Caesar Korolenko is confirmed dead at the age of 86.
Caesar was best known as a Russian psychiatrist.
Death was likely due to COVID-19.
Caesar Korolenko
Короленко Цезарь Петрович.jpg
Born(1933-10-03)October 3, 1933
Died14 July 2020(2020-07-14) (aged 86)
AwardsHonoured Scientist of the Russian Federation
Scientific career
InstitutionsNovosibirsk State Medical University
Caesar Petrovich Korolenko (Russian: Це́зарь Петро́вич Короле́нко; 3 October 1933 – 14 July 2020) was a Russian psychiatrist. His scientific work has to do mainly with addictive disorders.
1 Membership in Scientific Societies
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3 Publications in English
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Membership in Scientific Societies
The New York Academy of Sciences, a full member
Anthropology & Medicine, a member of the editorial board
During the period of 1964–2006 Caesar Korolenko held the chair of psychiatry in the Novosibirsk Medical Institute.
Professor Korolenko holds the title of Honoured Scientist of the Russian Federation (ru).
Publications in English
Korolenko, C.; Dikovsky, A. (1972). "The Clinical Classification of Alcoholism". Anаli Zavoda Za Mentalno Zdravlje. 1: 5–10.
Korolenko T. P. (1992). Addictive Behavior: Its General Traits and Regular Development. The Bekhterev Review of Psychiatry and Medical Psychology. Washington, D.C.: American Psychiatric Press, Inc. pp. 5–9. ISBN 978-0-88048-667-5.
Korolenko, Caesar; Kensin, Dennis (2002). "Reflections on the past and present state of Russian psychiatry". Anthropology & Medicine. 9 (1): 51–64. doi:10.1080/13648470220130017. PMID 26953493.
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