Nelly Wicky is confirmed dead at the age of 96.
Nelly was best known as a Swiss politician.
RT @peoplesdispatch: Adieu! Comrade Nelly Wicky... Comrade Nelly Wicky, a prominent feminist from the Swizz Party of Labour, passed away…
A moment of silence for Nelly Wicky - #NellyWicky #Nelly #Wicky #rip
RIP Nelly Wicky #NellyWicky add some flowers to their gravestone at
RT @peoplesdispatch: Adieu! Comrade Nelly Wicky... 1222814283974635521,2020-01-30 09:30:18 +0000,peoplesdispatch,Adieu! Comrade Nelly Wicky...
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