Krystyna Krupska-Wysocka is confirmed dead at the age of 84.
Krystyna was best known as a Polish film director.
Krystyna Krupska-Wysocka
Born(1935-09-19)19 September 1935
Died9 June 2020(2020-06-09) (aged 84)
Occupationfilm director
Krystyna Krupska-Wysocka (19 September 1935 - 9 June 2020) was a Polish film director. In 2011 she was awarded the Order of Polonia Restituta.
Krupska-Wysocka died in Warsaw on 9 June 2020, aged 84.
1970: Góry o zmierzchu  (second director)
1970: Różaniec z granatów  (cast)
1971: Jak daleko stąd, jak blisko  (second director)
1971: Wezwanie  (second director)
1972: Skarb Trzech Łotrów (second director)
1973: Stracona noc  (second director)
1977: Sam na sam  (second director)
1979: Sekret Enigmy (second director)
1979: Tajemnica Enigmy  (second director)
1985: Żuraw i czapla  (director, scriptwriter)
1989: Lawa  (second director)
1991: Przeklęta Ameryka  (cast)
1993: Skutki noszenia kapelusza w maju  (director, scriptwriter)
1994: Ptaszka (director)
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