William Alfred Weber is confirmed dead at the age of 101.
William was best known as a American botanist and lichenologist.
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William Alfred Weber
Born(1918-11-16)November 16, 1918
DiedMarch 18, 2020(2020-03-18) (aged 101)
EducationIowa State (B.S. of Botany 1940, M.A. of Botany 1942)Washington State (PhD. 1946)
Known forBotanist and Lichenologist
William Alfred Weber (November 16, 1918 – March 18, 2020) was an American botanist and lichenologist. He was Professor Emeritus at the University of Colorado at Boulder and former curator of the University of Colorado Museum Herbarium (Index Herbariorum designation COLO).
1 Biography
2 Honors and awards
3 Lichens named by William A. Weber
4 Selected publications
5 References
William Alfred Weber was born on November 16, 1918, and grew up in New York City.
He earned his Master's in 1942 and PHD in 1945, both at Washington State University and began teaching at Colorado in 1946. In 2018 he was awarded a lifetime achievement award from the American Bryological and Lichenological Society (ABLS). He died on March 18, 2020 in Longmont, Colorado.
The standard author abbreviation W.A.Weber is used to indicate this person as the author when citing a botanical name.
Honors and awards
2018 Acharius Medal of the International Association for Lichenology
2018 Elizabeth Britton Award for Lifetime Achievement in Bryology and the Chicita Culberson Award for Lifetime Achievement in Lichenology of the American Bryological and Lichenological Society.
Lichens named by William A. Weber
Anaptychia chondroidea (W.A.Weber & D.D.Awasthi) Kurok. = Heterodermia chondroidea
Aspicilia quartzitica W.A.Weber
Buellia capitis-regum W.A.Weber
Buellia mamillana (Tuck.) W.A.Weber
Buellia saurina W.A.Weber = Rhizocarpon saurinum
Caloplaca brattiae W.A.Weber
Caloplaca stantonii W.A.Weber ex Arup
Cetraria coralligera (W.A.Weber) Hale = Tuckermanella coralligera
Cyphelium brunneum W.A.Weber
Cyphelium tigillare subsp. notarisii (Tul.) W.A.Weber = C. notarisii
Heterodermia chondroidea W.A.Weber & D.D.Awasthi
Heterodermia erinacea (Ach.) W.A.Weber
Hubbia W.A.Weber
Hubbsia californica (Räsänen) W.A.Weber
Hubbsia lumbricoides W.A.Weber = H. californica
Lasallia pustulata subsp. papulosa (Ach.) W.A.Weber = L. papulosa
Lecania constricta W.A.Weber
Lecanora mellea W.A.Weber
Lecanora phaedrophthalma var. christoi (W.A.Weber) B.D.Ryan
Lecanora texana W.A.Weber
Lecanora arizonica (Tuck. ex Willey) W.A.Weber = Omphalora arizonica
Lecanora christoi W.A.Weber = L. phaedrophthalma var. christoi
Lecidea heppii R. Anderson & W.A.Weber = Lecidella wulfenii
Lecidea novomexicana (B. de Lesd.) W.A.Weber ex R.Anderson = Psora nipponica
Lecidea oreinodes (Körber) W.A.Weber & Hertel = Lecanora oreinoides
Lecidea texana W.A.Weber = Xanthopsorella texana
Letharia vulpina (L.) Hue f. californica (Lév.) W.A.Weber = L. columbiana
Mobergia calculiformis (W.A.Weber) H.Mayrh. & Sheard
Neofuscelia chiricahuensis (R.Anderson & W.A.Weber) Essl.
Parmelia chiricahuensis R. Anderson & W. A. Weber = Neofuscelia chiricahuensis
Parmelia saximontana R.Anderson & W.A.Weber = Melanelia tominii
Physcia duplicorticata W.A.Weber & J.W.Thomson
Psora cerebriformis W.A.Weber
Psora texana W.A.Weber = Xanthopsorella texana
Rhizocarpon saurinum (W.A.Weber) Bungartz
Rhizoplaca glaucophana (Nyl. ex Hasse) W.A.Weber
Rhizoplaca haydenii (Tuck.) W.A.Weber
Rhizoplaca marginalis (Hasse) W.A.Weber
Rinodina calculiformis W.A.Weber = Mobergia calculiformis
Rinodina mamillana (Tuck.) W.A.Weber = Buellia mamillana
Tuckermanella coralligera (W.A.Weber) Essl.
Tuckermannopsis coralligera (W.A.Weber) W.A.Weber = Tuckermanella coralligera
Xanthopsora Gotth. Schneider & W.A.Weber = Xanthopsorella
Xanthopsora texana (W.A.Weber) Gotth. Schneider & W.A.Weber = Xanthopsorella texana
Xanthopsorella texana (W.A.Weber) Kalb & Hafellner
Selected publications
Weber, W. A. 1946. A taxonomic and cytological study of the Wyethia, family Compositae, with notes on the related genus Balsamorhiza. Amer. Midl. Nat. 35:400-452.
Weber, W. A. 1950. Recent additions to the flora of Colorado. Univ. Colorado Stud., Ser. Biol. 1:46-50.
Weber, W. A. 1958. Rediscovery of Neoparrya. Rhodora 60:265-271.
Weber, W. A. 1959. Some features of the distribution of Arctic relicts at their austral limits. Proc. IX Internat. Bot. Congr. 2:425-426.
Weber, W. A. 1962. Environmental modifications and the taxonomy of the crustose lichens. Sv. Bot. Tidskr. 56:293-333.
Weber, W. A. 1963. Additions to the bryophyte flora of Colorado. Bryologist 66:192-200.
Weber, W. A. 1967. A synopsis of the North American species of Cyphelium. Bryologist 70:197-203.
Weber, W. A. 1976. Rocky Mountain Flora. 5th edition. Colorado Assoc., Univ. Press.
Weber, W. A. and G. Argus. 1986. Salix lanata ssp. calcicola in Colorado. Madroño 33:148-149..
Weber, W. A. 1987B. Colorado Flora: Western Slope. Colorado Assoc. Univ. Press.
Weber, W. A. 1987. Noteworthy collections, Colorado. Bryum blindii BSG. Madroño 29:246.
Weber, W. A. Lichenes Exsiccati distributed by the University of Colorado Museum, Fasc. 17-18, Nos. 641-700.
Colbridge, J. N., and W. A. Weber. 1998. A Rocky Mountain Lichen Primer. University Press of Colorado, Niwot, Colorado.
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