Jindřich Kabát is confirmed dead at the age of 67.
Jindřich was best known as a Czech psychologist and politician.
Jindřich Kabát
Minister of Culture
In office
2 July 1992 – 17 January 1994
Succeeded byPavel Tigrid
Personal details
BornApril 24, 1953
Prague, Czechoslovakia
DiedJuly 14, 2020 (aged 67)
Spouse(s)Gabriela Kabátová
Jindřich Kabát (24 April 1953 – 14 July 2020) was a Czech psychologist, professor and politician. He held the office of Czech Minister of Culture from 1992 to 1994.
1 Studies
1.1 Study programs
2 Public activities
3 Pedagogical activities
4 Literary works
5 Personal life
6 References
Unofficial studies in the underground university:
Philosophy, directed by Prof. Dr. Stanislav Sousedik
History, directed by Prof. Dr. Zdeněk Kalista
Philosophy, directed by Jozef Tischner, home seminary, Kraków, Poland
Official studies:
Psychology (research and methodology), master's study at Charles University in Prague
General psychology and applications in clinical psychology and social psychology (1975-1977)
Psychotherapy and counselling, two-year course with the Czech Medical Society
PhDr at Charles University in Prague (1978)
Visiting Prof.,at Christopher Newport University,2004-2005, than Prof. Co - Director of European Centre. till 2009, Virginia, United States
Postgraduate program: Wheaton College, Illinois, United States.
Study programs
Vienna, Austria, Ministry for Education: The Government care of Historical monuments
Hamburg, Germany, Government of the State of Hamburg: Government supporting Art
Leon, Spain, European Parliament: European Cultural Heritage
London, British Council, Governmental institution in Culture
Paris, France, Research Institute of Ministry of Interior: Governmental structure
Munich, Germany, Ministry of Interior: Structure of Governmental services
Budapest, Hungary, Culture Research Institute, Art preferences research methodology
Leipzig, Germany, Department for Culture, Philosophical Faculty: Theories in Culture
Berlin, Germany, Institute for Culture: Methodology on Research of Culture
Warsaw, Poland, Institute for Cultural Research: Mass Culture
Wheaton College, IL, United States: Tutorial program
Jindřich Kabát was a named expert of the Court of law for psychology and psychopathology.
Public activities
First Deputy of the Minister of Culture of the Czech Republic, 1990-1991
Member of the Committee for Culture of the European Parliament in Strasbourg
First Deputy of the Minister of Interior, responsible for Bureau for Investigation 1991-1992
Authorized Representative of the Government of the Czech Republic for Refugee Issues
Member of the Committee of Ministers EU
Minister of Culture, Cabinet Member 1992–1994
Member of a common CZ and SR Committee for dividing Czechoslovakia federation responsible for Culture heritage /1992-1993/
Vice-chairman of the Czech Committee of UNESCO
Chairman of The Radio and Television Broadcast Council, 1994
Chairman of the Governmental Advisory Board for Ethnic Minorities
Advisor to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, 2004
Pedagogical activities
Psychiatric clinic of Medical faculty of Prague: Diagnostic and General Psychology for students of Medicine (1977-1983)
Pedagogical and research work at the Research Institute of Culture (from 1977)
Chair of the Department of art (from 1982)
Chair of the Department of Psychology and Sociology Research from 1981
Academy of Theater Arts: Psychology of Art (from 1983), Practical education in dramatic Arts (1985-1989)
Philosophical Faculty of Charles University: Psychology of Art
College for Journalism, Prague: Psychology of Art, General Psychology (1996-1998)
Theological Faculty of Charles University, Department of Ethics: Psychology of Personality (1998-2002)
Christopher Newport University, VA, United States, Co-director of European Program: Psychology of Communism, Anglo-American Thinking (2004 -2009)
Anglo-American University, Prague: Psychology of Totalitarianism, Psychology and Psychopathology and Art (from 2011)
Literary works
Jindřich Kabát is the author of the following works:
Books - Anthology and Published speeches:
Daniel,L.,Holba,J.,Kabát,J.,Kabele,J.,Krch,F.: NG Praha 1988: Research of the Aesthetic dimension of the Personality by Children
J.Kabat in:Modern Czech Art, Wien 1992
J.Kabat, introduction in:Modern Czech Visual Art, opening, London 1993
J.Kabat, in :Czech Visual Art Exposition in Paris, Paris 1993
J.Kabat in : M.Soldat /Ed./:Dialogs about transformation of Society, chapter: Dialog with Jindrich Kabat, Nadační fond proti korupci, Praha 2011
J.Kabát: Corruption phenomena from the point of view of Psychology , in: kol.: Fenomen korupce, Martin Soldat /Ed/., Nadační fond proti korupci, Praha 2012
J.Kabat: Psychologie ve výzkumech kultury, nakl. UVK, Praha 1979
J.Kabat, J, - D.Pokorná : Dramatické umění - preference mladých lidí,nakl. UVK, Praha 1982
J.Kabat: Psychologie komunismu, nakl. Práh, Praha 2011
J.Kabat: Groh, nakl. Čas, Praha, 2013,
J.Kabát: Útěk :I. Až na samé hranici,
J.Kabát: Útěk: II. Pád listu, společně : nakl. Triton, Praha 2014
J.Kabát, K.Janeček, M.Kabát: Karel Janeček v roce 2112, Albatros, edice XYZ, Praha 2016
J.Kabát: Dvoukolejná vášeň, 2016
J.Kabát: Dvojí návrat, 2016
J.Kabát: Trosečník,2016
J.Kabát: Nenažraná,souborně: Albatros, edice XYZ, Praha 2016
J.Kabát: Poloviční dvojčata, Triton, 2017
J.Kabát, V.Malý, M.Kabát: Václav Malý ROZHOVORY, Albatros Media, edice XYZ, Praha 2017
Personal life
Jindřich Kabát married in 1977 Gabriela Kabatova (born Sladková). She is the Chairmen of the Prison Fellowship Czech Republic. They have two daughters: Magdalena, 1979 and Barbora, 1983 and three sons Martin, born 1977, Jan, 1983 and Michael, 1989).
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