Fan Yunruo is confirmed dead at the age of 24.
Fan was best known as a Chinese professional Go player.
Death was likely due to suicide by jumping.
Fan Yunruo
Born(1996-01-07)7 January 1996
Shanghai, China
Died2 July 2020(2020-07-02) (aged 24)
Rank8 dan
Fan Yunruo (Chinese: 范蕴若, 7 January 1996 – 2 July 2020) was a professional Go player.
In 2016, Fan defeated Lee Sedol in the top 32 of the 21st Samsung Auto Insurance Cup. In this game, he eliminated Shin Jin-seo and Park Junghwan and entered the semi-finals. In 2017, defeated the 9th dan, the main player of South Korea, Park, and ended the 18th Nongshim Cup.
At about one o'clock in the afternoon on 2 July 2020, Fan Yunruo unfortunately fell from his home by way of suicide and died, and was diagnosed with depression during his lifetime.
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