Euphrase Kezilahabi is confirmed dead at the age of 75.
Euphrase was best known as a Tanzanian novelist.
Death was likely due to poet and scholar.
Euphrase Kezilahabi
BornApril 13, 1944
DiedJanuary 9, 2020
Euphrase Kezilahabi (13 April 1944 – 9 January 2020) was a Tanzanian novelist, poet, and scholar. Born in Ukerewe, Tanganyika (now in Tanzania), he last worked at the University of Botswana,as an associate professor at the Department of African Languages (now African Cultural Department).
He wrote in Swahili, and delivered talks on subjects such as 'Aesthetic Ambivalence in Modern Swahili' and 'The Concept of the Hero in African Fiction'.
Stray Truths: Selected Poems of Euphrase Kezilahabi (Translations by Annmarie Drury) - 2015
Mzingile - 1991
Nagona - 1990
Karibu Ndani - 1988
Rosa Mistika - 1988
Dunia Uwanja wa Fujo (2007)
Kichwamaji (1974)
Gamba la Nyoka (2006)
The Concept of the Hero in African Fiction - 1983
Translations by the Poetry Translation Centre.
Vincent R. Ogoti
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