Marguerite Aucouturier is confirmed dead at the age of 87.
Marguerite was best known as a Czech-born French psychoanalyst and translator.
Death was likely due to COVID-19.
RIP Marguerite Aucouturier @TheTweetOfGod #TragicDeaths 💔💐 #MargueriteAucouturier add some flowers to their graves

Marguerite Aucouturier is no longer with us - #Marguerite #rip
RT @navalang: Huh. Marguerite Derrida, née Aucouturier, has passed away. She translated both Propp and Jakobson into French, and

Huh. Marguerite Derrida, née Aucouturier, has passed away. She translated both Propp and Jakobson into French, and

Marguerite Derrida
Marguerite Aucouturier

Died21 March 2020(2020-03-21) (aged 87–88)
Marguerite Derrida (1932 – 21 March 2020) was a Czech-born French psychoanalyst. She translated many psychoanalytic works into French
1 Biography
1.1 Private Life
2 Translations
3 Bibliography
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Derrida trained as a psychologist at the Paris Psychoanalytic Society, and translated many works by Melanie Klein. She trained in anthropology with André Leroi-Gourhan in the 1960s.
Private Life
The daughter of Gustave Aucouturier, Marguerite married Jacques Derrida on 9 June 1957 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. One of their sons is writer Pierre Alféri. She appeared in two documentary films where she talks about life with her husband in Ris-Orangis.
Melanie Klein :
Essais de psychanalyse. 1921-1945, Payot, 1984.
Deuil et dépression, Payot et Rivages, 2004
Psychanalyse d'enfants, Payot et Rivages, 2005
Le complexe d'ƒdipe, Payot et Rivages, 2006
Sur l'enfant, Payot et Rivages, 2012
Iouri Ianovski, Les Cavaliers, Paris, Éditions Gallimard, trans. in collaboration with P. ZankiĂ©vitch and Elyane Jacquet, reviewed and presented by Louis Aragon, 1957
Roman Jakobson, La génération qui a gaspillé ses poÚtes, Paris, Allia, 2001.
Maxim Gorki, Vie de Klim Samguine, 1961
Vladimir Propp, Morphologie du conte
BenoĂźt Peeters, Trois ans avec Derrida. Les carnets d'un biographe, Paris, Flammarion, 2010, 248 pp.
(in English) David Mikics, Who Was Jacques Derrida? An Intellectual Biography, 2009, New Haven, Yale University Press, 288 pp., ISBN 9780300115420
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