Saint Dog is confirmed dead at the age of 44.

At this time we give thanks for knowing Saint Dog. What a special and kind person.
Recent portrait of Saint Dog
'The world will miss Saint💔
What did Saint Dog do?
Saint was best known as a American rapper (Kottonmouth Kings).
How did Saint Dog die?
Saint Dog's death was likely due to acne.
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Saint Dog
Saint Dog
Birth nameSteven Thronson
Also known asSaint Vicious
Born(1975-10-21)October 21, 1975
OriginChisholm, Minnesota
DiedOctober 13, 2020(2020-10-13) (aged 44)
GenresHip hop
Years active1994–present
LabelsSuburban Noize, UScircleA, Force 5 Records
Associated actsDGAF, Kottonmouth Kings, Subnoize Souljaz, US Circle A, D-Loc
WebsiteSaint Dog Page
Steven Thronson (October 21, 1975 – October 13, 2020), better known by his stage name Saint Dog, was an American rapper from Southern California. He is an original founding member of Kottonmouth Kings along with D-Loc and Johnny Richter. He contributed to their first three releases Stoners Reeking Havoc, Royal Highness, Hidden Stash as well as the latest Kottonmouth album Kingdom Come. On August 2, 2019 Saint Dog released his third and final solo album Bozo via Suburban Noize Records & Force 5 Records. On October 13, 2020, it was confirmed by his management that Saint Dog had passed away. No cause of death was given.
1 Discography
1.1 Albums
1.2 Singles
1.3 With other artists
1.4 Album appearances
2 Music videos
3 References
Ghetto Guide (2004, Suburban Noize)
USA (Unconformable Social Amputees) (2006, Suburban Noize)
Bozo (2019, Suburban Noize/Force 5 Records)
"Now I Lay Me" (2004, Suburban Noize)
"Money Talks" (2004, Suburban Noize)
"So Cal Thugsta" (2004, Suburban Noize)
"Something for Your Stereo" (2006, Suburban Noize)
"Get Gone" (2006, Suburban Noize)
"Reaper" (2006, Suburban Noize)
"Bozo" (2019, Suburban Noize/Force 5 Records)
"Bang Bang feat. Skribbal" (2019, Suburban Noize Records/Force 5 Records)
With other artists
1998 Royal Highness (Kottonmouth Kings)
1999 Hidden Stash (Kottonmouth Kings)
2002 Spun Craz (U S Circle A)
2008 DGAF (DGAF)
2018 Kingdom Come (Kottonmouth Kings)
Album appearances
2010 MFK (Made For Kings) (D-Loc)
2012 Mile High (Kottonmouth Kings)
2015 Krown Power (Kottonmouth Kings)
2018 Skinwalker (Skribbal)
Music videos
Suburban Life (Kottonmouth Kings)
Bump (Kottonmouth Kings)
Dog's Life (Kottonmouth Kings)
Play On (Kottonmouth Kings)
Pimp Twist (Kottonmouth Kings)
So High (Kottonmouth Kings)
Now I Lay Me
Money Talks
Subnoize Anthem (Something For Your Stereo) (with Daddy X)
Uncle Sam (with Subnoize Souljaz)
Knuckle Up (DGAF)
Kottonmouth Kings Presents D-Loc - Playa (Feat. Saint Dog)
Mr. Cali Man (Feat. Saint Dog & Ceekay Jones)
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