Willem Olsthoorn is confirmed dead at the age of 81.
Willem was best known as a Dutch fashion executive.
Death was likely due to complications from shingles.
Willem Olsthoorn
Died(2020-07-01)1 July 2020 (aged 81)
Occupationfashion executive
Willem Olsthoorn (1 July 2020) was a Dutch fashion executive. Together with his wife Marieke, he founded in 1963 the children's clothing brand Olly, wich was the nickname of Olsthoorn. Due to trademark rights, he later had to changed it and became Oilily . The children's clothing was popular due to the colorful design. It grew into a worldwide known brand. It was appreciated by celebrities including Madonna, Michael Jackson and Mick Jagger.
In 2016, the company where also the children of Olsthoorn were involved in, had a debt of € 4 million. The business led to friction within the family. Olsthoorn fired his daughter Sophie and her husband Gijs de Kogel.
Willem Olsthoorn was in the Quote 500 several times. After the bankruptcy of Oilily, he lost his position on our empire list, but at the beginning of this decade his name appeared on it again. Last in 2014, with an estimated capital of € 42 million at the time.
Olsthoorn died on 1 July 2020, aged 81.
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