Mike Walling is confirmed dead at the age of 69.
Mike was best known as a English comic actor and screenwriter.
Mike Walling
Mike Walling

(1950-07-08)8 July 1950
Died2 July 2020(2020-07-02) (aged 69)
OccupationActor, screenwriter, comedian.
Mike Walling (8 July 1950 - 2 July 2020) was an English comic actor and screenwriter.
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He began his career as an English teacher at Holland Park School in London. In the mid-1970s, while still a teacher, he won a British TV talent contest, New Faces, with a comedy double act called "Mr Carline & Mr Walling." He immediately quit teaching and embarked on launching his new career in comedy. When the comedy duo split up, Walling moved into situation comedy, appearing in several series—"Just Liz", "Bootle Saddles" and then the very successful "Brush Strokes". He was also starting to get more work as a screenwriter when he teamed up with Tony Millan. The two of them wrote screenplays for a number of different shows, as well as their own series.
In the early 1980s Walling teamed up with session bass player Mo Foster for various comedy music projects, with Walling writing the lyrics and Foster writing the music and producing the resulting songs.
One of their songs, "The Papadum Song", a novelty song revolving around two men visiting an Indian restaurant (one of them for the first time) was repeatedly played on BBC Radio 1 and featured them live on several TV shows (including the BBC's Blue Peter) and was very popular at the time, but fate and industrial action decreed that it would not sell. A three-week strike at the distributors (Phonogram Records) meant that the records never actually got to the shops. The song was eventually re-released in 2006 as part of a collection of comedy/parody songs called Make Tea, Not War by the imaginary, but ill-fated and tragic, R.J. Wagsmith Band. Another song from the same album, "Chalk Dust", which was written for Roger Kitter who released it under the pseudonym "The Brat", did hit the top ten all over Europe. Walling has appeared in shows such as "The Smoking Room", "Coronation Street" and My Family.
Walling died on 3 June 2020, five days before his 70th birthday.
Mike Walling appeared in the following TV shows and films:
Just Liz, TV (1980)
The Disappearance of Harry, TV (1982)
Badger by Owl-Light, TV (1982)
The Pirates of Penzance, TV (1983)
Bootle Saddles, TV (1983)
Scandalous, film (1984)
Brush Strokes, TV (1986)
Alfonso Bonzo, TV (1990)
Billy Webb's Amazing Stories, TV (1991)
Harry's Mad, TV (1993)
Last of the Summer Wine, TV (2001)
Ep. – The Missing Bus of Mrs Avery
Chaos and Cadavers, film (2003)
The Smoking Room, TV (2004)
Ep. – "Last Night a Graphic Designer Saved My Life"
Ep. – "Quitters"
Ep. – "1987"
Ep. – "Happy Birthday"
Ep. – "Feeding Time"
Coronation Street, TV (2006)
My Family, TV (2007)
Ep. – "Abi Ever After"
Ep. – "Once More with Feeling"
Ep. – "Four Affairs and a Funeral"
Ep. – "The Heart of Christmas"
Made in Romania, film (2008)
He wrote or co-wrote scripts for the following comedy shows:
Me and My Girl, TV, 1984
Relative Strangers, TV, 1985
A Small Problem, TV, 1987
ChuckleVision, 1987
Ep. - "Breakfast Telly"
Valentine Park, TV, 1987
Birds of a Feather, TV, 1989
Ep. – "In at the Deep End"
Ep. – "First-Time Caller"
Ep. – "Suspicious Minds"
Not with a Bang, TV, 1990
Ep. – No.1.3
Ep. – No.1.4
Ep. – No.1.5
Ep. – No.1.6
Ep. – No.1.7
The Brittas Empire, TV, 1991
Ep. – "The Disappearing Act"
Ep. – "Reviewing the Situation"
Ep. – "Surviving Christmas"
Ep. – "A Walk on the Wildside"
Ep. – "Body Language"
Trouble in Mind, TV, 1991
A Prince Among Men, TV, 1997
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