Fer (comics) is confirmed dead at the age of 71.

Sure, Trump considers death only for losers, but in our hearts Fer (comics) was a winner.
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'I will really miss Fer ­čśó­čśó' - A very close friend
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Fer was best known as a Spanish comics artist.
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Fer (comics)'s death was likely due to a broken heart.
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Fer (comics)
Jos├ę Antonio Fern├índez Fern├índez
Mansilla de las Mulas, Le├│n
Died14 September, 2020
Area(s)comics artist and writer
Notable works
Jos├ę Antonio Fern├índez Fern├índez, beter known as Fer, (Mansilla de las Mulas, Le├│n, 1949-14 September, 2020) was a Spanish comic artist. He was the main promoter of the Gat Perich International Humor Prize, an award he received in 2005.
His family moved to Mollet del Vall├Ęs from Le├│n when he was four years old. He graduated in History and became teacher.
He started drawing in the magazines Mata Ratos, En Patufet and Oriflama as well as newspaper La Prensa.
He directed the comics magazine El Papus. In 1982 he created for El Jueves the series Puti-Club, set in a brothel and later the series Historias fermosas about a group of clumsy medieval soldiers.

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who killed Fer (comics)?
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how old was Fer (comics)?
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