Flavio Bucci is confirmed dead at the age of 72.
Flavio was best known as a Italian actor (Suspiria).
RIP Flavio Bucci @TheTweetOfGod #TragicDeaths 💔💐 #FlavioBucci add some flowers to their gravestone at
Sad to hear, Flavio Bucci has passed away - #FlavioBucci #Flavio #Bucci #rip
Flavio Bucci
Flavio Bucci 1973.jpg
Born (1947-05-25) 25 May 1947 (age 72)
Turin, Italy
Years active1971-present
Flavio Bucci (born 25 May 1947) is an Italian actor. He has appeared in film and television since 1971. He is known for playing Daniel, the blind pianist, in Dario Argento's Suspiria, and the thuggish Blackie in Aldo Lado's 1975 Night Train Murders.
Selected filmography
The Working Class Goes to Heaven (1971)
Lover of the Great Bear (1971)
Property Is No Longer a Theft (1973)
Night Train Murders (1975)
Suspiria (1977)
Dove volano i corvi d'argento (1977)
Closed Circuit (1978)
To Love the Damned (1980)
Il Marchese del Grillo (1981)
The Homeless One (1981)
The Magic Mountain (1982)
Dream of a Summer Night (1983)
The Incinerator (1984)
La donna delle meraviglie (1985)
The Two Lives of Mattia Pascal (1985)
Il Divo (2008)
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