his stage name, Carman, was an American contemporary Christian music singer, songwriter, television host, life coach and evangelist.
1 Early life
2 Career
3 Personal life
4 Discography and filmography
5 Awards and nominations
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Early life
Carman was born in Trenton, New Jersey. As a child he played drums in his mother's band; as a teen, he formed his own group. Around age 20, he moved to California.
While attending an Andraé Crouch concert, Carman became a born again Christian, and embraced evangelicalism.
In 1980, he made a custom album titled God's Not Finished with Me. The following year, he was invited by Bill Gaither to tour with The Bill Gaither Trio.
After relocating to Tulsa, Oklahoma, he released a moderately successful eponymous debut album (later issued as Some-o-Dat) in 1982—which contained mostly novelty songs. Then, with the release of the album Sunday's on the Way in 1983, a string of CCM chart successes started, beginning with the title song. As he continued his music career, Carman established the nonprofit organization Carman Ministries. With the 1985 release of The Champion came his first number-one song, of the same name. A live album, Radically Saved, came in 1988. Then 1989 brought Carman his first number one album, Revival in the Land.
Between 1987 and 1989, he was named Charisma magazine's readers' choice for favorite male vocalist. In 1990 and 1992, Billboard recognized Carman's influence in Christian music by naming him the Contemporary Christian Artist of the Year, and in 1995, he recorded his first album in Spanish, Lo Mejor, which includes some of the already recorded songs such as "Who's in the House" and "The River". In 2000, the album Heart of a Champion came out with 30 of his best songs, including some new ones. In 2007, he updated his catalog with Instrument Of Praise.
Carman has received 15 gold and platinum albums and videos and has sold over 10 million records. He holds the world record for the largest single Christian concert in history. He was the main act in August 1993 in Johannesburg, South Africa with more than 50,000 in attendance, and he performed a free concert at Texas Stadium October 22, 1994 with 71,132 attendees.
Beyond his music career, he participates in various television productions and interview duties as a host for both the Trinity Broadcasting Network in general and its flagship program Praise the Lord. In 2001, Carman starred in the film Carman: The Champion.
In late March 2013, Carman announced a Kickstarter campaign for a new album and music video. A short time later, he announced an upcoming 60-city tour, as well, additionally noting that the online fundraising campaign had raised more than $230,000 within several weeks.
Personal life
In November 2011 Carman was the passenger in a car which was struck by a truck from oncoming traffic. The accident took place just outside the church where his appearance was scheduled. Carman performed the concert, but collapsed afterwards and required surgery to repair internal injuries.
Carman began battling cancer in 2013. His Facebook accounts announced he had been diagnosed with myeloma and given a prognosis of only three to four more years to live. By early 2014, Carman claimed medical tests indicated his body was free of cancer. He then continued preparing for his Live Across America album and tour. By January 2015, Carman attributed his successful recovery to the "commitment" he had made to his Facebook and Kickstarter supporters to begin his "No Plan B Tour" as soon as he regained his health. Later that same year he toured the eastern United States.
In December 2017, at the age of 61, Carman married Dana Licciardello. His new family includes one son, five daughters and nine grandchildren.
In January 2020 Carman announced his cancer had returned. He resumed live concert church tours June 2020.
Carman passed away on Tuesday, February 16, 2021 at a Las Vegas, Nevada hospital after fighting a series of complications resulting from surgery to repair a hiatal hernia.
Discography and filmography
Main article: Carman discography
Selected list
1980: God's Not Finished with Me
1982: Some-o-Dat aka Carman
1983: Sunday's On the Way
1984: Comin' On Strong
1985: The Champion
1986: A Long Time a Land Called Bethlehem
1988: Live: Radically Saved
1989: Revival in the Land
1991: Shakin' The House Live
1992: Addicted to Jesus
1992: Yo Kidz!: Heroes, Stories, and Songs from the Bible
1993: Yo Kidz!: Lawrence the Kat and the B. Attitudes
1993: The Standard
1994: Yo Kidz! 2: The Armor of God
1995: Lo Mejor
1995: Christmas With Carman
1995: R.I.O.T. (Righteous Invasion of Truth)
1996: Yo Kidz!: Lawrence the Kat and the Bible
1997: I Surrender All: 30 Classic Hymns
1998: Mission 3:16
1999: Passion for Praise, Vol. 1
2000: Heart of a Champion
2002: House of Praise
2007: Instrument of Praise
2014: No Plan B
2017: Legacy
Awards and nominations
Grammy Awards
Nominated work
Best Gospel Performance – Duo, Group, Choir or Chorus
"Our Blessed Saviour Has Come" (with CeCe Winans)
Best Pop/Contemporary Gospel Album
Shakin' the House...Live (with Commissioned with the Christ Church Choir)
Addicted to Jesus
Mission 3:16
GMA Dove Awards
Nominated work
Long Form Music Video of the Year
Live: Radically Saved
Long Form Video of the Year
Revival in the Land
Short Form Video of the Year
"Revival in the Land"
Long Form Video of the Year
Addicted To Jesus
Children's Music Album of the Year
Yo! Kidz! 2: The Armor Of God
Rap/Hip Hop Song of the Year
"R.I.O.T. (Righteous Invasion of Truth)"
Long Form Music Video of the Year
Mission 3:16 The Video
Carman was inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame in 2018.
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