Doug Supernaw is confirmed dead at the age of 60.

Why did Doug Supernaw have to die now? We may never know.
Recent portrait of Doug Supernaw
'The world will miss Doug💔
What did Doug Supernaw do?
Doug was best known as a American country musician ("I Don't Call Him Daddy").
How did Doug Supernaw die?
Doug Supernaw's death was likely due to cancer.
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Doug Supernaw
Doug Supernaw
Birth nameDouglas Anderson Supernaw
Born (1960-09-26) September 26, 1960 (age 60)
Bryan, Texas, United StatesDeath November 13, 2020
InstrumentsVocals, guitar
Years active1993–1999
B&G Records
Douglas Anderson Supernaw (born September 26, 1960 - November 13, 2020
2020) was an American country music artist. After several years performing as a local musician throughout the state of Texas, he signed with BNA Records in 1993.
Supernaw has released four studio albums: Red and Rio Grande (1993), Deep Thoughts from a Shallow Mind (1994), You Still Got Me (1995), and Fadin' Renegade (1999), as well as two compilation albums, 1997's The Encore Collection, and 2017's Greatest Hits. Between 1993 and 1996, he charted 11 singles on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks (now Hot Country Songs) charts, including "I Don't Call Him Daddy", a number one single in late 1993. Doug Supernaw died of stage 4 cancer on November 13 2020 he was 60 years old.
1 Biography
1.1 1993–1995: BNA Records
1.2 1995–1997: Giant / Sony BMG Records
1.3 1999: Tack Records
1.4 2016–present: B&G Records
2 Discography
2.1 Studio albums
2.2 Compilation albums
2.3 Singles
2.4 Other charted songs
2.5 Music videos
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Doug Supernaw was born on September 26, 1960, in Bryan, Texas. He grew up in Inwood Forest, and was an avid golfer and member of his high school golf team. His mother, a fan of country music, exposed him to acts such as George Jones and Gene Watson, by whose works he would later be influenced. Supernaw later attended college on a golfing scholarship. After dropping out of college in 1979, he briefly worked on an oil rig before serving as a musician in local bands. Doug moved to Nashville, Tennessee in 1987, where he found work as a session songwriter. After four years in Nashville, he moved back to Texas, where he founded a band called Texas Steel.
1993–1995: BNA Records
An A&R executive for RCA Records discovered Supernaw, and signed him to the label's BNA Entertainment (now BNA Records) division in 1993. That year, Supernaw released his debut album, Red and Rio Grande. Overall, four singles were released from the album, starting with "Honky Tonkin' Fool", which failed to enter Top 40 on the Billboard country music charts. "Reno", the second single, reached Top 5 soon afterward, while its follow-up, "I Don't Call Him Daddy" (previously a No. 86 single in 1988 for Kenny Rogers), became Supernaw's only Number One single by the end of the year. The album went on to achieve gold certification in the United States.
A series of injuries nearly ended Supernaw's career after his first album's release. After recovering from a broken neck suffered while surfing, he was involved in a head-on car collision. Finally, he was hospitalized after a nearly-fatal case of food poisoning. Once he had recovered from the food poisoning, he recorded his second album for BNA, 1994's Deep Thoughts from a Shallow Mind. Of the album's three singles, only the Dennis Linde-penned "What'll You Do About Me" (previously a single in 1984 for Steve Earle, and in 1992 for the Forester Sisters, and recorded by Randy Travis on his 1987 album Always & Forever) entered Top 40 on the country music charts. Shortly after the second album's release, he exited BNA's roster.
1995–1997: Giant / Sony BMG Records
In 1995, he was signed to Giant Records, where he recorded and released his third major-label album, You Still Got Me, in 1996. Although its first single, "Not Enough Hours in the Night", reached a peak of No. 3 on the country singles charts, neither of the album's other singles reached Top 40, and he left Giant Records not long afterward. He also made an appearance on Stars and Stripes Vol. 1, a 1996 compilation album issued by the Beach Boys, featuring the Beach Boys performing their own songs along with other country music artists; Supernaw contributed to the track "Long Tall Texan". His first compilation album, entitled The Encore Collection, was issued by Sony BMG Special Products in 1997.
1999: Tack Records
Supernaw's third recording contract was with the small, independent Tack label, on which he released Fadin' Renegade on August 31, 1999. The album's two singles, the title track and "21–17", both failed to enter the country music charts, although the latter song's music video gained popularity on the television networks CMT and GAC.
2016–present: B&G Records
Supernaw returned to music in 2016 in local venues in his home state of Texas. Also returning to the recording studio in 2017 on the independent B&G Records label, Supernaw re-recorded his hits as Greatest Hits, which was released on April 1, 2017. The album included two new songs: "Here's My Heart" and "The Company I Keep."
Supernaw announced on February 4, 2019 that he had been diagnosed with stage IV lung and bladder cancer.
Studio albums
Album details
Peak chart positions
Certifications(sales threshold)
US Country
CAN Country
Red and Rio Grande
Release date: April 27, 1993
Label: BNA Records
Formats: CD, cassette
US: Gold
Deep Thoughts from a Shallow Mind
Release date: September 13, 1994
Label: BNA Records
Formats: CD, cassette
You Still Got Me
Release date: October 24, 1995
Label: Giant Nashville
Formats: CD, cassette
Fadin' Renegade
Release date: August 31, 1999
Label: Tack Records
Formats: CD, cassette
"—" denotes releases that did not chart
Compilation albums
Album details
The Encore Collection
Release date: November 18, 1997
Label: Sony BMG
Formats: CD, cassette
Greatest Hits
Release date: April 1, 2017
Label: B&G Records
Formats: CD
Peak chartpositions
US Country
CAN Country
"Honky Tonkin' Fool"
Red and Rio Grande
"I Don't Call Him Daddy"
"Red and Rio Grande"
"State Fair"
Deep Thoughts from a Shallow Mind
"You Never Even Called Me By My Name"
"What'll You Do About Me"
"Not Enough Hours in the Night"
You Still Got Me
"She Never Looks Back"
"You Still Got Me"
"Fadin' Renegade"
Fadin' Renegade
"—" denotes releases that did not chart
Other charted songs
Peak chartpositions
US Country
CAN Country
"Long Tall Texan" (featuring the Beach Boys)
Stars and Stripes Vol. 1
Music videos
"Honky Tonkin' Fool"
Richard Jernigan
Sherman Halsey
"I Don't Call Him Daddy"
"State Fair"
"Not Enough Hours in the Night"
Steven T. Miller/R. Brad Murano
"She Never Looks Back"
Doug Supernaw
"Long Tall Texan" (featuring the Beach Boys)
Sara Nichols
"Four Scores and Seven Beers Ago" (featuring Herschel Walker)
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