Marty Grebb is confirmed dead at the age of 73.

Every morning the dew sprinkles the meadow, we shall remember Marty Grebb fondly.
Recent portrait of Marty Grebb
'The world will miss Marty💔
What did Marty Grebb do?
Marty was best known as a American musician (The Buckinghams).
How did Marty Grebb die?
Marty Grebb's death was likely due to a broken heart.
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Marty Grebb
Eric Clapton and Band Collaborator Marty Grebb Dead at 74
Marty Grebb
Birth nameMartin Joseph Grebb[1]
Born(1945-09-02)September 2, 1945[2]
Chicago, Illinois, U.S.
DiedJanuary 1, 2020(2020-01-01) (aged 74)
Years active1965 – 2020
Associated actsThe Band, The Rick Danko Band, The Weight, Chicago, The Buckinghams, Bonnie Raitt
Martin Joseph Grebb (September 2, 1945 – January 1, 2020) was an American keyboardist, guitarist, and saxophonist. A member of The Buckinghams in the late 1960s, Grebb was also a record producer and an arranger, who worked with musicians including Bill Payne, Bonnie Raitt, Eric Clapton, Etta James, and Leon Russell.
1 Early life
2 Career
3 Solo discography
4 Albums featuring Marty Grebb
5 References
Early life
Marty Grebb was born and raised in Chicago. He began studying music after his eighth birthday. His early interest in music can be attributed to his father, Harry, who was a saxophonist and played in the big-band era, both on the road and in the clubs of Chicago. However, Marty chose piano as his first instrument, turning to saxophone only two years later.
In 1966, a local band, The Buckinghams, required the services of a keyboardist, and Marty Grebb was asked to team up with them. Around this time, the band members were introduced to James William Guercio, a former bassist and road manager for Chad & Jeremy who found them a management contract with Ebbins-Guercio Associates. The band went on to have three (Billboard) and five (Cashbox) top-ten national selling singles and three top twenty albums with Marty Grebb for Columbia Records.
After the Buckinghams, Grebb toured with a number of artists, including Leon Russell, Elton John, Muddy Waters, and most notably Bonnie Raitt as a member of her band for 25 years. He was also a touring member of Chicago in 1980 and 1981.
Later, Grebb was a member of The Weight Band, featuring former members and collaborators of The Band. Grebb contributed to The Band's Jericho and Jubilation albums. In July 2017, PBS's Infinity Hall Live program aired a televised performance by The Weight Band, featuring new music by the band.
Grebb died on January 1, 2020.
Solo discography
Smooth Sailin' (1999)
High Steppin (2009)
Albums featuring Marty Grebb
This is a partial discography:
Dick Campbell - Sings Where it's At (1965)
Lovecraft - Valley of the Moon (1970)
Bonnie Raitt - Give it Up (1972)
Jackie Lomax - Three (1972)
The Fabulous Rhinestones - The Fabulous Rhinestones (1972)
The Tufano & Giammarese Band - The Tufano & Giammarese Band (1975)
Leon & Mary Russell - Wedding Album (1976)
Olivia Newton-John - Totally Hot (1977)
Roger McGuinn - Thunderbyrd (1977)
Leon & Mary Russell - Make Love to the Music (1977)
Gary Ogan - The Road (1977)
Leon Russell - Americana (1978)
Wornell Jones - Wornell Jones (1979)
Bernie Taupin – He Who Rides the Tiger (1980)
Mickey Thomas - Alive Alone (1981)
The Knack - Round Trip (1981)
Joe Vitale - Plantation Harbor (1981)
Bonnie Raitt - Nick of Time (1989)
Chet McCracken - Flight To Moscow (1990)
Ian McNabb – Go into the Light (1994)
Bonnie Raitt - Longing in Their Hearts (1994)
Maria Muldaur – Meet Me At Midnite (1994)
The Band - Jubilation (1998)
Bonnie Raitt – Fundamental (1998)
Rufus Wainwright – Rufus Wainwright (1998)
Taj Mahal – The Best of the Private Years (2000)
Jackie Lomax – Livin' For Lovin' (2001)
JJ Cale Featuring Leon Russell – In Session At The Paradise Studios - Los Angeles, 1979 (2002)
JJ Cale & Eric Clapton – The Road to Escondido (2006)
Alien Ant Farm – Up in the Attic (2006)
208 Talks of Angels – Blooming in Night (2014)
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