Ravi Belagere is confirmed dead at the age of 62.

At this time we give thanks for knowing Ravi Belagere. What a special and kind person.
Recent portrait of Ravi Belagere
'The world will miss Ravi💔
What did Ravi Belagere do?
Ravi was best known as a Indian journalist (Hai Bangalore).
How did Ravi Belagere die?
Ravi Belagere's death was likely due to a broken heart.
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Ravi Belagere
Ravi Belagere
Born(1958-03-15)15 March 1958
Bellary, Karnataka, India
Died(2020-11-13)13 November 2020
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
OccupationJournalist, writer, novelist, actor
GenreFiction, non-fiction
Notable works
  • Himalayan Blunder
  • Nee Hinga Nodabyada Nanna
  • Bheema Theerada Hanthakaru
  • Indireya Maga Sanjaya
  • D Company
Ravi Belagere was a writer and journalist based in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. He was the editor of Kannada language tabloid Hi Bangalore and fortnightly magazine O Manase.
1 Early life
2 Personal life
3 Career
4 Literary works
5 Media works
6 Awards and honours
7 Controversies
8 References
9 Further reading
10 External links
Early life
Belagere was born on 15 March 1958 at Sathyanarayanapete, in Bellary. His mother's name is Parvathamma and his father was a writer.
He studied his high school education from Siddhaganga High School, Tumkur for couple of years and he failed in SSLC. Later, he completed his masters in History and Archaeology from Veerashaiva College, Bellary.
Personal life
Belagere has been married twice. His first wife is Lalitha and the second wife is Yashomati, who was his colleague at Hi Bangalore office. His first wife has three children namely Chethana Belagere(daughter), Bhavana Belagere(daughter) and Karna(son). His second wife Yashomati has a son named Himavanth. He was an ardent fan of Khushwant Singh and he said he was attracted to leftist ideology and he had no political leanings.
Belagere started his career as a lecturer of history, working as a lecturer of history in Bellary, Hassan and Hubli before heading to Bengaluru in 1984. He worked as a room boy, receptionist, newspaper boy, milk seller, medical representative, printing press owner, theatre gate keeper and many low-paying jobs in his time of desperation. After coming to Bengaluru, he started his own newspaper Hai Bangalore in 1995 along with R. T. Vittalamurthy, Ra. Somanath, Jogi and I. H. Sangam Dev which he published from his Padmanabhanagar office in Bengaluru. The columns like Love Lavike, Bottom Item and Khaas Baat apart from Papigala Lokadalli which was about the underworld, created many admirers and his paper was the largest circulated newspaper over the five years. After this success, he started a magazine O Manase which focused on difficulties and troubles of young people and it too was an instant success. Later, he produced several TV programs and acted in some movies.
Literary works
Daari (Collection of Stories)
Agin Kavya (Collection of Poems)
Golibaar (Novel)
Vivaaha (Translation)
Nakshatra Jaaridaaga (Translation)
Arti (Novel)
Pyaasa (Biography)
Rajeev Hathye Yekayithu? Hegayithu? (History)
Pa. Vem. Helida Kathe (Collection of Stories)
Paapigala Lokadalli Part-1
Mandovi (Novel)
Khasabath 1996(Biography)
Paapigala Lokadalli Part-2
Khasabath 1997(Biography)
Khasabath 1998(Biography)
Lavalavike 1
Maatagaathi (Novel)
Mysore Serial Killer Raveendra (Murder mystery)
Omerta (Novel)
Himalayan Blunder (Translation)
17 Day war in Kargil (War Story)
Company of Women (Translation)
Sarpa Sambandha (Novel)
Sanjaya (Biography)
Ottaare Kathegalu (Collection of Stories)
Timepass (Translation)
Bheema Theerada Hanthakaru (Gangster History)
Keli (Collection of Articles)
Paapada Hoovu Phoolan (Biography)
Muslim (War Story)
Bottom Item Part 1 (Collection of Articles)
