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Ari Gold (musician) is confirmed dead at the age of 47.

The magical and joyous life of Ari Gold (musician) shall forever be remembered.
'The world will miss Ari💔
What did Ari Gold (musician) do?
Ari was best known as a American singer-songwriter.
How did Ari Gold (musician) die?
Ari Gold (musician)'s death was likely due to leukemia.
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Ari Gold (musician)
Ari Gold
Ari Gold by David Shankbone.jpg
Background information
Birth nameAri Gold
Also known asGoldNation, Sir Ari
OriginThe Bronx, New York City
GenresR&B, soul, dance, pop, adult contemporary
Occupation(s)Singer-songwriter, music producer, actor, model
Years active1996–2021
LabelsGold 18 Records, JRED Music
Associated actsAdam Joseph, Dave Koz, Sasha Allen
Ari Gold was an American pop singer and songwriter. He was openly gay and regularly addressed both his being Jewish and gay, also starring in an autobiographic theater production, Ari Gold – Untitled: The Making Of A Gay Pop Star. On February 14, 2021, it was reported that Ari Gold had died.
1 Early life
2 Musical career
2.1 1996–2002: Beginnings
2.2 2003–2005: Space Under Sun
2.3 2005: The Remixes
2.4 2006–2008: Transport Systems
2.5 2010–2013: New moniker, Between the Spirit and the Flesh
2.6 2015–present: Soundtrack to Freedom
3 Other ventures
3.1 Songwriting
3.2 Modeling career
4 Death
5 Discography
6 Filmography
7 Awards and nominations
8 References
9 External links
Early life
Gold was born and raised in the Bronx, New York City, to an Orthodox Jewish family. He was discovered while singing at his brother Steven's bar mitzvah at the age of five. Along with Steven and his other brother Elon, he was awarded top prize at the First Annual Jewish Children's Song Festival. Gold landed his first job as a professional singer and actor by performing the lead role on the CBS Children's recording Pot Belly Bear: Song and Stories. The album went platinum and led to his successful career as a child vocalist. He went on to sing over 400 jingles, provide various voices for Cabbage Patch Kids and cult favorite Jem providing vocals for the song "A Father Should Be..." by Starlight Girl Ba Nee which appeared in the episodes The Jem Jam Part 1 and the final episode A Father Should Be.... He also performed back-up vocals for Diana Ross.
Musical career
1996–2002: Beginnings
After graduating from the Ramaz School in Manhattan, Gold studied at Yale University. He then transferred and received his BA from New York University.
Gold took full advantage of his surroundings in his hometown of New York City, and began performing his own original music at the hotspots Joe's Pub, Fez, China Club, Barracuda, Metronome, Avalon, Pyramid, Splash, Bar d'O, Starlight, and CBGB's. Meanwhile, he was busy recording the material for his self-titled 2001 debut album. His debut included something unprecedented in R&B/pop: explicit gay love songs. The album won Gold at the 2002 Outmusic Award for Outstanding Debut Recording. Later that year, Gold was named one of Genre Magazine's "Men We Love".
His debut also caught the attention of songwriter Desmond Child. Their first collaboration "I'm All About You" (Island Universal) was on the top 20 UK pop charts and a top 10 dance hit. The song was co-written and produced with UK garage musicians DJ Luck and MC Neat. The video was shot in Miami.
2003–2005: Space Under Sun
In 2003, Grammy award-winning producer David Morales remixed "I'll Be Here", which Ari co-wrote with Automagic for Nashom of The Ones ("Flawless") solo project. The song became a Top-10 Billboard dance hit and was featured on Queer As Folk. In 2003, Gold began recording his second album. In January 2004, Gold's second album Space Under Sun was released on his own label, GOLD18 Records. It debuted at No. 1 on the Outvoice Charts. The Advocate said that his "equal parts of sly, finger-snappin' sass and earthy R&B finesse," created the "crisp... sound of a platinum-selling recording."
The video single, "Wave Of You" debuted as a DVD extra and went on to become a mainstay during the launch of MTV's new LGBT network Logo, included in their list for the best videos of 2005. MetroSource magazine also named Ari "One Of The 25 People That Make Us Proud" alongside Ellen DeGeneres, Harvey Fierstein, Hugh Jackman, and Barbra Streisand. Gold's appearance in the VH1 special My Coolest Years: In The Closet solidified Gold's status as an emerging gay icon. In 2005, Space Under Sun took home the Outmusic Award for Outstanding New Recording.
