Jürg Zeltner is confirmed dead at the age of 52.

We all loved Jürg Zeltner more than they will ever know.
Recent portrait of Jürg Zeltner
'The world will miss Jürg💔
What did Jürg Zeltner do?
Jürg was best known as a Swiss banking executive (KBL).
How did Jürg Zeltner die?
Jürg Zeltner's death was likely due to brain tumor.
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Jürg Zeltner
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Just seen the overnight news about Juerg Zeltner. Truly awful stuff. He was always so full of life, and generous wi…
Oh ho.. Juerg Zeltner died from a brain tumour
Jürg Zeltner
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Personal details
Born(1967-05-04)4 May 1967
Died22 March 2020(2020-03-22) (aged 52)
OccupationGroup CEO & member of the Board of Directors at KBL European Private Bankers (As of August 2019)[1]
Jürg Zeltner (4 May 1967 - 22 March 2020) was a Swiss corporate executive. He last served as Group CEO and member of the Board of Directors at KBL European Private Bankers. He was earlier the President of UBS Wealth Management from November 2014 to December 2017. He stepped down from the Group Executive Board at the end of 2017 and has retired from the firm as of 2018. He has served as a member of the UBS Group Executive Board since February 2009. From February 2009 to January 2012 he was co-CEO of Wealth Management and Swiss Bank. In February 2015, Zeltner ranked second among the best global private banking CEOs according to Euromoney private banking survey 2015.
In 2019, he was diagnosed with a severe brain tumor. He died on 22 March 2020, survived by his wife and two children.
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Growing up, Zeltner wanted to study veterinary medicine, but ended up doing an internship at Swiss Bank Corporation which later merged with Union Bank of Switzerland to form his current employer UBS. Zeltner holds a diploma in Business Administration from the College of Higher Vocational Education in Bern and attended the six-week Advanced Management Program at Harvard Business School.
Career progression
Zeltner joined the Corporate Client division of the Swiss Bank Corporation (SBC) in 1987. Between 1987 and 1998, Zeltner occupied numerous roles at Swiss Bank Corporation (SBC) within the Private and Corporate Client division in Bern, New York City, and Zurich: Amongst other roles, Zeltner was Credit Risk Officer for Corporate and Institutional clients.
Following the merger of SBC with the Union Bank of Switzerland (SBG/UBS) to become UBS in 1998, Zeltner was appointed as head of Portfolio Management for Risk Transformation and Capital Management.
From 2005 to 2007 he occupied the position of CEO at UBS Deutschland, Frankfurt. In November 2007, he was appointed as Head of Wealth Management North, East & Central Europe. From February 2009 to January 2012 he was co-CEO of Wealth Management and Swiss Bank.
He was the President of UBS Wealth Management from November 2014 to December 2017 with more than 2 Trillion Assets under Management globally.
On 14 December 2017, UBS announced that Zeltner will step down from GEB at the end of the year. He has retired from the firm as of 2018. The Board of Directors has appointed Martin Blessing, former President of Human Resources & Corporate Banking and President of UBS Switzerland, to succeed him as President Wealth Management.
In 2019, he was appointed Group CEO and member of the Board of Directors at KBL European Private Bankers. He has made a significant co-investment in the pan-European private banking group.
Business strategy
On 17 November 2011, UBS held their annual Investor Day in New York. Jürg Zeltner gave a presentation on the UBS Wealth Management Division in which he outlined how the business is positioned in the financial markets and in view of future growth. He pointed out that UBS's strategy is centered around its wealth management business.
In February 2015, Jürg Zeltner was awarded second position among the ten best global private banking CEOs of 2015 and he revealed the strategies behind the Wealth Management division. According to him, there has been a shift from asset gathering and product manufacturing to clients advisory and, with the markets moving so rapidly, portfolio diversification. According to Zeltner the focus of wealth management must be on advising clients on how to position their portfolio and on carrying research on asset allocation and on investment management. With regard to the move of the Swiss National Bank to unpeg the Swiss franc from the euro, he affirmed that "the sharp fall in the Swiss equity markets and the currency turmoil highlight the importance of portfolio diversification. Anyone who follows this principle and holds securities in all the world's major markets, hedging their currency risks, is financially better equipped to cope with this decision, giving UBS the opportunity to demonstrate to clients why they need us." In 2016, his work to improve private banking is appreciated even by his competitor.
Activities and functions
Member of the IMD Foundation Board, Lausanne
Zeltner was Chairman of the UBS Optimus Foundation until he retired from the UBS at end of 2017.
At the World Economic Forum of 2015, UBS presented the Davos Challenge, Walk for Education, encouraging 1000 delegates to walk for bicycles for children in South Africa. Zeltner took the challenge together with Axel A. Weber and other UBS participants.
June 2012
The changing face of wealth management
November 2012
Portfolio returns in both good and bad times
April 2013
The Wealth Management of the future
November 2014
Aiming to create 'better insight from better data' - by Jürg Zeltner
April 2015
"Wir reden über sehr viel Geld"
September 2015
To survive and thrive, big banks need to collaborate and adapt - by Jürg Zeltner
February 2016
Zeltner's Zeal for Private Banking
September 2017
Seizing the Opportunities for Growth in Wealth Management
External links
Curriculum vitae on UBS website
Interview from Bloomberg Television
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