Indireya Maga Sanjaya (Life Story)
Raja Rahasya (Translation)
Heli Hogu Karana (Novel)
Gandhi Hathye & Godse (Life Story)
Nee hinga nodabyada Nanna (Novel)
Khasabath 1999 (Life Story)
Khasabath 2000 (Life Story)
Bottom Item Part 2 (Collection of Articles)
Lavalavike Part 2
Godfather (Translation)
Black Friday (Translation)
Paapigala Lokadalli (Crime)
Bottom Item Part 3 (Collection of Articles)
Diana (Biography)
Hanthaki I Love You (Translation)
Baba Bedroom Hathyakaanda (Investigation)
Khasabath 2001 (Life Story)
Reshme Rumalu (Translation)
Manase (Audio CD)
Khasabath 2002 (Life Story)
Chalam (Biography)
Dangeya Dinagalu (Translation)
D company (Crime)
Neena Pakistana (War)
Avanobbanidda Godse (History)
Major Sandeep Hathye (War)
Lavalavike Part 3
Bottom Item Part 4 (Collection of Articles)
First Half
KamaRaja Marga (Novel)
Anil Lad Matthu Nalavattu Kallaru (Novel)
Bottom Item Part 5 (Collection of Articles)
Lavalavike Part 4
Khasabath 2003 (Life Story)
Khasabath 2004 (Life Story)
Bottom Item Part 6 (Collection of Articles)
Kanase (Audio CD)
Udugore (Selected Writings)
Himagni (Novel)
Olave (Audio CD)
Amma Sikkidlu (Novel)
Kalpana Vilasa (Biography)
Khasabath 2005 (Life Story)
RangaVilasa Bangaleya Kolegalu (Crime)
Idu Jeeva, Iduve Jeevana (Biography)
Pramod Mahajan Hathye (Translation)
Enaythu Magale (Life Story)
Bottom Item Part 7 (Collection of Articles)
Aatma (Novel)
Bottom Item Part 8 (Collection of Articles)
Khasabath 2006 (Life Story)
Raj, Leela Vinod (Biography)
idli vada deadly murder (crime )
Media works
He was the producer and narrator of the crime investigation show Crime Diary which aired on ETV Kannada and he has also given his voice for the movie Deadly Soma
He hosted a TV program Endhu Mareyada Haadu,Break fast which aired on Janashri TV
He has acted in movies like Ganda Hendathi, Madesha and Vaarasdhara and also he has played the role of a judge in Muktha Muktha serial
He has also produced a TV programs such as Night Beat Crime, Heli Hogu Karana which is based on his own novel on Suvarna TV
He has also conducted a youtube channel program Bel Belagge Ravi Belagere.
Awards and honours
Work and Year
First Prize in Masti Story Competition
Vandya (1990)
Karnataka Sahitya Academy Award
Vivaha (Translation) (1984)
Pa. Vem. Helida Kathe (Collection Of stories) (1997)
Shivarama Karantha Award
Nee Hinga Nodabyada Nanna (2004)
Computer Excellency award from Central Government (for his school)
Karnataka Media Academy Award for Lifetime achievement
Rajyothsava award
Kempegowda Award
Controversial article on actress Rupini
He wrote a controversial article on Rupini (actress) which invited a huge criticism.
Movie on HDK and Radhika
He tried directing the movie Mukhyamantri I Love You which was based on the love story of H D Kumaraswamy and actress Radhika Kumaraswamy. But the movie didn't hit the screen as H. D. Deve Gowda brought the stay on the movie release.
Spat with Prathap Simha and cricisim of Vijaya Karnataka
In December 2010, he made a derogatory comment on Pratap Simha at the time when Pratap Simha was a writer at Vijaya Karnataka and it led to the resignation of Pratap Simha, then the editor-in-chief Vishweshwar Bhat, P. Thayagaraj and several others. After that, Pratap Simha hits back to Ravi Belagere on his website and the spat between the two continued for a while.
Extra-marital relationships
A magazine named Duniya printed an alleged love letter written by Ravi Belagere to a 22 year old girl begging for love. Also, the magazine had an article saying that it had received many such cases.
Copyright issues
He had a spat with the producers of the movies such as Bheema Theeradalli and Om(Kannada film) over alleged copyright infringement of his works.
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