On the Space Under Sun World Tour, Gold opened for RuPaul and Chaka Khan and headlined clubs and festivals in Europe (France, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Czech Republic). He also toured Canada and in over 25 cities across the US including the world's largest stage at the Reno Hilton.
2005: The Remixes
In September 2005, Gold released his first remix album, The Remixes. The album was named the No. 2 Best Independent Release of 2005 according to national magazine The Advocate. The first single, "Love Will Take Over" instantly became a Billboard Dance Chart hit. The "Love Will Take Over" video has been played on HBO Zone, Rock America, For Promo Only and claimed the top spot for two weeks in a row on MTV's Logo. In December 2005, Gold released of Ari Gold: The Photobook.
2006–2008: Transport Systems
In 2006, Gold began recording his album in Los Angeles and New York City where he began working with Steve Skinner and Grammy Award-winning producer Joe Hogue on the album. In 2007, Gold released his third studio album, Transport Systems. Gold debuted on the Billboard Top 10 charts for the first time, six months after winning the prestigious 13th Annual USA Songwriting Competition for "Where The Music Takes You", where he won the Overall Grand Prize. The album features special guests Adam Joseph, Mr. Man, Sasha Allen and Dave Koz. LGBT-focused magazine Pink said his lyrics lingered on "gender, sexuality, addiction and race." In early 2008, the song "Love Wasn't Built in a Day" won in The 7th Annual Independent Music Awards for Best R&B Song.
2010–2013: New moniker, Between the Spirit and the Flesh
In 2010, Gold returned to the studio to begin the recording sessions for his fourth studio album. In October 2010, Gold released the lead single "Make My Body Rock". In May 2011, Gold released his fourth album Between the Spirit & the Flesh, under the moniker "Sir Ari". In mid-2011, Gold released the second single "Sparkle". In February 2012, Gold released "My Favorite Religion" as the third single.
In 2013, Gold released his second remix album Play My F**k Remix.
2015–present: Soundtrack to Freedom
In July 2015, Gold released his single "Sex Like A Pornstar". In August 2015, Gold released his fifth studio album, Soundtrack to Freedom, under the moniker "GoldNation".
Other ventures
Gold has written songs for #1 Billboard dance recording artist Kevin Aviance on both his debut, Box Of Chocolates, and the Tony Moran produced Entity. He also keeps company with Diane Warren and Stephen Bray on 1980s teenscream Tommy Page's last album. Gold's music has been licensed to numerous independent films including, Boy Culture, John Cameron Mitchell's Shortbus and Latin Boys Go To Hell, for which he served as the Music Supervisor and appeared in the film performing his song "See Through Me". Ari also served as Music Supervisor on the IFC documentary, Fabulous! The Story Of Queer Cinema.
Modeling career
Gold appeared in fashion magazines such as W and VIBE, for which he was photographed by Walter Chin, and chosen as one of "The Stylistics" in their January 2002 issue. He was named one of "The 9 Hottest Men in NYC" by H/X magazine, and one of the hottest men in the world by DNA magazine. After interviewing and photographing Gold for AXM magazine, Boy George chose him to be the spokesmodel for his clothing line RUDE. Gold's 12-Month Calendar has been highlighted in Heeb Magazine's Jewgayica.
On February 14, 2021, Ari Gold was reported as having died from a long-standing battle with leukemia . He had turned 47 years old earlier that month.
RuPaul, whom Gold had described as a mentor, was among those to express condolences on social media.
2001: Ari Gold
2004: Space Under Sun
2005: The Remixes
2007: Transport Systems
2011: Between the Spirit & the Flesh
2013: Play My F**kn Remix
2015: Soundtrack to Freedom
2001: See Through Me
2004: Wave of You
2004: He's on my Team (featuring Kendra Ross)
2005: Love Will Take Over (JKriv's Love Lounge Radio Mix)
2007: Where the Music Takes You (featuring Sasha Allen)
2007: Love Wasn't Built in a Day (featuring Dave Koz)
2008: Human (featuring Mr. Man)
2009: I Can Forgive You
2010: Mr. Mistress
2010: Make My Body Rock
2011: Sparkle (featuring Sarah Dash)
2012: My Favorite Religion
2013: Play My F**kn Record
2013: Love Goddess (Remix)
2015: Sex Like A Pornstar
2016: Turn Out The Night
2017: Make Music
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